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Squaw Valley Extends Season Amid Record Snowfall

Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows has announced it will extend its ski season through July 07 this year due to record-setting snow totals, joining other Lake Tahoe resorts.

As of Wednesday, March 06, Squaw Valley had seen 596 inches for the season, with 315 falling in February alone, meaning the resort has already surpassed its annual average of 450 inches with months of the season left to go.

This year’s July 07 close is only surpassed by 2017’s July 15, which went down as the Alpine Meadows all-time record season extension.

Global Average Temperatures are trending colder.

An influx of Cosmic Rays continues to increase cloud cover.

Snowpack is building as we descend further into the next Grand Solar Minimum.

Total Snow Mass for the Northern Hemisphere is at monster levels:

The cold times have already begun.



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