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Historic Snow Hits Istanbul; -48.5F Logged At Peter Sinks, Utah; + Halo CME To Strike Earth

Historic Snow Hits Istanbul

SE Europe and SW Asia are suffering historic blasts of cold and snow this week. Blizzards hit the Turkish city of Istanbul Thursday into Friday, bringing the major metropolis to a near standstill. The conditions are set to extend through Monday, too, with overnight lows dipping below 0C — an incredibly feat rare for the time of year.

This isn’t Turkey’s first taste of debilitating snow this season. Far from it. It’s been a winter of truly historic proportions, with persistent rounds of heavy snow hitting the nation’s mountains, metropolises, and shores alike — conditions which contributed to the country experiencing its largest power outage ever.

On Thursday, and into the small hours of Friday, blizzards were noted across a host of Turkish districts. Many schools, businesses, and roads have been shut as a result, and public officials have been put on administrative leave to help reduce the traffic.

Below is footage of Istanbul’s famous Galata Tower being blasted by heavy spring snow:

The Istanbul Governorate also announced that all heavy vehicles, such as trucks, were banned from the roads. Motorcycles, gig couriers and e-scooters were also to be barred upon governorate’s orders which commenced 7 PM local time Thursday.

This storm is shaping up to be the worst to his the city in at least 25 years:

Clearing crews are out working 24/7 to try and keep Turkey open, but it’s a never-ending task:

While in the mountains, crews are working to clear drifts approaching 30 foot (9m) in height:

Snow plowing in Van Turkey where the drifts stand almost 30ft (9m) high.

While even at sea level, temperatures are cold enough to see the precipitation fall as snow, in nearby Greece, too:

As touched on above, the majority of Turkey is suffering from this anomalous Arctic front — a total of 38 provinces are currently being impacted. In the far-off district of Arnavutköy, for example, thick snow covering the roads has reportedly thrown the morning commute into chaos. There are reports of passengers abandoning shuttle buses in order to reach their workplaces on foot, while some buses operated by the IBB were trapped on the roads as the drivers could not advance on icy routes.

Flights in and and out of the country have also been hampered. Turkish Airlines, and its budget subsidiary AnadoluJet, announced 200+ canceled flights on Thursday alone, with many more cancelled Friday, particularly from Istanbul Airport and Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) is urging people to remain indoors as freezing lows and heavy spring snows sweep the country–from the Eastern Mediterranean to the capital Ankara, and from Izmir in the west to the far eastern corners of Anatolia. And hundreds of villages have been cut off from the outside world, particularly those located in eastern and southeastern parts, but that number expected to rise as the system intensifies into the weekend:

GFS 2m Temp Anomalies (C) Sat, March 12 [tropicaltidbits.com].
GFS Total Snowfall (cm) March 11 – March 22 [tropicaltidbits.com].

-48.5F Logged At Peter Sinks, Utah

Exceptional cold is engulfing the United States, cold more accustomed to the depths of winter than mid-March. Hundreds of low temperature records have already been toppled — below is snapshot of the fallen benchmarks so far (to 08:00 UTC):

But with more anomalous cold is on the way, many more low temperature records will be broken over the coming days:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) March 10 – March 13 [tropicaltidbits.com].

The coldest low so far goes to Peter Sinks, Utah — no real surprises there; however, the ferocity of the freeze is noteworthy. A reading of -48.5F (-44.7C) was registered at the sinkhole yesterday, according to the Utah Climate Center’s official website. “This is a remarkable value for mid-March,” writes @ThierryGooseBC on Twitter, and one that is only 3.5F off the Lower-48’s all-time coldest March temperature on record (the 52F set at Middle Sink, Utah on March 10, 2002).


And with additional Arctic air on the way, that all-time record could again be threatened Friday and Saturday.

The forecast snow is also worth mentioning…

GFS Total Snowfall (inches) March 11 – March 27 [tropicaltidbits.com].

