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South Africa: Biggest Snowfall of the Season Forecast for Eastern Cape “in the Middle of Spring”

Some SA regions could receive a whopping 150cm of snow before the week is out, as temperatures plummet in the east.

Winter was generally considered over, but the weather data is suggesting otherwise.

“The biggest snowfall of the season” is on its way this week, across KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape, five weeks after the end of winter.

The country has already witnessed crazy coverings of snow this year, with the Western Cape in particular seeing some bumper flurries during 2018.

Latest forecasts suggest the snow is far from over, with this surprise event beginning Wednesday Oct 3 and persisting right through Friday Oct 5.

Some regions are on course to receive up to 150cm of the white stuff, transforming the Drakensberg region into a winter wonderland — in the middle of spring!

Snow Report SA have said they’re expecting the following dumpings:

  • Tiffindell 40-50cm,
  • AfriSki 40-55cm,
  • Sani Pass 60-80cm,
  • Thabana Ntlenyana 120-150cm,
  • Cathedral Peak 40-50cm,
  • Champagne Castle 80-90cm,
  • Giants Castle 90-110cm,
  • Mont-aux-sources 30-40cm
  • Rhino Peak 70-80cm.

The situation could change, but Snow Report SA report a consistency in this system for the last 48 hours.

“During Wednesday night and into Thursday morning, we expect to see the further intensity in the snowfalls as the freezing level drops further, bringing substantial falls over the Eastern Cape Drakensberg, the Southern KZN Drakensberg, as well as the central and northern Drakensberg.”

As a relatively mountainous country, snowfall isn’t all-that rare in South Africa.

However, what is incredibly rare is for the country to receive a forecast of this magnitude — even in the depths of winter and on the highest peaks things rarely get this bad, let alone in the middle spring.

Grand Solar Minimum.

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