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Sea Freezes In Greece In “Once In A Lifetime Phenomenon”; With Forecasts Of A Continent-Spanning Arctic Blast, U.S. Nat-Gas Futures Post Biggest One-Day Gain On Record; + As The COVID Narrative Crumbles…

Sea Freezes In Greece In “Once In A Lifetime Phenomenon

In what local media outlets are labeling a “once in a lifetime phenomenon”, sea ice, usually found in more northern and polar oceans, has formed off the coast of Greece as the country continues to be ravaged by record snow and sub-zero cold.

Arctic Sea Ice being on something of a tear this year –currently standing at an 15+ year high— is one thing, but the ocean freezing-up in Greece demands a whole new level of denial from AGW proponents.

Ice formed off the coastal village of Sagiada in Thesprotia, Epirus after temperatures nosedived to almost -20C (-4F).

Videos uploaded to social media captured the unique event:

[The video has just restricted, inexplicably]

Sagiada is the westernmost point of mainland Greece. The village is situated on the shores of the Ionian Sea–an elongated bay of the Mediterranean Sea.

According to a report by, this part of Greece has a Mediterranean climate, with mild, rainy winters and hot, sunny summers. At sea level, continues the report, it never snows nor freezes.

Sea ice Greece
Snow and Ice on Greek shores.

The sea ice formed with Greece still reeling from the heavy snowstorms that swept the country earlier this week.

Record snow was measured in Athens, with incredibly rare flurries hitting the nation’s islands:

On Wednesday, reported that 288 of its meteorological stations in Greece had logged below-freezing temperatures, of which 44 had recorded readings below -10C (14F). The lowest value was the -18.1C (-0.6F) in Lefkochori, Fthiotida — a new record.

The following map represents the minimum temperatures in the early morning hours of Wednesday.

This part of the world simply isn’t accustomed to such lows, and the infrastructure isn’t built to cope.

temperatures Greece

The unprecedented cold has also led to hundreds of thousands of farmed fish dying in a lagoon in NW Greece:

With Forecasts Of A Continent-Spanning Arctic Blast, U.S. Nat-Gas Futures Post Biggest One-Day Gain On Record

Natural-gas futures tallied their largest one-day percentage gain on record Thursday, up more than 46% — the rally was fueled by the expiration of Feb contracts, but also the punishing Arctic fronts forecast for this weekend and into February.

February natural gas fired-up $1.99, or 46.5%, to settle at $6.265 per million British thermal units on Thursday.

As reported by, February contract settlement marked the biggest one-day percentage gain for a front-month contract based on records dating back to 1990, according to Dow Jones Market Data.

A powerful nor’easter is expected to deliver heavy snow, bitterly cold temperatures, and strong winds to swathes of the East Coast over the weekend. The “bomb cyclone” will likely drive-up heating demand, and in turn, the pull for natural gas.

“Physical demand is so high with this looming storm that the February futures contract got piled into … amid the impending cold snap,” explained Tyler Richey, co-editor at Sevens Report Research.

I’m sure traders also had an eye on longer-range forecasts, too, which have early-Feb looking truly historic:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) Feb 1 – Feb 12 [].

For more on that:

The AGW Party are already performing damage limitation with regards to North America’s impeding Arctic invasions.

Laughably, the MSM dragged out Dr. Yonggang Wang, an assistant professor of meteorology at SUNY Oswego: “It is difficult to determine whether or not this particular event was caused by the climate change, but definitely it is impacted by the climate change,” said Wang 🤦‍♂️.

There are nonsensical quotes from Dr. Martin Dovciak doing the rounds, too: “We are changing essentially the circulation of the planet, and so these dramatic shifts in temperatures are related to weakening of the jet stream, which kind of keeps the polar air at the polar cap.” No, Dovciak, just no. Low solar activity is responsible for weakening the jet streams, always has been, always will be (see link below). ‘CO2 as the boogeyman’ is a fraud that you’re perpetuating via your inability/unwillingness to think critically and to apply logic — your paycheck likely demands that your head be firmly rooted up your own a**.

