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Snow Lingers in the Wisconsin cities of Eau Claire and Appleton, even with Summer just days away

This year’s record-breaking winter dumped almost 100 inches of snow on Wisconsin’s Eau Claire and Appleton, and for parts of those cities, that snow is proving particularly stubborn, refusing to melt even with the start of summer now just days away.

Eau Claire’s Galloway Street is one of those places.

The street was a dumping ground for all the snow that accumulated roadside throughout the winter.

Persistent cold in the city has meant the pile has stuck around a lot longer than normal:

I think Jennie on twitter sums it up nicely:

The story is the same for towns and cities across much of Wisconsin, including in Appleton — located a 3 hour drive east of Eau Claire.

There the icy holdover from winter can be found in the yellow parking ramp on North Morrison Street.

It’s not a tremendous amount by any stretch, but the point remains — there will be snow in downtown Appleton, in the summer:

The Appleton Post Crescent reports that the same parking lot held powder into June last year as well, but that was thought to be due to the 20-plus inches of snow that fell during a record-setting mid-April blizzard.

The city doesn’t have the same excuse this year. 

It’s the anomalous cold keeping the snowpack in place this time around, which correlates neatly with the sun entering its next Grand Solar Minimum cycle.

The cold times are returning.

Even NASA agrees:


Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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