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UK Droughts “to become more Severe and Affect Larger Areas” due to Climate Change…

Droughts in the UK were anticipated to be more severe and affect larger areas of the country for at least the next hundred years, according to a study penned in 2013 by Muhammad Rahiz and Prof. Mark New, published in the journal Water Resources Management.

The team made a detailed analysis of regional climate data from the Met Office’s Hadley Centre to investigate future drought trends. “Both drought intensity and the spatial extent of droughts in the UK are projected by these climate models to increase into the future”, said Professor Mark New, Professor of Climate Science at the School of Geography and Environment and co-author of the study.

The findings of the study could have implications for the way water is managed, particularly in the South East, one of the most vulnerable regions. “If you have small, localised droughts, that’s not so important from a water management point of view, because most utilities can move water in from another place,” said Professor New. “But if a drought affects a whole region like the South East of England, then you’ve got a more significant problem.”

Now, due to a series of severe storms that have hit the UK we are being told that extensive flooding is going to be the new norm?

Writing in ‘The I newsletter’ Madeleine Cuff, Monday, 10th February 2020, refers to the latest spin by the UK Met Office who have implied that although climate change may not bring more storms to the UK, those that do arrive are likely to bring stronger winds and heavier rain. The Midlands, Yorkshire and Northern Ireland should prepare for fiercer storms and the devastation that they will bring.

“If global temperatures rise by more than 1.5 degrees – which they are set to do on current emissions trends – damage caused by windstorms in the UK are expected to cause 50 per cent more damage, the Met Office said in the 2017 research.”

So, are these guys actually scientists, who really know what is happening to our climate, or merely opportunists following the next big story in order to manipulate the discourse and promote an agenda?

Because, if global warming is true and the polar regions are warming faster than the rest of our planet, that would mean far fewer and less violent storms. Storms occur when warm air fronts meet cold air fronts and if things are becoming less extreme, more homogeneous, due to the warming in the polar regions – surely, we would see less storms not more? In fact, Tony Heller has produced innumerable videos echoing this very issue…

I know, I know.

Silly me.

“Shut up and pay your taxes.”

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