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Snow Chaos In Serbia & The Balkans, Colder & Snowier Winter Headed For U.S. With Incoming ‘Polar Vortex’, + FEMA Guilty Of Twister ‘Climateering’

Dr. Vincent Gray: The [IPCC] climate change statement is an orchestrated litany of lies.

Snow Chaos In Serbia & The Balkans

Over the weekend, heavy snow hit Serbia as well as much of the Balkans, disrupting traffic and public transport, canceling flights, and knocking out the power to tens of thousands of homes.

Much of western Serbia was without electricity on Sunday, and authorities warned against unnecessary travel and appealed to all Serbian’s to conserve power.

In the nation’s capital, Belgrade, several trees fell under the weight of the heavy snow, damaging cars and buildings — some people had to be rescued after being trapped in their vehicles.

A number of flights in and out of Belgrade’s main airport were canceled due to the snow, while a brief power cut to the main terminal also resulted in delays. A highway leading to the airport was also blocked by snow, causing further issues.

In neighboring Bulgaria, authorities declared a state of emergency due to intense flooding.

And likewise in Albania, the government there has mobilized police, army and emergency forces to cope with floods following three days of continuous rain and snow.

Looking ahead, and as hinted at above, the Balkans are set for yet more snows and anomalous lows this week; while conversely, much of the European continent will enjoy a brief reprieve from the Arctic conditions that have prevailed since early-November.

But this reprieve will indeed be brief — polar cold is forecast to recommence mid-December, with the most notable temperature departures (-28C below average) gripping the east (Poland, Ukraine, Russia etc.):

GFS 2m Temp Anomalies (C) Dec 20 -Dec 29 [tropicaltidbits.com].

Colder & Snowier Winter Headed For U.S. With Incoming ‘Polar Vortex’

Despite America’s mild Fall –which is due to low solar activity and a meridional jet stream, not man’s irrelevant CO2 emissions– southern Minnesotans saw record snow last Friday–deemed a taster of what’s to come when winter ‘proper’ hits.

Late last week, the official total at Rochester Airport came in at 6.5 inches — this, according to National Weather Service (NWS) data, was more than an inch higher than the previous record for December 10, set back in 1970,

Reports of 9+ inches of snow were dotted throughout the city, and there were two reports of 10.5 inches to the north.

Totals at the NWS office (at the Twin Cities airport) also set a new record for Dec 10 — at 11 inches.

There were also reports of 11 inches in both Kasson and Owatonna.

While 12 inches hit Lake City.

Heavier accumulations were noted on the south and east edges of the Twin Cities, with 21 inches noted in East St. Paul.

Polar Vortex To Send Natural Gas Soaring Again

A mild fall has made many doubt that this winter will mirror last year’s of record snow and deadly freezes; however, latest weather models will check any complacency as they reveal that the U.S. should start bracing for a winter of old.

Since mid-Oct, U.S. natural gas futures have been down as the threat of colder weather and tight supplies waned, crushing bullish traders. But now, with winter less than two weeks away, comes new weather models suggesting “significantly colder” temperatures will hit later this month as the Northern Hemisphere enters its second La Nina winter, and markets are set to rally.

Meteorologists at private weather forecasting firm BAMWX foresee a bullish setup for natural gas futures.

They say the narrative is flipping from warmer weather to the complete opposite as a “polar vortex” (aka Arctic outbreak) threatens to plunge much of the U.S. into a far colder pattern by the New Year.

Kirk Hinz, chief meteorologist at BAMWX, said: “Seeing an interesting pattern developing ahead leading up to Christmas and into Jan ’22, as higher pressure looks to finally re-establish towards Alaska and the North Atlantic, pushing cold from the Arctic down into the US.” Atmospheric phenomenons are currently conspiring “to increase the potential for a Polar Vortex displacement event, sending more consistent cold air deeper into the US … a big risk to watch for the energy markets ahead,” added Hinz, who provided the below graphics on Twitter early Monday morning:

Natural gas traders are being urged to carefully monitor temperature forecasts and heating degree day estimates for the U.S. to gauge future energy demand. Futures found support on an upward sloping diagonal trend line in recent trading, with Bloomberg reporting earlier this week that traders were “buying the dip” on the prospects of colder weather later this month:

Looking across the Atlantic, colder weather and tight supplies sent Dutch natural gas for next month, the European benchmark, over the 100 euro mark and very close to the all-time highs witnessed early November:

If BAMWX calls for a ‘Polar Vortex’ play out, a monster reversal in U.S. natural gas futures will occur. And while this will be seen as good news for bullish traders, it will be bad news for consumers as bills soar and possible shortages ensue.

Latest BAMWX forecasts for ‘Polar Vortex’.