…with all this fresh powder set to add to the Northern Hemisphere’s already impressive snow season: Total snow mass of the NH, excluding the mountains, is currently sitting at some 300 Gigatons above the 182-2012 average and holding strong:

Halo CME To Strike Earth

A full-halo CME is heading directly for Earth. ETA: Sunday, March 13.

Coronagraphs onboard the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory recorded the storm cloud leaving the sun just hours ago:

This CME is the result of a long duration C2-class solar flare near sunspot AR2962, explains Dr Tony Phillips of spaceweather.com. Normally, C-class flares are not considered to be strong. However, given Earth’s ever waning magnetic field strength, plus the fact that this flaring lasted almost 12 hours, which allowed plenty of energy to be pumped into the CME, it is worth paying attention to.

Moderately-strong G2-class geomagnetic storms are likely when the CME hits.

Hopefully the SpaceX team aren’t launching any Starlink satellites over the weekend:

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre). Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be and grow your own.

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41 Thoughts to “Historic Snow Hits Istanbul; -48.5F Logged At Peter Sinks, Utah; + Halo CME To Strike Earth”

  1. Deb

    It’s unclear from the video above whether Turkish drivers are just unskilled, or whether they use their vehicles to express their displeasure with one another.

    As for Peter Sinks, judging from the temp graph below, yes it does.

    1. Michael Peinsipp

      They LOCK their brakes and than the vehicle slides out of control.

      1. Colin Harkin

        Correct. There is nothing more scary than watching a truck in front of you, brakes locked on an the rig is sliding back towards your car.

        1. Deb

          Vehicle#3 slid backwards, then pulled forwards into Vehicle #2, which was headed into his path BEFORE he pulled forwards.

          Something more going on here than locked brakes.

  2. Julie Larsen

    How do l subscribe

    1. Wong's Never Wong

      Click on the link below… or no soup for you… and maybe throw a bit of support to the “fact checker” Dr. Wong too, Jules.

      “This storm is shaping up to be the worst to his the city in at least 25 years”: so below [in Peter Sinks is a natural sinkhole in northern Utah that is one of the coldest places in the contiguous United States . Peter Sinks is located 8,100 feet (2,500 m) above sea level, in the Bear River Mountains east of Logan, within the Wasatch-Cache National Forest… as above [in Saguenay, Que.], Kanadastan.

      Saguenay, Que., is no stranger to wicked winters and significant snowfall, but this winter is proving to be even more snowy than normal. With 354 cm of snow that has fallen this winter so far, as of March 8, it is currently the city’s snowiest winter so far in 25 years. The average snow to date as of March 8 for Saguenay is 246 cm — putting the city at 140 per cent of its normal snowfall so far.
      The city’s normal snowfall for the entire year is 302 cm, so the season as a whole is trending higher than usual, as well, and the winter is far from being over. A high-impact storm is forecast to track towards Quebec late week and the weekend, piling on to its ever-growing total for the 2021-22 winter.

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      Now is that wacist or just Dr. Wong’s fact checkin’ bro?

    1. Doktor Seltsame Liebe

      … and if that don’t work check out this one:

      Color Revolution – Ukraine on Fire (2016)- 2014 Maidan Massacre -Documentary You’ll Likely Never See

      1. Doktor Seltsame Liebe

        Note 38:42 min. mark in above Oliver Stone vid to see who’s behind the Nov. 2013 Ukraine riots and very much including US Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland.

        (2014) Hillary Clinton spokesperson, Jen Psaki, explains the leaked call w/ Victoria Nuland – 13 min. ago
        Jen Psaki, explains the leaked call w/ Victoria Nuland discussing a coup in Ukraine – First published at 00:25 UTC on March 12th, 2022.

        Victoria Nuland on a phone call discussing the coup d’état she helped orchestrate in Ukraine(2014)
        Victoria Nuland and her ilk have been Meddling in Ukraine for a long time – 1 day ago

        Victoria Nuland Admits BioLabs – 1 day, 5 hours ago


        Busy, busy USA/CIA playing the grand chessboard per usual.

