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Seven All-Time Cold Records Fell in Northern Arizona on Monday — Grand Solar Minimum

It was a record-breaking cold Memorial Day across Northern Arizona, with the National Weather Service reporting that seven places recorded new lowest-max temps for May 27.

Flagstaff saw a high of just 8.9C (48F) yesterday, nippy enough to bust the previous cold-high of 10.6C (51F) set way back in 1929.

It reached 14.4C (58F) in Prescott, which smashed the previous low-max of 17.2C (63F) set in 1962.

While at the Grand Canyon Airport a high of just 8.9C (48F) was reported, blowing away the previous cold-high of 17.8C (64) recorded in 2012.

Other cities in Northern Arizona to set new cold highs were Winslow, Page, Window Rock, and St. Johns.

The cold times are returning, correlating neatly with the sun entering a relative shutdown.


Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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