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Heavy Snow Shuts Down Gillette, “Cold and Stormy Winter” Forecast For Canada, “Scientific Misconduct”, + The Upshot of Demonizing Carbon

Heavy Snow Shuts Down Gillette, Wyoming

It may only be mid-October, but heavy snowfalls are shutting down towns and cities in the Mountain West.

Through Tuesday and Wednesday, a total of 13.8 inches of early-season snow buried the downtown area of Gillette, Wyoming, according to the National Weather Service (NWS) Rapid City.

As reported by, the storm forced the City of Gillette, Campbell County School District, Gillette College, Campbell County, and many small businesses to shut down on Wednesday. It also led to the implementation of Level 1 and Level 2 snow emergencies for the first time in a year and a half.

“It was a really good storm for Gillette,” said NWS meteorologist Em Wong. “The 13.8 inches is way more than the monthly average for downtown Gillette (which stands at 3.7 inches).”

This is already the city’s sixth snowiest October in recorded history–with still half of the month to go.

Campbell County received a whopping 18 inches.

And a number of daily snowfall records fell in and around the Gillette area, points out Wong.

Kids enjoying a snow day [Jessica Joy Jackson-Meade].

A “Cold and Stormy Winter” Is Forecast For Canada

Many Canadians can expect a cold and stormy winter, according to AccuWeather’s latest winter forecast. A La Nina event has surfaced for the second consecutive year over region 3.4 of the Pacific Ocean, stated NOAA in a recent news release.

Last winter, the month of February brought with it record low temperatures to much of Canada. And AccuWeather is suggesting that t a similar setup will hit again this winter, particularly across the western half of the country, due to “an amplified polar jet stream” (a phenomenon tied to spells of low solar activity–such as we’re experiencing now).

“The upcoming winter is expected to be fairly stormy from southern British Columbia through the Canadian Rockies,” said AccuWeather meteorologist Brett Anderson. “Abundant snowfall is expected throughout much of ski country from the coastal range of British Columbia through the Rockies of western Alberta.”

In central Canada, La Nina, combined with the polar vortex, could result in very frigid conditions.

“I believe we may see at least three extreme blasts of bitterly cold air dropping down into the southern Prairies this winter,” added Anderson. During those events, he expects temperatures to dip below -30C (-22F).

Also, average temperatures in the southern Prairies could hold as much as 2C below the winter average.

Ontario and Quebec can expect more snow, according to the forecast; however, eastern Canada is expected to experience above-average temperatures, at least at first: “The greatest threat for powerful coastal storms in Atlantic Canada will come in February,” Anderson said. “The clash of advancing cold air from the west with the warm waters of the northwest Atlantic may lead to some rapidly developing storms with a lot of wind and heavy precipitation from the Maritimes to Newfoundland.”

With regards the second half of October, heavy snow is forecast to persist:

GFS Total Snowfall (inches) Oct 15 – Oct 31 [].

How Climate Change Could Effect Bicycle Use

In another example of ‘if you’re study supports climate change we’ll pony up the dough’ comes this absurd waste of everybody’s time, effort and dignity: According to a new study PUBLISHED in the Journal of Transport Geography titled “How does weather affect bikeshare use?”, global warming could soon change the way people use their bicycles.



Don’t have it in me…

Basically though, the ‘researchers’ have concluded that terrifying terra firma broiling (aka AGW) will likely see the use of bikeshare services increase slightly in colder climates and decrease slightly in warmer areas — money well spent!

“Scientific Misconduct”

And finally, and for all those still blindly believing in ‘the science’ comes the news that some of the world’s largest publishers have come together to tackle what they call ‘the growing problem of image manipulation in scientific papers’.

These publishers have developed a three-tier classification system that editors can use to flag suspicious content, and detailed instructions on how to deal with doctored images.