      2. Deb

        I watched 1/2 hr and was only 1/4 finished. Too deep for me, and a lot more than I ever wanted to know about Ukraine, considering I can do nothing about any of it.

        1. American Sassy Bimbo Nature is Natural

          -Documentary You’ll Likely Never See – ’nuff said.

        2. Wizard


          You likely won’t regret watching it in full. But this documentary should be sent to all the war-hawks beating drums of war in “the west”

          This isn’t the beginning of a war, but a rather grim end of it. I don’t support any of it but they did poke the slumbering bear for 30 years, most intensely the last 8. What do you think a hungry bear will do to you in the middle of winter, after you woke him up? It’s not pretty, and likely not much will be left of your body after he’s done with you, but you did wake him up even though he didn’t bother you in any way(was sleeping for cryin’ out loud)

          As one orthodox priest put it, you reap what you sow


          1. Deb

            If you want to stuff your brain for hours on end, try this:


            Maybe I’ll go back out there and spend my days talking with God because there’s nobody else around.

            Good company for the end of days.

      3. Doktor Seltsame Liebe

        Tucker on Victoria Nuland and American Bioweapon Labs in Ukraine

      4. Doktor Seltsame Liebe

        What are “They” NOT Telling Us??

        Zelensky, Hunter Biden — and Their Sugar Daddy, Kolomoisky – CRP

        Read Trump’s phone conversation with Volodymyr Zelensky
        Updated 4:41 AM EDT, Thu September 26, 2019
        President Donald Trump repeatedly pushed for Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden,
        and his son, Hunter, during a July 25 phone call, according to a transcript of the conversation released by the White House.

        high impact Flix

  3. Deb

    I am so sick of listening to these people bitching, accusing, posturing, attacking: “He hit me! “I did not!” “You’re not the boss of me!” “I’m telling!”

    I got enough of this crap raising two kids. Everybody just needs to go home and raise wheat and vegetables while they still can. Our sun is going to put an end to this childish acting-out, and it can’t happen soon enough to suit me.

    This world is not my home.

    1. Esther

      Hi Deb, this world is our home. And Ivrelate to your feelings. Best we can do is create our world within. Connect with nature grow our own food like you said. And I believe its incredibly important to keep our spirits high with love and strength and do not forget joy. It sounds selfish while many suffer. But it is not vision yourself as an anchor together with all these other good spirits we help gaya. From sliding to far off.. Especially in times when people are under influence of bad spirit. We have our contribution to the light never forget.

      1. Schaden Freude

        Ester, I had no idea that you’ve been secretly listening in on all these comments from the sidelines without commenting. Finally the hyper-sane speak up – but don’t break your a** trying to logos up the hyper-deluded… and really why should anyone want to mess with their perpetually moist dreams. We all know what “bliss” is. Cheers.

        In contrast, hypersane people are calm, contained, and constructive. It is not just that the “sane” are irrational but that they lack scope and range, as though they’ve grown into the prisoners of their arbitrary lives, locked up in their own dark and narrow subjectivity. Unable to take leave of their selves, they hardly look around them, barely see beauty and possibility, rarely contemplate the bigger picture — and all, ultimately, for fear of losing themselves, of breaking down, of going mad, using one form of extreme subjectivity to defend against another, as life — mysterious, magical life — slips through their fingers.

    2. DIrk Pitt

      Oyster and tree farms here: https://hamahamaoysters.com/
      Grow your own on a private saltwater lagoon surrounded by forest:

    3. Dallas Schneider

      Thank you Deb,
      “The Overt-Motivator Sequence”

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  5. TruthWillOut

    Just found this link to a US Airforce document written in 1996. It’s about “owning the weather in 2025”

    Maybe the sun isn’t the major factor in these strange weather patterns occurring?


  6. Doktor Seltsamer Wetterliebhaber

    Witness Absolute Devastation During 1 in 1,000 Year Flooding in Australia

  7. TruthWillOut

    Not sure why my previous post has been deleted. Seems like censorship is rearing its ugly head again! Why would a link to a US Airforce document about weather manipulation, written in 1996, be censored?