As The COVID Narrative Crumbles…

As the COVID narrative continues to fall apart at the seams, be very suspicious of those positioning themselves on the right side of history — check their own history.

As the reality of the incompetence/evil that our elites have imposed upon us all dawns on the dutiful masses, be sure to have your guard up. Be aware that folks once at the head of steering this fraud will soon situate themselves at the forefront of the backlash — they will appear to be yelling at the right people and calling for institutional change, when in fact they will have simply been exposed, cornered, and with no options left, forced into adopting an angry, ‘I was fooled, too’ sort of tone.

However, this new stance won’t be fueled by genuine remorse, it will be their only way of saving face, their only hope of preventing ‘the system’ they suckle at from falling. These cowards will need, desperately, to look as if they’re doing the right thing, when actually they’re skillfully positioning themselves to remain at the helm of the narrative, meaning the masses will still follow their lead. Yes, a few scapegoats will be slain (Fauci, for example, will be one), but at the end of the day, the incompetence/evil that people followed into this mess –‘the system’– will remain in tact. This is fundamental: nothing is allowed to change.

Seeing through this ruse, however, is our chance to seize back control, but it’s crucial that we see the side-switching charlatans for who they are — instead of patting them on the back for seeing sense, we call them out for the 2+ years of gas-lighting and crimes against humanity that they have perpetuated. This wasn’t some faux pas they get to brush off, this was cowardice, criminality, and a profound lack of judgment from those in positions that ordinary people look up to for truth and direction.

Here and now is our opportunity to take back control.

To all those that have stood up to the lies and exaggerations of the past 26+ months, often putting your reputation and livelihoods on the line, I commend you, wholeheartedly. Likewise, for all those that have resisted the vaccine and/or the boosters, complete vindication is just around the corner.

This is a time to be positive and hopeful, but also ruthless — we mustn’t let those that have failed us so spectacularly dictate what happens next. They blew it. They are sheep, at best; evil, at worst, and it’s up to us to see them resigned to the wrong side of history.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Facebook, in partnership with the ‘fact-checkers’ at USA Today have conspired to restrict my use of the social media platform for 90 days, meaning I can’t post anything new. I’ve been found guilty of contesting a scientific theory, which in today’s world is considered a ‘violation’:

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57 Thoughts to “Sea Freezes In Greece In “Once In A Lifetime Phenomenon”; With Forecasts Of A Continent-Spanning Arctic Blast, U.S. Nat-Gas Futures Post Biggest One-Day Gain On Record; + As The COVID Narrative Crumbles…”

  1. Stan Grenfell

    Thanks Cap! Your knowledge and dedication to the truth should never be silent. Wishing you good health.

    1. Deb

      Likewise, Cap. You’re one of the good ones!

      If you want to do an end run around the MSM, who are ignoring or downplaying the tens of thousands of truckers streaming into Ottawa from all parts of Canada and the US, consider sharing this one as far and as wide as you can.

      1. Ballistic Logos

        Best timely link/advice ever Deb… should come with a warning though… for us sensitive types. Bet this makes you tear up a bit… Canadian or American. We’re gonna see where the chips fall now. Molon labe.

        Massive Trucker Convoy Heading to Ottawa – Go Truckers Go!!

        Canada Truck Convoy! The Largest In History Part 2!

      2. Ice Age Eugenics and Biodigital-convergence Now.Info

        The Trucker Convoy – it IS Planned Hopium, andjust another Lockstep step in the Agenda 21/2030

        Trucker Convoy – Planned Hopium
        Canadian Trucker Spell
        DHS Bulletin. ‘Domestic Violent Extremists Plotting to Disrupt U.S. Power Grid’
        Owen Benjamin | #1317 Canadian Trucker Spell
        Truckers strike depicted in the Illuminati card game

        “It’s Just” The Road To Hell …er… the next step in the Major Eugenical Depop

  2. Michael Peinsipp

    Dr. Yonggang Wang is a Chinese ‘scientist’ (CCP member) and he will say whatever to destroy America.

