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Snowvember! Australia Battered by a Brutal Polar Blast Just One Week Before Summer

Australia has been hit with a teeth-chattering Antarctic blast just days out from the start of summer.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Anita Pyne told Daily Mail Australia “this is a particularly cold front for this time of year.”

Ski resorts in Victoria and NSW have already received around 10 cm of the white stuff, with up to 50 cm more forecast from Thursday afternoon into Friday.

This will be one of the biggest spring snowfalls in years, and it’s only just kicked off.

Here’s a video showing Falls Creek, Victoria looking more like Antarctica with that howling wind and blowing snow:

And this was the scene at Perisher Valley in NSW Thursday morning:

Random unseasonal dumpings of snow at high-elevations in Australia, whilst rare, are not entirely unheard of.

However, the fact that over 10cm was dropped in just one November day, with another 50 cm on the way, is a decidedly freaky GSM occurrence!


Grand Solar Minimum

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