A working group of representatives from eight publishers, including Elsevier, JAMA, Wiley and Springer Nature, as well as industry group STM, based in The Hague, the Netherlands, has created the guide, which was published on preprint server OSF on Sept 9 (J. van Rossum et al. Preprint; 2021). The publishers say that it should be used as part of a screening process before publication, or to address issues raised about published articles.

The guide lists three categories of manipulation, ranging from level one — in which images have been “beautified” in a way that does not affect a paper’s conclusions — to level three, which includes “severe image manipulation, with unequivocal evidence of obfuscation or fabrication”. Each level has a list of examples and actions for editors to take.

Image-integrity specialists welcome the guidelines, but say they are overdue: “They will not prevent science misconduct, but they provide stronger scrutiny both at the submission stage, as well as after publication,” says Elisabeth Bik, a research-integrity consultant based in California.

The Upshot of Demonizing Carbon

Multinational conglomerates own the politicians, and in turn the world.

Among many other feats, these seemingly unstoppable entities have successfully demonized carbon, the building blocks of all known life — a tremendously malevolent achievement. What this demonizing has done is to drive the energy sectors out of favor–not just from the viewpoint of ideologically-hamstrung politicians, but also in terms of the money flow.

Over the past decade, the money just hasn’t been entering gas, coal and oil stocks, investors haven’t been buying into these ‘scourges of the planet’; and as a result, the companies themselves haven’t been able to properly reinvest in infrastructure.

This is a key component of today’s global energy crisis — a crisis I believe is no accident.

In conjunction with the cripplingly-cold winter of 2021-22 –which depleted coal and gas supplies– as well as the abject failure that has been renewables, this orchestrated energy shortage appears to be another canary in the coal mine, a further sign that The Great Reset is in play. Exactly how dark these coming years get remains unclear, but please heed the warnings: From the release of a man made virus to vaccine mandates, from lockdowns to empty supermarket shelves, from spiraling inflation to a crippling energy shortage — the only guarantee in all this is that tough times lie ahead. I just pray that the masses aren’t tempted to relinquish the few freedoms we have left in return for the phony promise of future prosperity–aka build back better.

Enjoy your weekend.

I’m off out to build a new fence for my goats — the buggers keep escaping (any tips on keeping them in would be appreciated).

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING, in line with the great conjunction, historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among other forcings).

Both NOAA and NASA appear to agree, if you read between the lines, with NOAA saying we’re entering a ‘full-blown’ Grand Solar Minimum in the late-2020s, and NASA seeing this upcoming solar cycle (25) as “the weakest of the past 200 years”, with the agency correlating previous solar shutdowns to prolonged periods of global cooling here.

Furthermore, we can’t ignore the slew of new scientific papers stating the immense impact The Beaufort Gyre could have on the Gulf Stream, and therefore the climate overall.

Prepare accordingly— learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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29 Thoughts to “Heavy Snow Shuts Down Gillette, “Cold and Stormy Winter” Forecast For Canada, “Scientific Misconduct”, + The Upshot of Demonizing Carbon”

  1. Olrig

    Goats are hyperactive and playful. They may escape just out of boredom.
    You may want to build them a small playground. There are many tips on the web, like for example
    Personally I found that a simple steel sheeting makes wonders.

  2. Gordon Saul

    Great reporting, and good to see the comprehensive coverage of the southern hemisphere

    Goats respect electricity ! An electric fencing unit with a single wire along the top of your fence, and if that doesn.t stop them, run an outrigger wire halfway down the fence

  3. Red

    When building goat fences more is more. 6’ high is best.
    Good corners and stretch it tight.
    Electric fences are a waste of time!
    I’ve raised hundreds of goats over the last 35 years scrimp on fence and you set up for failure!

    There is an old sayin in water can get thru so can a goat.


  4. bicep

    Use electric, high and on the inside of the other fence. I had them rub against the other fence so much they ruined it, then figured out they had lice! That’s why they were rubbing so much. Use Ivermectin (cures everything it turns out).