  3. Zulugroove

    Looking forward to welcoming the thousands of hero’s about to turn our city into a parking lot !! Should have been saved by the police / military, but alas ! They have decided to protect their paycheque instead of their oath !!
    Oh yes I almost forgot , our pathetic “ snowboard instructor “ with his degree in child education ( how appropriate) came out last night ( jan 27 ) & said he has COVID , so he’s going to try & hide out at his place for the next few days !!!
    “ a small group of fringe people won’t change my mind “ …. will see about that !!

    1. yougottaloveme

      Prime Sinister TrueDope is crybabying that he tests positive for covid, but we all know that he is actually testing negative for testosterone and running away from the “fringe people” and home to mommy in quarantine. The Truckers will make his “blackface” turn to about face. Can anyone imagine him (it’s a him?) coming in with the 3rd Canadian Infantry at Juno Beach?

      1. Deb

        “testing negative for testosterone”? Now, that’s funny.

          1. Greg in NZ

            Well, well, well… Truck Fudeau (WEF Davos drone) is a ‘close contact’ and retreats into ‘isolation’.

            Yesterday Jacinda bin L’Ardern (WEF Davos drone & NZ PM) announced she’s a ‘close contact’ and retreated into ‘isolation’ along with the Governor General, Dame Cindy Kiro. We’re such a cargo cult, banana republic, Pacific island tin-pot nation we have TWO Cindys running the shoah.

            Wonder who the next, the third, fully whacked WEF Davos drone will be to claim being a ‘close contact’ and retreat into ‘isolation’ for the ‘common good’ – Tiny Macron? Boofhead Boris? Let’s Go Brandon?

          2. Deb

            Any day that Bozo the Clown steps back from causing trouble for We, the People is a good day in my book.

            I’m hoping DC gets buried in a boatload of snow again and shuts the whole damned lot of them down!

          3. Anonymous

            Apparently, “how Australia is dealing with omgitsacon” is next taxi off the rank, so Scummo could be about to come into contact with convid, if he hasn’t already hightailed it to china…..

      2. Andrew Stone

        Tried long distance tractor trailer driving for a while years ago. Actually loved the job but despised the lying driver managers and the way even the best drivers are treated like “deplorables”. It’s a tough job, especially in winter conditions which our Canadian brothers and sisters see a lot of. They deserve far more respect for doing that job than most people know. They are not a bunch of ignorant meat bots. Most of the drivers I knew had at least two years of post secondary education. Surprise!

        Women, as it turns out, typically make the safest drivers too. They are more risk averse than men. Trucking companies appreciate that.

        Think carefully about any career that requires “recruiters” to pull in fresh meat.
        Driver recruiters say such hilarious as “You will get 3 days off for every 11 days on the road!”
        Translation: “We will run your sorry ass into the ground.” “After 10 days on the road, we will assign you to a delivery that will keep you away from home for another 3 days, but we promise you can have 4 days off after that!” then… “Oops! Sorry. We don’t have any runs scheduled to pass within 200 miles of your home for at least a couple more weeks, but we’ll throw in another day off after that because you are one of our most naive, err, best, drivers! We take good care of our best drivers!”

        Recruiter says: “Most drivers earn up to $60,000 in just their first year if they work hard.”
        Translation: “If you never go home at all during your first year, never get sick, don’t have any truck breakdowns, never have any accidents, never get pulled into a mass DOT surprise inspection or get a reprimand for driving over your daily hour limit because all the truck stops are full, never run into dangerous inclement weather, etc, etc, etc….”

        And that is just truck driver “basic training”.