FEMA Guilty Of Twister ‘Climateering’

Following the weekend’s deadly U.S. tornadoes, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Administrator Deanne Criswell could’t miss out on an opportunity to play the AGW card, saying that extreme weather events like the storms and twisters that swept through a number of states this weekend “is going to be our new normal”.

“This is going to be our new normal and the effects that we’re seeing from climate change are the crisis of our generation,” Criswell told co-host Jake Tapper on CNN’s “State of the Union”–so credibility instantly lost then.

Severe storms and tornadoes tore through states in the South and Midwest late Friday into Saturday, leaving devastating damage, tens of thousands of homes without power and almost 100 people dead.

This was a tragedy, undoubtedly — a truly hellish ordeal for those there; but to blame global warming and to climateer during such a disaster is disgusting, even by CNN standards.

These days, ‘progressives’ don’t hesitate to blame any kind of severe weather on AGW.

This is even though The Science that said alarmists repeatedly insist we follow states that tornadoes require unusually cool air to form. As climatologist and former NASA scientist Dr. Roy Spencer explains: Very few thunderstorms produce tornadoes. In the hot and humid tropics, they are virtually unheard of. The reason why is that (unlike hurricanes) tornadoes require strong wind shear, which means wind speed increasing and changing direction with height in the lower atmosphere — conditions that exist only when a cool air mass collides with a warm air mass–which is what occurred over the weekend:

The catastrophist caterwaulings of agenda-drivers like FEMA are opposed by scientific discovery and meteorological theory: This weekend’s collision of opposing air masses is actually better explained by low solar activity:

Alarmists do not get to alter known reality in order to advance their warped ideologies.

History will hold them to account.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING, in line with the great conjunction, historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among other forcings).

Both NOAA and NASA appear to agree, if you read between the lines, with NOAA saying we’re entering a ‘full-blown’ Grand Solar Minimum in the late-2020s, and NASA seeing this upcoming solar cycle (25) as “the weakest of the past 200 years”, with the agency correlating previous solar shutdowns to prolonged periods of global cooling here.

Furthermore, we can’t ignore the slew of new scientific papers stating the immense impact The Beaufort Gyre could have on the Gulf Stream, and therefore the climate overall.

Prepare accordingly— learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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22 Thoughts to “Snow Chaos In Serbia & The Balkans, Colder & Snowier Winter Headed For U.S. With Incoming ‘Polar Vortex’, + FEMA Guilty Of Twister ‘Climateering’”

  1. Wizard


    fix your article

    Serbians — the people
    Serbia — the country

    Second point: regrettably this collapse in Serbia is a political one, and not one caused by a snow front. Yes, snow has fallen. Yes, snow falls every year around these parts, and is in no way a surprise to behold, opposite that of a snow in Portugal or on the N Africa coast. No, the winter service here is never prepared, because it belongs to a public utility company that maintains the roads, and like any public utility company in a post-communist country, it’s highly susceptible to political decisions on matters non-political. As in any country around the world, there is political turmoil here, and the winter clearing operations are a hostage of a clash between the govt and the people.

    The total amount of snow fallen around Belgrade and north of it hasn’t gone over 20-25 cm. The southern/western parts of the country did receive a bigger dumping, but *NOTHING* that was by any means out of the ordinary for a winter season.

    Please to be more careful interpreting reports if you try to find local outlets reporting and then to translate the information. Often, it’s all blown out of proportion.

    I’m pointing this out here just to make sure this is interpreted for what it is, and it is a political problem, not a problem caused by winter coming in December.

    1. Cap Allon

      Fixed. Thank you.
      And the story you told sounds very familiar.
      It’s best we all fend for ourselves, and rely as little on ‘the system’ as possible.

  2. Dennis Holland

    I can;t wait for the winter hammer to come down hard on this western part of Europe. Here in Netherland temps are going up and down between 0 and 11 degrees Celsius. This week is very mild with temps around 9C.

    Those floods; That is really something. But the truth about flooding is simply bad practice by local government. They just keep chopping down entire forrests wich are then transported to here where they burn trees by the thousands a month in ‘green’ biomass plants here in Netherland to keep houses warm. Another funky fact about that is that when temperature drops below 4C the transported heat cools so fast it becomes worthless and gas is needed to assist.
    Those forrests were supposed to keep the ground from moving and thus absorbing water and leading it thru natural ditches and so.
    So basicalle, it’s political stupdity and money that is detroying peoples lives.

    I do believe and trust that nature will oblitarate the idiocracy. Hopefully then the sheeple will wake up so they can save themselves. Politicians won’t. They’re too busy making money.

