Solar Wind, Incoming

Earth’s magnetic field could feel a bump in pressure on January 14th and 15th when a complex stream of solar wind reaches our planet.

The gaseous material is a mixture of exhaust from two or perhaps three holes in the sun’s atmosphere, explains‘s Dr. Tony Phillips.

And while no geomagnetic storms are expected, Arctic sky watchers will likely be treated to an extra dose of green overhead this week, and perhaps a further burst of activity beneath their feet, too:

Given Earth’s waning magnetosphere –due to the intensifying GSM & ongoing magnetic excursion/reversal– ‘space weather’ events that would have ordinarily passed by unnoticed are having an increasingly-bigger impact here on the ground.

So who really knows what effects this incoming solar wind might have…

Watch for an uptick in seismic & volcanic activity, and keep an eye on those electrical transformers — our modern grid-dependent civilization is entering uncertain times.

Stay tuned for updates.

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