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Solar Cycle 25 Progressing Similarly To The Historically Weak 24; America’s Spring Freeze; + Shiveluch Erupts To 32,000 Feet

Solar Cycle 25 Progressing Similarly To The Historically Weak 24

We’re a year and a half into SC25 now, and although the cycle is slightly outperforming both its forerunner (SC24) as well the official projection made by the Solar Cycle Prediction Panel in 2019, things are still progressing within the expected ranges — the cycle is on course to be another historically weak one, markedly weaker than SC21, SC22 and SC23:

Solar Cycle 25 progression (green line) compared to 24, 23, 22 & 21 []

The upshot?

Global temperatures will likely continue their well-established correlation with solar activityand decrease.

Solar cycle 25, at least so far, is offering minimal relief from the multidecadal drop-off in solar output that we’re experiencing — what we’re in is an extended period of low solar activity not seen since the Dalton Minimum (1795-1835).

And although anything can happen from here –there are even credible forecasts still calling for a record strong SC25– things appear to be progressing in line with those original Solar Cycle Prediction Panel projections from 2019. Back then, panel co-chair Lisa Upton, Ph.D., solar physicist with Space Systems Research Corp, announced: “We expect Solar Cycle 25 will be very similar to Cycle 24 … another weak cycle, preceded by a long, deep minimum.”

The following cycle (SC26) is expected, by many, to be even weaker than SC24 and SC25, perhaps even nonexistent — a reality that could spell disastrous news for humanity. Historical documentation reveals human civilizations expand and flourish during prolonged spells of warmth (aka Grand Solar Maximums–such as the Modern Maximum: ≈1920 to ≈2000); and, conversely, contract and collapse during extended cool downs (i.e. Little Ice Ages). The periods of Minoan, Roman and Medieval Warming are all evidence of this. Overlaying the peak of these past civilizations atop the GISP2 Ice Core data clearly illustrates the pattern:

The most successful human civilizations are built on the presumed constant and predictable climate that comes with Grand Solar Maximums; however, as the decades of reliable climate pass, a societies’ reliance on its ever-brittle infrastructure grows — and this is the problem: When that presumed constant is broken it’s broken fast, and the system can’t adapt quickly enough to cope with the change (aka the descending cold).

Below is a chart comparing Solar Cycle 25 to the very weak cycles from the turn of the 1900s (the Centennial Minimum):

Solar Cycle 24 & 25 compared to 16, 14, 13 & 12 []

Clear to see is just how lackluster these past two cycles are; in fact, they’re the weakest in more than two centuries:

The official forecast by the NOAA/NASA Solar Cycle 25 Prediction Panel (made in 2019, and visualized by the red line above) called for a weak cycle 25, peaking in mid-2025. And while things are currently tracking slightly ahead of schedule, NOAA don’t believe that the cycle will peak much higher than SC24; instead, they simply see the peak arriving earlier, in late-2024.

If this plays out it would mean an earlier start to Solar Cycle 26–a key cycle for reasons detailed above.

As always though, time will tell.

America’s Spring Freeze

A buckling jet stream is about to drop frigid Arctic air into much of North America this week.

Such conditions will counter the anomalous warmth enjoyed over the past few days in a setup serving as yet another example of the swing between extremes prevalent during times of historically low solar activity.

Cities such as Reno and Nevada are forecast highs in the 40s Tuesday after enjoying near 80F warmth late last week; but from Alaska to Alabama, the next 14 days will see potentially record-breaking low temperatures sweep the majority of the continent.

According to the latest GFS run, departures from the norm could be as great as -24C below, particularly in central regions:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) April 12 – April 24 [].

Accompanying the unseasonable cold will be heavy late-season snow, particularly in Ontario, the Dakotas and Nebraska:

GFS Total Snowfall (inches) April 11 – April 27 [].

Shiveluch Erupts To 32,000 Feet

Explosive activity is continuing at Russia’s highly active volcano Shiveluch.

The VAAC Anchorage warned yesterday, April 10, of a volcanic ash plume rising to an estimated 32,000 ft (9.8 km).

Volcanic eruptions are one of the key forcings driving Earth into its next bout of global cooling with their activity tied to low solar activity and the resulting influx of magma-penetrating Cosmic Rays. Very simply, particulates ejected to altitudes above approx. 32,000 ft (10 km) –into the stratosphere– often linger where they have a direct cooling effect on terrestrial temperatures below.

Shiveluch Stats

Stratovolcano:  3283 m / 10,771 ft 
Kamchatka, Russia: 56.65°N / 161.36°E
Current statusERUPTING (4 out of 5)

Shiveluch volcano is highly explosive. It has a recent eruptive history littered with VEI 4s and 5s, and is known for large pyroclastic flows. Shiveluch is one of Kamchatka’s largest and most active volcanoes.