  3. Mystic’s Mystic

    When scientist get back to being scientist again. I think they will come to the conclusion that this GSM combined with the current earth orbit is a very threatening place to be. Cold simultaneously in both hemispheres will squeeze equatorial heat. Compression means hotter. Hot & cold air masses don’t mix. When these compressed hot air masses are forced northward by a meridional flowing jet stream you get a high degree of contrast. FEMA is correct in saying this is the new normal. Soon the BS will be over and they will accept reality. It is not getting warmer. Maybe they should check with Dr. Roy Spencer.

    1. Dennis Holland

      I could not agree more.

    2. Johna

      The Sun heats the Earth, The Suns heat is not fixed, The distance from the Sun to the Earth is not fixed, other geometrical and heat rate factors mean that there is a defined point where heat from the Sun causes the Earth to cool and warm – ice age triggers, CO2 outgasses from the sea (0.04% of which is intrinsic CO2 -what we combust), some radiative IR energy and some latent heat in the clouds and water vapour then flows to the cold interface of outer space – Earth’s heat balance achieved and no compression either. On the other hand all UN climate models are wrong as they go in the wrong direction to what we measure, they say the Sun is not hot enough to heat the Earth and the reason we sweat our goolies off in summer is that CO2 reradiates the Suns heat from the surface to heat the Earth again – this time much hotter. Can you honestly imagine this stupid flat earth methodology – or is is it just plain old fashioned mythology?? I wished it was the later as we could all have a good old fashioned laugh lol

  4. Wes

    Serbia and Siberia are thousands of miles apart.

    1. Cap Allon

      Typo. Fixed. Thank you.

  5. hendrik1730 .

    Anthropogenic Global Warming is a hoax. It’s the precursor of the present Covid-maddness – another hoax, but one aimed at destroying 90% of the global population.

    Meanwhile, observations have clearly shown that ALL IPCC revered climate “models” are bogus. Not ONE model-based prediction came true, after 30 years. NOT ONE.

    1. Dallas Schneider

      Yes, seems like the hoaxsters are not happy with creating the biggest hoax of the century, they have to out do themselves creating another biggest hoax of the century. LoL, can we ever stop laughing at them idiots!
      If things ever get too serious, please remember we can enjoy laughing our way out of them. A more logical way to get out of the situation is to recall how we got into the situation. If you are lost in the forest, recall how you got into the forest in order to get out of it, for instance.
      So, just how did we get into this AGW hoax?
      And, why are we letting it continue?
      Just asking, DS

  6. Michael Peinsipp

    On our Metcalfe County farm, we had a tornado land at 1.0:15PM Dec 21, 1993.It lasted about +- 30 seconds and broke about 4 tree tops.
    We have had 3 twisters total since 1990 on our property…we know what it sounds like and that little F-0 tornado was to short timed to react. It was over before we could get up from the couch.

  7. Dallas Schneider

    It was my 75th Birthday 11 Dec, no less memorable than many another!!

    These days it is the climate making the difference. Note this outbreak was in the same position of the solar cycle as https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011_Super_Outbreak
    “The 2011 Super Outbreak was the largest, costliest, and one of the deadliest tornado outbreaks ever recorded”
    Perhaps someone in the weather prediction industry should take note of the solar cycles history to assist with their forecasts.

    Appears to me the Great Texas Freeze of 2021 was, in the words of the AGW crowd, just a “warm-up” for what is coming this winter for the world.
    I grew up in West Texas. I saw the temp in Odessa Texas early 80’s drop to
    Negative 8 F. but only for a few hours, not days back then as it does now!
    Remarkably the coldest time of the winter there was always the second week in January, not February. So the climate is changing. One year we had 5 days in a row under freezing, which was remarkable. (Been in SW FL almost 20).

    Appears the world is in for a great expansion of the Texas Freeze this year.

    Of course, our terrifically intillegent leaders will relate how Global Warming
    cuarsed thid extrene whether evant!!!

    DS (NOT BS, that’s my cousin)

    1. Johna

      Happy birthday 6×4 18 wheeler buddy. My wheels were at least min 40 max 140 plus? The former was pushing 8 steel wheeled snowploughs to keep the high irons clear in the heat of a steam locomotive cab and a full Scottish breakfast in the guards van after shovelling 3 tonnes of coal – caboose to you too then and whatever transpires; keep on truckin lol

      1. Dallas Schneider

        VERY WELL DONE Johna!!!

    2. Mystic’s Mystic

      The icy Anaconda 🐍 is moving to the boarder of Texas. No wonder Biden changed his policy to remain in Mexico. Casualties in mass would just about finish him. I think he understands that much.

  8. Deb

    Happy birthday, Dallas.

    1. Dallas Schneider

      Many Thanks Deb,
      It was a good one overall!

  9. Karyn Cummings

    thank you

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