  5. stephen bird

    Try a large commercial fish feeder. They come in many sizes and some research would need doing but if you have a small amount of food dropped every 15 minutes or so they won’t want to leave. not enough to make them full, just enough to make them squabble over it, then they will be reluctant to leave knowing the others will get and they won’t.

  6. prioris

    As long as the masses continue supporting fake opposition, the destiny of the masses will be in the hands of the insiders and any opposition that nature can muster.

    The most recent fake opposition on internet spearheaded the – Let’s Go Brandon meme. Global warming opposition is in the hands of nature aka the Sun.

  7. Michael Peinsipp

    Use an electric fence charger…5 Joule or higher. Most have solar and work ‘decently’.

    1. AZ1971

      That was my thought. A low-voltage electric fence charger, just enough to discourage them from “breaking free”, would suffice. Keep them interested in staying on the property as well (something on which to climb/play on to deal with boredom.)

  8. hermes

    thanks fir the post .
    this link is fir a documentary ” the cloud mystery ” which connect solar radiation and weather . i thought you may find it interesting … and how AGW of course ignored the finding

  9. Konrad

    Install one or two electrified wires on your fence. This way I used to keep my pigs and sheep in.

  10. Peter

    Have spent 6mths on building a “tunnel”” goat run underneath heavy shade trees/creepers & vines with heavy extra Gal netting layered on top of f7 & f8 rio, plenty of star pickets, heavy steel posts & solid red gum sleepers, over 200 10mm thick bolts & a lot of hard work to keep in my 4 playful 100 kg goats who are intent on breaking into & destroying my dream garden. As stated above, do not skimp on the strength & quality of your fence & give them tons of shade in case of a hot sun. Electric fences can be effective if the electricity is always guaranteed to flow but in our area blackouts are common & in my view an extra strong fence is the only answer = the enclosure must be strongly wire roofed if you have jumpers such as British Alpines. Good luck!!!

  11. kathrin

    thank you for caring for a fence for your goats :)))) I appriciate very much everyone who does it. But… is there any way to keep them from going where they want to? Sheep is one thing, but goats? As far as we still have no rain and nothing is growing they will go to find what ever is there to fing…especially watered garden may be attractive.

    1. P. J. Flanders

      If your goats are leaving their fenced area because they are hungry, shame on you!

      1. kathrin

        where are you from? Do you have any clou what you are talking about? firstly: Do you have goats and know how they behave? secondly: Do you know how our conuntry looks like in the end of summer? All goats everywhere around now leaving their territory wandering around

        1. P. J. Flanders

          No, I have seen no wandering goats. But if i had no water and no food, I would prefer not to keep animals of any kind.
          How do you have water for gardens but no water to grow goat feed?

          1. Ballistic Logos

            Sassy, don’t even pretend to have the first clue about raising livestock.

  12. Ray

    “…cold winter of 2021-22 which depleted…”

    A typo for 2020-21?

    Incidentally, the Sun is becoming spotless again!

  13. greatrighthope

    “Polar Vortex”! I am so sick of that BS double speak. I grew up in Winnipeg in the 60s and 70s. Winnipeg is the coldest city in the world with a population over half a million. So, before you left the house in the morning you listened to the weather as if your life depended on it… because it did. I NEVER heard the term “Polar Vortex” ever. “Arctic Fronts” “Polar Winds” etc…but never did anyone ever try to say that it was cold because it was warm in the Arctic.

    With that said, if it was frigid in the Prairies then, and there was no Polar Vortex (because there was no Arctic warming – AGW’s observation and contention not mine), where did that cold come from? Was that a different set climactic circumstances that continually caused the freezing conditions then opposed to the new “Polar Vortex” reality of today’s cold weather? How many other magical ways do 100’s of thousands of square miles drop to 40 below fareniet for weeks at a time?

