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Skiing… on the 4th of July — Grand Solar Minimum

Yes, after record-snowfall this season, California’s Sierra Nevada is still coated in powder at higher elevations. Squaw Valley and Mammoth ski resorts –along with the Rocky Mountain’s Arapahoe Basin– all ran lifts on Thursday.

The last time Arapahoe was able to stay open until Independence Day was back in 2011.

Squaw Valley ski resort, located in the Tahoe Basin, saw its third-snowiest season on record in 2018-19 with almost 60 feet accumulating — that’s just 9 inches short of the 2016-17 season when the resort also stayed open through July 04.

“We are now in our eighth month of skiing and riding, and because of the early start we got this year we actually operated 12 days longer than we did in 2016-17,” Squaw spokesperson Liesl Hepburn said.

While Mammoth Mountain plans to welcome skiers to its slopes into August, something the resort has done only twice in it’s history.

“About as good as it gets in July with a base of more than four and a half feet at the summit,” said Lauren Burke, a spokesperson for Mammoth Mountain. “Still six lifts spinning with access to 15 runs.”

The Sierra Nevada snowpack is hefty for this time of year.

A myriad of storms descended during the winter months. Then spring arrived, yet wintry conditions persisted with unseasonably cold systems piling up snow all the way through Memorial Day weekend.

The cold times are returning, folks, as the sun enters its next Grand Solar Minimum cycle.

Even NASA agrees, in part:

The snowpack is building.


Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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