Eruption list: 1739(?), 1800(?), 1854 (Plinian eruption), 1879-83, 1897-98, 1905, 1928-29, 1930, 1944-50, 1964 (sub-Plinian, large dome collapse and debris flow), 1980-81, 1984, 1985, 1986-88, 1988, 1989 1990-94, 1997, 1998, 1999, 1999-ongoing

For more see

Seismic and Volcanic activity has been correlated to changes in our sun. The recent global uptick in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions is likely attributed to the drop-off in solar activity, coronal holes, a waning magnetosphere, and the influx of Cosmic Rays penetrating silica-rich magma.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre). Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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20 Thoughts to “Solar Cycle 25 Progressing Similarly To The Historically Weak 24; America’s Spring Freeze; + Shiveluch Erupts To 32,000 Feet”

  1. Mystic’s Mystic

    A large lump of coal!
    Cosmic rays the gift that just keeps on giving. Now they are saying excess moisture in the atmosphere is encouraging
    huge locust outbreaks with major and more frequent populations and giant swarms. South Africa is plagued by them right now according to a weather channel report.
    A little logic says, during the GSM, they will concentrate in the equatorial regions where the people think they can evacuate to. A locust cook book may become a best seller. No wonder the UN keeps saying we need to get used to the idea of eating insects.

  2. DIrk Pitt

    The Sun is now showing only one sunspot, which is about to rotate out of view.
    The solar activity is now quietER since Mercury has pulled out of all its alignments for a bit.
    This weekend Mercury goes opposite Venus at the same time as Earth, Venus, Mars, and Saturn line up. Also, two other alignments at the same time with seven planets involved.
    Never a dull moment in the electroverse …

  3. Harry Davidson

    Correction: We are two and a half years into SC25, not one and a half. The Minimum was November 2019.

  4. John Galts offspring.

    to Mystic: The locusts at the equator reminds me of in Salt Lake City in Temple Square which we visited many years ago, there is a statue of a seagull. In 1848-1849 there was a heavy invasion of locusts (crickets they called them) and seagulls that were around the Great Salt Lake came in swarms to eat the crickets. The amazing story is here:

    where they attributed the sea gulls to an act of God. The crickets were held back by these sea gulls. The article referenced above does a good job of vetting the story and providing insight into natural means of eradication as well as what the early Mormons learned about these crickets – grasshoppers-locusts. For what its worth. Oh, yes: Did not John the Baptist in the New Testament eat honey and locusts? Somebody correct me on that. I need to research that. Anyway, thanks for the updates this morning. I keep forwarding the address to friends, unfortunately these friends are getting to be former friends as they are immersed in CNN and global warming. So much for them.

    1. P. J. Flanders

      Matt. 3-4, Matt. 18-19

  5. blokey

    Fat America is on a diet soon?, not so fast according to nasa the weakening solar cycle wont have any negligible impact cause solar irradiance is negligible in the big picture, other factors are at play,
    How can solar irradiance be a viable model if its weakening and the planet is still warming? albeit a little cooler.. what else has warmed the planet? perhaps the 400ppm co2 that is unparelleled in the last 800 000 years as well as a previous strong solar cycle. you choose to deny that co2 might have contributed to the warming and say it was just the sun, thats a pretty big gamble considering it was a lanina year
    A wavy jet stream only moves cold and hot air in different directions, ultimately it is still there…energy is energy,
    so if fat america farts , for sure we will smell it on the shores of europe, just like the wings of a butterfly, earth is a fragile system .

    1. Brett Keane

      It’s all Physics, quoth Lord Rutherford, the rest is window dressing.
      IPCC could not prove gases could heat atmospheres so moved to take models instead. So, you prove it. Brett Keane

    2. Matt Dalby

      The IPCC, MSM and every global warming alarmist I’ve ever spoken to only ever talk about Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) when discussing how the sun can affect climate. They either deliberately ignore the solar cloud theory or try to muddy the water by conflating the 2.
      Most estimates of TSI do indeed suggest that it can’t explain the temperature increase over the last 150 years. However the solar cloud theory (weak solar activity allows more cosmic rays to enter the atmosphere, seeding more clouds which cool the Earth) is an additional way in which the sun can affect climate which isn’t considered in any of the IPCC models, which is one of the reasons why the current 40 year warming trend is half what the models predict.

      1. CNA

        Anyone talking about the cosmic rays increasing 14C?

  6. Steve Walser

    After looking at your temperature anomaly map for Canada and the US through April 24th showing large cooling, supposedly, coming our way I looked at the 10 day weather forecast for Calgary Alberta and Dillon Mt and they show no particular cold temps foprecast for the same period. fargo ND shows some cooling but nothing too unusual for this time of year.
    How can that be?

  7. Hi Cap,

    I am getting more and more concerned about food supply, and will discuss with top Meteorologist Joe D’Aleo later today.