        So remember all that next time you see a big truck out on the open road. Give those folks a break and a lot of respect.
        If they all went on strike this nation would end. Period.

        I quit long distance driving when the wife threatened to have me neutered so I’d stop peeing on things and stick around the house.

  4. A Readere

    Interesting that you write about gaslighting from immoral con artists, and then quote the king of con musk at the end. ????? You do remember that after grifting forever with the carbon credits/ offsets / solar panel federal subsidies, etc, that grifter went after the ventilators in spring 2020.

    You do realize he is one of those profiteering gaslighting scumbags that you are ranting against, don’t you? Let alone that the central bank bailout printfest enriched his fraudulent ‘wealth’ more than anyone else, yes?

    I hope that was added as satire.

  5. Zulugroove

    Looking forward to our city being turned into a parking lot ! Our military/ police should have been our saviour, but alas they decided to protect the tyrants & their paycheque instead.
    Our simpleton leader snowboarding idiot , says the ( rumour has 1.5 million ) are a “ fringe bunch of terrorist “ . He announced last night , so his plans are to hide out until they leave , little does he realize the plan is to stay until , mandates and tyranny end !!

  6. Mystic’s Mystic

    Assuming that the northern hemisphere governments are fully aware that the Grand Solar Minimum is a fixture for decades. Invasion of the equator would be in their playbook. Since nuclear power plants can freeze up and require a shutdown, that happened to one in NJ, MA
    & I believe last year in Texas. If the Northern Hemisphere attacks the equator they will disable every nuclear power plant. They certainly won’t build new ones during this time of GSM conditions.

  7. Andrew Stone

    Meanwhile, in other Greek news …
    Sources say the river Styx has frozen solid along with the entire underworld. Hades was seen outside in the snow shaking his fist at the sky yelling; “That was not part of the bargain!” He was answered by thunder that many say sounded like laughter.

    A million thanks Cap!!

  8. Debora Hunt

    The AGW Party is over, as is the Vaccine Mandate party. But I do believe they will keep trying and we must keep our guard up and our shields ready! Thanks Cap for your great articles of truth!

    1. Ice Age Eugenics and Biodigital-convergence Now.Info

      Waking Up – Culling Us Off – Alan Watt
      Deb[ess], [maybe it’s just me noticing that it’s just the Debs here [or Sybils?] that are getting it… all the way down now]… none of the agendas or cycles are ever over… they’re all barely just started… just like this current well documented [right here, right now by the Cap’n] plunge into this next cyclical extended “cold spell” unfortunately. Cheers.

      1. Deb

        Just watched that first Alan Watt video. Now I remember why I don’t listen to him. It takes a strong stomach to hear/see the truth. I actually do have a strong stomach. But I still don’t like it.

        1. PuterMan

          Just watched the first one. Nothing new there.

          1. Homo Erectus

            Maybe try using your #1 driver instead of your puter putter to T-off on AW who made many of those exact same vids since back in 2006 and earlier already.

  9. Ray

    A completely definitive result has just been published concerning a group of 70,000 sufferers from Covid-19 presenting recently at Kaiser hospital group in California. A mix of Delta and Omicron patients.

    On all measures Omicron is milder. The all important measure, of course, is mortality. The reduction in lethality is 91%! In other words, the illness has gone from being equivalent to a severe influenza to being equivalent to a mild influenza.

    Also noticeable was that almost no Omicron sufferers were ever ventilated.
    A super-transmissible variant which can not invade the lungs, and which is an infection from which almost everybody gets better in a few days. A perfect combination to bring things to a head in Society. It is wonderful news if you are fed up with putting your life on hold while every big-head in the world thinks he can order you to jump through his hoop. Not so wonderful news for the medical bullies.

    This sort of ‘weakening’ by which the dominating virus variant becomes settled as merely a wide-spread nuisance happens all the time in the history of ‘new’ viral plagues; but it has happened extraordinarily quickly this time around. Effectively, the disease becomes the vaccine. and there is neither need nor scope for interference with peoples’ immune systems.

