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Southern Pakistan: Second Severe Drought Alert Issued

On Friday, Sept 07, the Pakistan Meteorological Department issued their second severe drought alert of the year.

“Due to less water in the Mangla reservoir and minimal expected rainfall during the next three months, farmers are likely to face water shortages for sowing Rabi crops,” warned the Met office.

Pakistan’s rainfall average from May to August is 32% below the average, with Sindh province being the worst affected at 69.5% below average, followed by Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa at 49% lower and Balochistan at 45% down.

Met Office spokesperson Khalid Malik said, “It is expected that in coming years the situation instead of improving will be worsening more in the country mainly under the impact of climate change.”

Malik added that for the last four years the volume of Pakistan’s monsoon rains has been decreasing — proving catastrophic for the people and the nation’s food production.

Rainfall patterns are shifting worldwide, due to the Grand Solar Minimum.

India is receiving its worst monsoon (in terms of rainfall volume) in 64 years.

While Australia has become “the land of drought.”

History is repeating.

Grand Solar Minimum

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