    There is much I don’t know about this subject, including the amount of grain in storage.

    The USDA is starting to comment here on shortages here, but does not seem that concerned (but then they probably think the world is still warming).
    wasde0422.pdf ( April 8, 2022
    NOTE: Russia’s recent military action in Ukraine significantly increased the uncertainty of agricultural supply and demand conditions in the region and globally. The April WASDE represents an ongoing assessment of the short-term impacts as a result of this action.

    This contrasts with news from Europe that retail food costs have hugely increased.
    Just days after Germany reported the highest inflation in generation (with February headline CPI soaring at a 7.6% annual pace and blowing away all expectations), giving locals a distinctly unpleasant deja vu feeling even before the Russian invasion of Ukraine broke what few supply chains remained and sent prices even higher into the stratosphere…

    Best, Allan MacRae

  8. Lynn Dunn

    Thank you for the info.

  9. FYI

    COVERT INTEL – Subscribers Only – Extremely Important
    World NewsDesk 11 April 2022 Hits: 2973

    Since the Russian special military operation into Ukraine began, there has been an aggressive effort to recruit Finland, Sweden and Norway into NATO.

    For decades, Finland has been officially NEUTRAL and that served to keep Russia content.

    But last month, rumors began emerging that Finland was interested in Joining NATO. Then there were public opinion polls inside Finland asking if they should join NATO.

    This weekend, it was announced that NATO expects to expedite the entry of Finland and Sweden, into the NATO alliance, “by this summer.” When that announcement was made, a high ranking Russian government official commented to the media that the only thing Finland would achieve by joining NATO would be “the destruction of their country.”

    Today, there are reports coming in that Russian Forces in the Leningrad Region near the City of Vyborg are beginning to move Heavy Military Equipment including K-300P Bastion Coastal Defense Missile Systems towards the Gulf of Finland and the Finnish Border.

    Here is video:

    Vyborg is north/northwest of St. Petersburg. It is only 260km from the capital of Finland, Helsinki. Both can be viewed on the scalable map below:

    This is not just some routine movement of Russian Army gear; this is much larger and much more sustained to be routine. This convoy was deliberately filmed next to a road sign that says Helsinki with such camera angles that geolocation was trivial. It was meant to be seen and message Russian threat to Finland.

    It now appears to many that Russia is getting ready to do to Finland, what it is doing to Ukraine, unless Finland drops its effort to join NATO.

  10. Martin Siebert

    Climate alarmists hate this inconvenient fact: hundreds of temperature reconstructions show that the northern hemisphere was much warmer over much of the past 10,000 years (Holocene) than it is today.

    1. Winston Smith[Mr]

      … and 15,000 years ago [or just 9000 years before 6000 years ago) the Great Blue Hole(s) (one of many Karst topography caves that are now 100′ BELOW sea level) were 300′ ABOVE sea level with likely lotsa ice at the ice-caps, Cap’n Siebert… [and to think that these interglacial warm periods only last on average 11,500 years]… so whaddaya figure is already well past due to come ’round again? Very good to see ya back again Martin. Cheers. (

  11. Ice Age Eugenics and Bioelectrical Graphenation/5G War/Famine Theatre Now.Info

    Snake venom, graphene, climate change or eugenics either/or or all four the UA is another one of the Covid Theatre front runner actors in this deadly psyop.

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    Watch the Water – Why Do Symptoms of Snake Venom Poisoning Mirror Those of Covid and Remdesivir Side Effects? Was COVID Ever an Aerosolized Virus or Was It in the Water and Therapies All Along? April 11, 2022

    I any case… just released and now playing: “Death by Snake Venom”. Eugenics works… enjoy the theatre.

    …. meanwhile…

    Ongoing COVID Dystopian Madness in Shanghai [predictive… er… no… actual real-time reality]

  12. FYI

    Natalie Portman [tranny] and Yuval Noah Harari [the transhumanist jewel] in Conversation | Psychopaths are presented as GOOD GUYS [ya, so… ???}

    Natalie Portman Star Wars Trannys Carrie Fisher And Natale Portman
    The New Normals

    It All Makes Sense Now – Russell Brand – 5.49M subscribers [at his best] 13 hrs ago

    Global Warming, Cooling, or Ice Age?

    Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – Phase 2: Actual Trial & Enforcement of Judgement

  13. Ice Age Eugenics and Bioelectrical Graphenation/5G War/Famine Theatre Now.Info

    Exclusive Klaus Schwab Tell All interview!

  14. Jörg Hinsche

    “The recent global uptick in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions is likely attributed to the drop-off in solar activity, coronal holes, a waning magnetosphere, and the influx of Cosmic Rays penetrating silica-rich magma.”

    Possibly Cap, but the main reason for the worldwide increase of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are the 4 gas giants Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus.

    See comment on:
    Jörg Hinsche, March 12, 2022 at 11:36 am

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