    1. Deb

      Yes, but how many did they manage to cull with the vaccines before that? And how long will the vaccines roll on before every last person realizes they are useless? It’s not over til it’s over, and in the meantime, the PTB implement their next culling strategem.

      1. Ray

        “…how long before every last person…?”

        I do not know about every last person, but in the U.K., at least, people are waking up. The number of people, before Christmas. rushing to get ‘boosted,’ was 800,000 a day. Now it is a trickle, at 50,000 a day.

        1. Deb

          Everything is relative, but I would hardly call 50000 people a day neglible. How many of those will die? And how many of tomorrow’s? And how long will it trail on?

          It’s not over yet.

          1. Deb

            In human affairs, inertia is a powerful force.

          2. Ray

            “How long will it trail on?”

            I am thinking that it might be eight weeks more, in England.
            For, “The illness is the vaccine now,” and we are moving at speed towards a solid ‘herd immunity.’

            Few people seem to appreciate how big a change has occurred. Just in the last six weeks, some ten million people in England have contracted Omicron and recovered, with virtually no deaths attributable solely to the virus.

            Of course, the behaviour of some people will not change quickly. In the wide-open carpark (Forsooth!) of a nearby super-market most people are shuffling around masked to the max and leaning into a brisk breeze from the sea. They are convinced that they are living through a rerun of The Black Death!.

            “It’s not over yet.”

            Certainly I agree that ‘they’ are like the Lernean Hydra of Greek Mythology:


          3. Deb

            Yes, Ray, the Hydra is an apt analogy. So how do you kill it? Presumably by cutting its heart out.

            And what (or who) is the heart of the evil attacking our world and the human race?

            As a Christian, I have to believe that it is human sin and the Devil. Which means this battle will continue until Jesus Christ returns.

            A lot of people have tried to kill the Beast, but it appears they have only been hacking off its heads.

          4. Ray

            The Lernean Hydra.

            According to most versions a companion of Hercules called Iolaus, described as a charioteer, cauterized the wounds on the Hydra with a flaming torch after each beheading so that the heads could not grow back. One of the heads was immortal and Hercules hid that one in a cave.

            The analogy would suggest that a defeated institution should not simply be purged but have its entire raison d’etre
            proscribed. For example instead of arguing about the curriculum of Public Schools compulsory education by the State should be abolished with solemn ceremony. Of course, to state this reminds one that ‘the Will of the People’ is not aroused to any such radical reforms. Tinkering will continue.

            Because he had used a helper Hercules was accused of cheating by the cunning King who was setting him his Labours and he was awarded nul point as a result.

            Any mention of a charioteer in ancient legend signifies the sun god and, of course, so does the flaming torch – the male member of the god. So Hercules had to beg for some of the regenerative power of the sun to destroy the regenerative power of the Hydra. The role of Iolaus involves transparent symbolism and a standard belief – that like counters like.
            Another example, from the Iliad this time, is when Achilles wounds a man with his spear and the wound will not heal. Achilles cures the man by pressing rust from the same spear-head onto the sore.

      2. Doktor seltsame Liebe

        … realizes they are useless? The injections are not useless… they are fulfilling their intended purpose… as silent selective (with “surgical” accuracy even) weapons of mass destruction, for quiet wars.

        1. Deb

          I despair of pushing people over the hump of disbelief into that truth!

          1. Ice Age Eugenics and Biodigital-convergence Now.Info

            The truth is extreme, to make it moderate is to lie.

