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Snowfall Records (from the 1800s) Fall In Nevada & California–Just As New Bogus Study Claims “No Snow” In 35 Years

A parched Western U.S. has been buffeted by heavy precipitation this week, precipitation which fell as record-breaking snow across the region’s higher elevations as storm systems collided with descending Arctic air.

As I reported yesterday, snow has buffeted California’s Sierra Nevada this week, with as much as 8 feet has accumulating along the mountain chain, busting regional records. However, as the storm tracked east and entered the state of Nevada, it took out a number of historic snowfall records for the time of year.

Snow fell across Nevada on Tuesday, with the city of Elko picking up 3 inches. More impressive totals were registered elsewhere, though, including in the central Nevada towns of Ely, Eureka, Winnemucca and Tonopah, which all smashed snowfall records.

Winnemucca reported 5.5 inches of snow as of early Monday evening — a reading which busted the town’s previous all-time record for the date, the 3.4 inches set way back in 1889 (solar minimum of cycle 12–during the Centennial Minimum).

Ely logged 3.3 inches, with a water equivalent of .48 of an inch — this was almost double the old record set in 2012.

And Eureka’s .30 of an inch may seem paltry, but it’s still three times the previous record, which was set just last year, in 2020.

Despite the headaches such storms bring to a region, they have marked a meaningful change for a drought-parched West. And despite incessant claims of a “never-ending drought”, this week’s precipitation demonstrates, once again, that you should not make such grand calls when it comes to the climate — Cali’s water levels have now bounced “back to slightly above normal,” said David Gomberg, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Oxnard.

As a prolonged bout of low solar activity predicts (aka a ‘Grand Solar Minimum‘), a waning jet stream is throwing us all something of a curve ball: When solar activity is HIGH the jet stream is tight and stable and follows somewhat of a straight path, but when solar activity is LOW (as it is now) that meandering band of air flowing 6 miles above our heads becomes weak and wavy, it effectively buckles which either diverts frigid polar air to atypically low latitudes or warmer tropical air to unusually high latitudes. The jet stream reverts from a ZONAL flow to a MERIDIONAL flow and, depending on which side of it you’re on, you’re either in for a spell of unseasonably cold or hot weather and/or a period of unusually dry or wet conditions.

As well as the historic accumulations seen in Nevada, the storm has also dumped as much as 8 feet of snow between the Lake Tahoe area and Mammoth Mountain, and as much as 4 feet in the mountains around L.A. County — totals the Sierra Avalanche Center warn are overloading the existing snowpack, increasing the likelihood of “very wide avalanches”.

Laughably, these healthy falls have arrived hot on the heels of a new study which claims snow in the Sierras could be all-but gone in just a few short decades, which would result in disaster for California’s water supply. Should greenhouse gas emissions continue unabated, the study goes, winters of low snow, or even no snow, could become a regular occurrence in as little as 35 years.

But as is the case with all modern climate research, the study is built entirely on the presumption that Earth is warming in line with increasing atmospheric CO2 levels–there now being no other way to obtain funding. The paper states that increasing temperatures will mean more precipitation falling as rain instead of snow, “and rain has less water storage potential than its colder counterpart,” points out Alan Rhoades, a hydroclimate research scientist and co-author of the study.

The researchers have an even supplied a patronizing little graphic–presumably for the logically-impaired (aka MSM journalists):

Researchers demonstrated how the West's mountain environments could change under persistent low- to no-snow conditions
‘More snow on left = good, less snow on right (plus two trees on fire) = bad’.

Only later in the paper do the researchers reveal that their findings were primarily based on “a high-emission scenario that is not yet inevitable”, and even less ink is given to the genuine problems re California’s water supply: management.

“Decreasing snowpack is just one of several challenges facing California water managers, including aging infrastructure and declining ecosystem health,” said John Andrew, deputy director of climate resilience at the California Department of Water Resource — a looming reality which lead Gov. Gavin Newsom to allocate more than $5 billion of his $15-billion ‘climate package’ toward drought response and water resilience.

“Water conservation should be a way of life in California,” added Andrew.

The projections of no snow “are a little bit shocking,” said Rhoades of the study’s findings.

“As a kid who grew up in the Sierra, it’s kind of hard to fathom a low- to no-snow future.”

Indeed it is…

…and we haven’t even hit winter yet.

The purity of the idiocy at play here –and from supposedly highly-educated people, too– knows no bounds. Researchers like Rhoades are puppets of the AGW Party, whether they know it or not, and they have clearly learned nothing from the long list of prophetic failures of yesteryear.

You cannot put a date on the EOTW.

You will always end up with egg on your face:

Also see ‘Northern Hemisphere Snow Mass Marches On’:

And lastly, Rhoades et al clearly haven’t even bothered to check if the planet is still actually warming:

We are being lied to on every front.

A healthy suspicion is advised.

Stay free.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING, in line with the great conjunction, historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among other forcings).

