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Southwest UK: October Snow Falls on Dartmoor for the First Time in 15 years

Snow fell and settled on Dartmoor, Southwest UK in October for the first time in 15 years, weather experts have revealed.

Late October temperatures have been extremely cold with the mercury plunging to as low -6C in some parts of the Southwest overnight, Mon Oct 29.

Local weather expert, Mark Shackleton took the time to pore back through local weather records and believes it’s the first time since Oct 22, 2003 that snow fell and stuck to the ground.

“I keep records, and we nearly had snow in 2008 [during the last solar minimum] when the south had snow.

“But the last time it happened and snow stayed was Oct 22, 2003.

“I’ve been researching October snow, there was one time in the 1970s; it’s rare for it to happen.

“The air is definitely very cold. I think it’s a sign that we’re going to have a cold winter.

“We keep getting what is known as blocking – where high pressures upsets the jet stream.

“All we know is high pressure forms to the north of the country — and north easterly winds, which we got a smack of in March (become more prevalent).

“We got completely snowed in then, we were cut off for three days — it’s quite unusual for that time of year.”

It’s getting nippy, folks.

Welcome to the Grand Solar Minimum.

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[Featured Image: Mark Shackleton]

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