    Surely this is of interest to everybody reading this site?

    Maybe Cap is indeed, controlled opposition…and to think I’ve made a donation.

    Thoroughly pissed off by thus. Maybe Cap could explain?

    1. DIrk Pitt

      The post is there and thank you for bringing the subject up. I believe it’s a very big factor but there’s no way to know for sure and prove anything. Jim Lee has hours of vids on the subject:

      1. TruthWillOut

        I apologise, I checked back at the weekend and my post had not appeared, therefore thought it had been censored!

        1. Dallas Schneider

          I see the post!
          Could be a localized censor?

  8. Deb

    Used up my high speed internet til the 21st. Can’t watch any videos til then. Quelle domage!

    I will have to go outside and experience the real world again. Great timing-60’s and 70’s all next week.

  9. Ballistic Logos

    Upwards of TEN+ precision [guided ballistic missiles were fired from inside Iran into Iraq Saturday evening, landing at [on] or near the US Consulate in the Iraq city of Erbil. The Fateh-110 has an apparent CEP of ~3-4 meters. This means that the missile WILL strike within 3 to 4 meters of whatever target it was aimed at. The missile carries a 1,000 pound conventional warhead. The Kurdistan Counter-Terrorism Service announced that 12 ballistic missiles were fired from “outside the borders of Iraq and the Kurdistan region, specifically from the east,” according to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

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    There are now conflicting reports about damage and injuries.

    Officials in Iraq and the US gave different accounts of damage. A US official said there was no damage and no casualties at any US facility, but Iraqi officials said several missiles had hit the US consulate, which is new and currently unoccupied.

    If the Consulate was hit, then that is an actual sovereign attack upon US sovereign territory and would HAVE to be answered by a US military retaliation.

    FWIW: And just like that, everyone stopped talking about the Bio-Labs in Ukraine.

    1. Ian

      https://www.bitchute.com/video/W2pC7um2s6Ww/ Should be taken with a pinch of salt, this is Russian propaganda

      1. Wizard

        You sir, are a MORON!

        This is Oliver Stone, not Putinganda

        Go check each and every claim made in that video, each and every one of those is fact, confirmed and documented.

        You likely didn’t even watch it and are spreading lies by default

        1. Dallas Schneider

          Well SAid!

  10. Anonymous

    snow forecasr for jerusalem tuesday/ wednesday. first time since 1980s/// meanwhile ww3 is emerging//
    Lord May all beings everywhere plagued with sufferings of body and mind quickly be freed from their illnesses.

    May those frightened cease to be afraid, and may those bound be free.

    May the powerless find power, and may people think of befriending one another.

  11. Ice Age Eugenics with Bioelectrical Graphenation/5G and Famine Now.Info

    While Russia Distracts the World, Pfizer Documents Reveal DISASTER for Vaccinated Population

  12. Ice Age Eugenics and Bioelectrical Graphenation/5G War/Famine Theatre Now.Info

    Donald Trump – The First Jewish President Of The United States (note also the ring finger(s), hair, face, eyes, jawline, no adam’s apple, large hips, tranny family full spectrum)

    Russian President Crypto-Jew Vladimir Putin: Communism Is Just Like Christianity

    Russia Vs Ukraine – Jew Vladimir Putin Vs Jew Volodymyr Zelensky

    The Jewish Family Tree Of Donald Trump

    … the world’s a stage of political theatre, virus/vaxx/religious theatre, war theatre, movie/MSM/economic banking/big pharma Jewish eugenical ethnic goyim cleansing theatre. The show must go on… and it is.

    No virus… No Corona Virus

  13. Dallas Schneider

    Ultimate Communism all the Burger King girls are named Suzie!
    Perhaps Suzie65436, Suzie96704, Suzie20685, etc.

  14. Deb

    You are all nuts.

  15. Harald Aarseth

    Very interesting web site

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