    In any event, we have now had record matching cold winter after record matching cold winter, how long before all that Arctic rising heat makes us all freeze to death down here? Surprised there is any ice left up there for the drinks.

    1. Ray

      The ‘Polar Vortex’ is a sexed-up term for an old (nearly one hundred years) but valid piece of knowledge. The reason that ‘cold waves’ happen INFREQUENTLY is that the air around for the Poles is usually caught up in an overall whirling condition. That is called zonal flow as it usually East to West. When the vortex ‘breaks down’ that simply means that, for one reason or another, the dense cold air is permitted to flow towards the Equator for a while. That is called meridional flow as it is North to South (for the Northern Hemisphere) i.e. roughly along the Meridians of Longitude. Naturally, the outflowing air means that slightly milder air is sucked in to the Polar regions from elsewhere and this can somewhat ridiculously be trumpeted as a ‘warming Pole.’ The net effect on the heat budget of the Earth is virtually nil.

  14. P. J. Flanders

    More to the point, where are those half a million going to go when it gets even colder?

    1. stephen bird

      To a warmer place called hell.
      I been in Winnipeg during winter, just a few more degrees colder and you’re gone.
      Migrate now if you can.

      1. Ballistic Logos

        ‘Opportunity Knocks’ 1985: Stephen Bird sings Gounod’s “Ave Maria” – YouTube [nice job “Steve” – ne plus ultra] Cheers

  15. Shobhan

    I have one chicken that escapes every day. The other two stay in their area, but this one always manages somehow!
    Glad I have a wood burner for heat.

    thanks for all the great articles

  16. Richard Hines

    Goat fences must be at least 6 feet high of wire mesh. Like deer proof fences. No diagonal stays on the end or corner posts. They can walk up them. Like a dog proof fence the top wire of the fence must be floppy. Electic fencing on stand offs on the inside. Lean the fence inwards a bit if you can.

  17. Moffin

    Goats are denizens of free speech and freedom. Go them goats.

  18. DIrk Pitt

    My fence is to keep elk out. When it’s dry I leave the gates open but they might step through my septic drains when the ground is saturated like now. They were here last night and two nights ago and last week because it’s stormy up on the mountain. I can hear ’em at night walking through the hood, clop clop crunch crunch. They can’t be hunted here, no open season but are a potential food source when it all goes haywire. The gates are shut in the summer, dry or not. They eat my garden and grapes and fruit trees and berries. So sorry, closed for the summer, then it rains and closed again.
    I don’t want goats, they attract the cougars and coyote and no dogs ’cause they scare the elk and goat/dog food attracts rats and mice. Deer here too, same tactics keeping them out of the garden.

    1. P. J. Flanders

      Try galvanized trash cans w/lids for animal feed. Might have to weight the lids.

      1. DIrk Pitt

        Across the street from me is the beach where the river comes in and there’s a hundred acres of oysters and clams . I can ride my canoe down the hill in the snow to the beach on to the tide flats and pull it back up full of loot. There’s salmon in the river and crabs and spot prawns in the bay. The bay is five hundred feet deep, off the point there are ling cod, copper rock fish etc etc etc. Around the point is another river and the other direction there’s more. I moved from the burbs three years ago to a place where there is abundant food. I don’t have to feed the food source, it feeds me.

  19. ~jim

    Six strands of high tensil 12.5 wire. First four strands with six inches between with the bottom wire ten inches off the ground. Eight inches of space between strand four&five. Ten inches of space between strands five& six.

    12 joule low impedance fence charger ground tested.

    I run 30 cow/calf pairs, as many as 120 ewes with lambs at side, three draft ponies, and as many as 100 boerXnubian goats. The fencer pushes 8k volts on that 12 joule signal over 4 miles of fencing on the first five strands. It keeps bear,coyotes, dogs and humans out and all my livestock in. Even the goats. Never had even one escape.

    Voltage. It trains them for life. I shut the fencer off in deep snow and nothing tests my fence. Ever.

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