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South Bend just witnessed its 5th Coldest November on Record

2018 ranks as having the fifth coldest November on record in South Bend, with only one day to go.

Out of those six record dates (six as 4th place was tied), five occurred during solar minimums: 1911, 1951, 1976, 1996 and 2018.

As solar activity continues its drop-off, we’re witnessing a sharp snap-back to colder times.

For almost the entire month of November, high temps in South Bend were colder than normal.

There were only four days that met or exceeded the normal daily high.

The monthly temperature departure was 7.1F below average.

The Grand Solar Minimum continues its intensification.

As predicted.

We keenly await Dr Roy Spencer’s Global Average Temperature data for November 2018, due out early December.

Stay tuned for that.



[Data and Image credit goes to abc57.com]

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