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Spain Suffers Historic Spring Freeze; UK To Receive More April Snow; + U.S. All-Time Cold Records Outpacing Heat

Spain Suffers Historic Spring Freeze

Europe’s historically cold start to April is persisting, with the models suggesting spring’s polar onslaught is far from over.

Monthly low temperature benchmarks have been falling in almost every Western/Central European nation this week, most notably in France which suffered its coldest April 1-4 in recorded history, and also its chilliest April temperature ever on April 4.

I haven’t given Spain much attention in recent posts, but climatic history is being set there, too. Hundreds of low temperature records have been tumbling across the Iberian Peninsula this week, including in Portugal — the table below outlines just a handful:


Highlighted is the impressive -3.7C (25.3F) registered at Pamplona airport, Noáin. This is the lowest April reading at this location in data going back to 1975, comfortably beating out the previous record of -2.8C (27F) set on April 14, 1986 (solar minimum of cycle 21).

Also worth noting is the exceptional low logged at Reus Airport, of -2.5C (27.5) — a reading that smashed the previous monthly record by a whopping 3.5C, and one that is also now the locale’s coldest ever April temp in weather books stretching back to 1953.

Monthly records from 1935 and 1921 haves also fallen.

UK To Receive More April Snow

Forecasters have Brits bracing for yet more cold and wet weather to close out the week.

Anomalously-chilly lows, prolonged showers, and even heavy snow are predicted; conditions that are set to continue April’s frigid theme–a month which, so far, is on track to be one of the England’s coldest April’s in record books dating back to 1659.

“The snow continues into Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, coming down to low levels in Scotland,” said one Met Office meteorologists. “Thursday and through the weekend is likely to be cold in the north with wintry showers, and a risk of snow on the edge of rainbands in the Midlands … Widespread frosts are expected in the north, with some icy patches,” they concluded.

GFS Total Snowfall (cm) April 6 – April 22 [tropicaltidbits.com].

Note that the snow isn’t done with the mainland Europe either, particularly Central regions.

Also, northern Africa can expect some exceptionally late flurries through mid-April.

U.S. All-Time Cold Records Outpacing Heat

Even according to those UHI-ignoring and warm-mongering datasets compiled by NOAA, the United States has set three all-time temperature records in 2022 to date, and all of three of them are for COLD.

One is for a low temperature maximum (i.e. a cold daily high), while the other two are for busted minimums.

The all-time low-max was set on Jan 12 at Middleton, MA–at a weather station which has been operational since 1935; while the two all-time low-mins were set at Mystic Lake, MT in Feb, and Grassy Lake, WY in March–locale’s that have books extending back to 1925 and 1989, respectively.

Similar to Europe, Arctic air is far from done with the CONUS, and all.

Looking at the latest GFS run, additional all-time low temp records will be threatened through the remainder of April as further invasions of polar cold ride unusually-far south on the back of a weak and wavy meridional jet stream flow.

Below is a look at April 15:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) April 15 [tropicaltidbits.com].

I’ll have to leave it there for today.

Being back in Portugal there is a long list of jobs I need to be getting on with, including fixing the chicken coop, expanding the solar array, and preparing the vegetable beds for my starts.

These 8 acres in rural Portugal are my family’s answer to food shortages, spiraling inflation (including crazy energy prices), and the looming GSM, but they take a lot of work.

This life has also been designed to shield our three young children from the mainstream education system, which I feel is tasked with producing unquestioning husks of human beings rather than free-thinking spirits; we’re also here to protect them from the dangers of dogmatic and pervasive ideologues, too.

So far -at least- the decision we made in 2018 to opt out of a fracturing society has proved the right one — and I thank each and every one of our patrons for making our preparations and goals easier and quicker to achieve.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre). Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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Any way you can, help me spread the message so others can survive and thrive in the coming times.

Also, I don’t think USA Today appreciate my efforts very much: see HERE.

