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Spanish Farmers Recover Sheep Buried in Deep Snow — VIDEO

Northern Spain: A week-long spell of heavy snow and unseasonably low temperatures have caught out a number of Basque farmers.

A video doing the rounds shows farmers frantically digging out their herd from under under heavy, wet snow before either the cold or suffocation ends them.

This amount of powder in October is unheard of in the modern climate record.

Heavy snowfall across the north of the country also led to traffic chaos on Spain’s train networks and roads.

Last week saw cold-weather warnings in place across 29 provinces, as well as the North African exclave city of Melilla.

The jet stream is really playing up at the moment — it’s shift to a more meridional flow continues to intensify as we descend into the next Grand Solar Minimum.

Late November is currently looking very interesting:

SSW to bring Wintry End to November? Plus one heck of a Cold JMA January 2019 Forecast



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