Both NOAA and NASA appear to agree, if you read between the lines, with NOAA saying we’re entering a ‘full-blown’ Grand Solar Minimum in the late-2020s, and NASA seeing this upcoming solar cycle (25) as “the weakest of the past 200 years”, with the agency correlating previous solar shutdowns to prolonged periods of global cooling here.

Furthermore, we can’t ignore the slew of new scientific papers stating the immense impact The Beaufort Gyre could have on the Gulf Stream, and therefore the climate overall.

Prepare accordingly— learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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16 Thoughts to “Snowfall Records (from the 1800s) Fall In Nevada & California–Just As New Bogus Study Claims “No Snow” In 35 Years”

  1. MD

    Thanks for the update Cap. Good article.
    I’ve stopped trusting anything my Government says a long time ago. I have a well developed ‘built in’ lie detector that immediately raises a red flag when something is off…
    I see only red the last couple of years, and so I start research to dig up the origin of the ‘facts’ mentioned. And almost everytime I find a whole different story based on science that is nowhere to be found in the MSM.

    I’m spending some time getting ‘opposition’ groups (true specialists, scientists, people..) to know each other, finding each other so they can find some common ground and start working together. This is slowly starting to pay off. Being heard by those who need to know (that’s everybody) is still hard to accomplish, but making progress.

    Your website has come in very helpfull many times.

  2. Balboa

    On a lighter note did anyone buy your greta on the shelf, look it up on babylon bee. Too funny.

  3. Harry Davidson

    Quite apart from the other things that bring me back to this site, Cap Allon has a wonderful eye for a photograph. Again and again he finds pictures that are just glorious. I start with the photos, then wonder about the article.

  4. Christopher

    In addition to being stuffed with snow, my little N. Tahoe community is overflowing with political refugees from SF who were lulled into a false sense of security by a very low snow year last. Lots of city transplants woefully unprepared; no snowblower, no snow tires, no shovels. These of course are the same people who will be happy to lecture you on your carbon footprint. Suffice to say I’m LMFAO. Welcome to the Sierra gapers! (BTW Cap it’s Sierra NOT SIERRAS). Love your site. Keep up the good work.

    1. Konrad

      Sierra……Sierras. Who cares. This is cherry picking.

  5. Redmarkus

    Thanks for the update, as always. The Christy quote led me via Google to this page (I guess you must be aware of it):

    Very interesting list of climate-related quotes listed there, although I do wish they had included the dates when the statements were made.

  6. Jim Witt

    I have been a meteorologist for over 50 years. I also am in agreement of future global cooling. Solar cycles are the cause of climate change. Although CO2 has an affect, cycles play a more important role.

  7. Jan van Holten

    Dr. John Christy: “Little known to the public is the fact that most of the scientists involved with the IPCC do not agree that global warming is occurring. Its findings have been consistently misrepresented and/or politicized with each succeeding report.”

    I’am very curious where this is coming from. Do you have the rest of the text or interview available (video maybe). It is very interesting when he has said this, but I’ll like to see the rest of the information wich I presume will be there. Just to see thew whole picture. Thanks for all your work to show the other side of what is been told by politicians and others.

  8. Matt Hess

    I like snow.

  9. William Best

    Hi Cap. A quick question as to why the Finnish MEt Inst. graph of the Northern Hemisphere Total Snowmass shows the today date, Dec. 15, to be way after Dec. 21?
    Billy Best in Vancouver, BC.

  10. SE

    Enjoy following your updates!

    In view of today’s update from, the Sun has a small belt of sunspots developing in the southern hemisphere. My thoughts are this is transitory, not an indication of overall increasing activity.

    I will date myself, in the late ‘60s in grade school, the evaluations of our scientific community back then was that we were entering future global cooling. But, we were taught real science back then.


  11. Indy

    Hi Billy,

    That is because ’21’ refers to the year 2021. Next month is Januari 22, as in 2022.
    Enjoy your day,


  12. Mr Reynard

    Ohh ! Come on you all Global Warming Deniers ..
    See this .
    Greta & Saint Al are right ?

    Just being sarcastic ..

  13. Dallas Schneider

    Very Well Done Cap!
    This shows the AGW response to our physical reality.
    The deeper the snowdrift, the more hot air comes out of the AGW Nostrils!

    Now look at the Australia report in the previous comment.
    “Australia has never recorded 50ºC in December”
    The best way to of course analyze any spot reading is with a chart or graph.
    Now I just turned to, flipped my temp reading to C instead of F and ran the indicator over Australia. This finds the temp in the low 40 C, the highest being 43 C.

    It is getting harder and harder these days to get away with lies. Look at the reported covid lawsuits with 1,000 Class Action Attorneys and 10,000 Doctors suing the hell out of everyone connected to the experimental gene therapy injection. Seems the injectees could not make an informed consent without accurate data presented to them. lol

    The bigger the whale, the more people will eat.
    When AGW falls, there is going to be a lot to divide up!
    Not quite as simple as covid, as something 35 years in the future is not nearly as certain as falling over dead while reporting the evening news on tv.
    DS (Not BS, that’s my cousin)

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