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16 Thoughts to “Spain Suffers Historic Spring Freeze; UK To Receive More April Snow; + U.S. All-Time Cold Records Outpacing Heat”

  1. Roger Boswarva

    Dear Cap,
    On the issue of your childrens’ education, I wholeheartedly agree. This link is to the video of my wife and me delivering a workshop based on the material in my book, which I send you a copy if I had your email address (which even as a Patron I don’t have).
    The material in the video is self-explanatory, even if unedited.
    the link: roger boswarva overcoming the seven barriers to comprehension

  2. Dallas Schneider

    A new upgrade on the Study Tech is in progress,
    which promises to make kids into genius in under a year!
    It uses some of the same techniques discovered by Roger,
    but looks to be an exponential upgrade leading edge tech
    in terms of speed flat out!
    Already tested, accepted by the local Police force for upgrading
    respect for the community. Already an 8 year old girl correcting
    a Supreme Court Justice on his grammar!
    800,000 kids trained last year on only one section of the four part curriculum.
    Stay tuned for real change in our education systems!!!

    DS (not BS, that’s my cousin in Nashville)

    1. Deb

      A real change in efficiency perhaps, but not in content/brainwashing. Homeschool your kids.

      1. Anonymous

        Yes, do home school your kids . . . that way you can ensure they are presented with worthwhile and valuable materials.
        If you view the video link I presented, you’ll see the material has nothing to do with curriculum or content, but solely addresses enduring the students do get, understand and can apply what is presented to them

  3. Dallas Schneider

    Very Well Done Cap!

  4. Anonymous

    Dallas . . . wonderful news on your progress:
    Here is a link I forgot to post above.

  5. Hammerhorn

    Cap, why have you not been reporting on the CME’s? It is interesting how the mainstream is reporting the activity.

    1. Petrichor

      Good question — I’m also wondering if Dr Zharkova et al has said anything new recently about the Eddy minimum, solar cycles, or similar.

      Also I wonder what projects the Jesuit astrophysicists of the Vatican Observatory, and the U of AZ, are getting up to on Mt Grant? I know the Vatican astronomers are expecting “something incoming” .

      1. kathrin

        where do I find information about Jesuits and their expectations?

  6. Duane Farrington

    We seem to prepare for our souls. Maybe it’s because we can’t see it and so are not conscious of it. But it is most important to make provision for our souls.

    You are doing a good job of helping people to prepare for their bodies and I appreciate that. Thank you for you for that.

    1. Deb

      Don’t wait to the last minute on the soul prep!

  7. John Earthrowl

    Hi Cap,
    This is my first comment to your blog. Am a fully paid up Patreon member.
    I envy your migration to Portugal. Did something similar myself by moving to Tasmania 11 years ago. Produced all my own vegetables and also had an AQUAPONIC system in place to produce trout. You should consider it…..using the UBS one cubic metre water containers and aquarium pumps.

  8. Baba Looey

    “I haven’t given Spain much attention in recent posts, but climatic history is being set there, too. Hundreds of low temperature records have been tumbling across the Iberian Peninsula this week, including in Portugal”… the “Sardine Capital” (sheesh, eh?.. and I even read Das Capital back when when I was 17) of the world [my favourite food/staple… eat ’em daily] stacked from floor to ceiling in mega bulk [in more than a few flavours but none in soy oil] plus also a whole section in one of the sea-cans [mostly Brunswick Brand from Kanukistan]. Maybe the #1 best super-food ever. Senior Cap’n Quixote has prolly got lots stacked too… I’d expect. The baby calves are arriving and got soon to hatch baby ducks ‘ n chicks in the incubator. Luckily we had a relatively mild winter ‘n spring under one of the sweet spots of the NA jet stream this year.

    No shortage of Super Yachts sliding by your coast of late hoping to ride’er out in Turkey or some other big boat “bolthole” sanctuary in Club Med. Some pretty interesting super-mega-big-buck-boys ‘n their toys “musical chairs action” of late. Cheers.

  9. Ballistic Logos

    Monkey Werx US – 600K subscribers (Monkey always has detailed overviews)
    The Stage is Set 4 6 22 (lotsa birds airborne + new interesting hard kill hardware)
    https://youtu.be/YzRlrNT_zBI (also says to get prepped)

  10. Tumbleweed

    The photo at the beginning of this article is gorgeous! I’d like to copy the whole thing to a file, but there’s text at the top and the bottom. Could you post a link to the whole photo and tell it’s source, such as where it was taken?

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