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Spain Braces for Plummeting Temperatures and Heavy Snow

The National Weather Service forecasts a drop of more than 10C this weekend, with the first settling snow of the season expected at higher elevations.

The Spanish meteorology service AEMET is warning of a significant change in temperatures due to “a mass of very cold air” pushing into the Iberian peninsula from the north on Friday.

While northern Spain will start feeling the effects on Friday, the temperature drop “will affect nearly all of Spain” by Saturday, said AEMET spokesman Rubén del Campo.

Snow is forecast for elevations of around 1,200 meters above sea level.

Del Campo added that the strong winds will increase the feeling of cold in the Ebro valley, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.

Spain has been experiencing extreme weather patterns in recent days.

Record-breaking rain in Mallorca caused flash-floods that took the lives of 13 people, and this was followed by what’s known as a gota fría (“cold drop”) episode as a shot of polar air bumped up against a warm Mediterranean front.

The jet stream is really playing up at the moment — it’s shift to a more meridional flow continues to intensify as we descend into the next Grand Solar Minimum.



[Featured Image: Snow in Ávila March, 2018 — RAÚL SANCHIDRIÁN EFE]

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