            (((Pope Francis))) Sign(s) Contract with Pfizer [KILL Shot] President (((Bourla))) – January 30th, 2022

            (((Pope Pfizer))) & his CCP billions

            (((109 Times)))

            (((We))) want world domination because (((we))) love you

            Klaus’ mother is a (((Rothschild)))
            That’s right – appearances to the contrary notwithstanding, (((Klaus Schwab))) had a (((mother))). After she was married to Klaus’ father, her surname was “Schwab”. But before that, her name was (drum roll, please)…(((Rothschild))).
            (((Klaus Schwab))) of WEF – Kneel. A (((Rothschild))) cometh

    2. Nico

      You people still think delta/omicron virus is real? It’s the flu,like all other years,instead now the powers that be used it to install panic and draconic measures all over the world.

      1. Ice Age Eugenics and Biodigital-convergence Now.Info

        Nico… no… you kinda sock puppet shills/people don’t think…

        Corporate media refuses to report on Sen. Ron Johnson’s panel discussion exposing deadly covid “vaccines”

        … or do think that infantile psyops will work on folks at this level of understanding the big picture. Really?

      2. Ice Age Eugenics and Biodigital-convergence Now.Info

        … maybe a bit harsh… everybody here does get that the virus hoax isn’t real but the depopulation weapons/measures/mandates are.

  10. Dan

    You can thank Haarp, and Geoengineering for this. The powers that be are going all in , Look at your skies! The truth will set u free

    1. TW

      Or it’s The Sun…doing what it’s always done…

  11. Peter

    Yeah well. Theyre in some trouble now.
    The Queen of England has had an arrest warrant out for her, for several years issued by the int crimes court in Hague. Thats why she doesnt travel overseas anymore.
    Big pharma and many others have arrest warrants out for them as of the 15/1/22.

    They will continue their games till the last breath.
    They will deny everything even when there is substantial evidence that says the opposite.

    1. Doktor seltsame Liebe

      The jab is a huge success if its true purpose is depopulation.
      Thursday, January 27, 2022

    1. Doktor seltsame Liebe

      Yess zee police are complicit but cannot be held legally accountable because of low average I.Q.(s) like most of zee Killing Nurses of zee Third and Fourth Reich and general population at large. That’s why zay vere selectively hired for zees positions and self selectively “volunteer[ed]” for zees eugenic depopulation shots. Heil Fauci. Heil, mein Führer.

      Those perpetrating crimes against humanity posted warning note.

  12. Ron P

    I much appreciate your information regarding Climate Change. However when you drift over to comments regarding Covid you loose all credibility.

    I am astounded at how some people can understand the science behind the true cause of climate change and in the next breath denies the science behind vaccinations’ and the science behind how to slow the progress of infections diseases.

    1. Deb

      Perhaps if you check out the following link with an open mind, you will get a glimpse of the reasons why people are anti-vax.

    2. Wizard

      Up until six months ago, I too was astounded that some people would deny that climate change exists, it is real, and is the result of human endeavors.

      I didn’t call you or anyone else that has tried to breach “The Veil” any names, I only stood aside and let you be.

      About the time I realized I was wrong, I met a similar fate as you are in now, by a frequent commentator on this site, “Deb”, who was puzzled that I figured out this C19 BS (The 2030 agenda) and didn’t go for it one bit but couldn’t figure out the CAGW BS.

      My advice to you sir, is this:

      Go dig up any and all records (firts-hand accounts are best, but not many kept records) of the infamous “Spanish flu”

      What you’ll find is that there is no virus, there never has been anything close it, not at least by its’ definition, and that that disease wasn’t transmittable. What is referred to as the virus is simply dead cell and/or foreign bacteria tissue that couldn’t be disposed of in time due to other factors (Environment conditions, lifestyle, etc)

      Now, go google up for me any and all verifiable purification methods for proving that C19 exists, and also, find verifiable proof that C19 induces an illness, or what is called “CO-V-ID”. What you’ll find, is that there is no proof for either of these, outside a computer-generated animations of “the virus” and hence nothing should be said about a computer-generated item being able to induce anything in a living human, besides the feeling of disgust,betrayal and anger (emotions in that order).

    3. TW

      Why don’t you tell me about the science behind the COVID jabs then Ron?


    Thank you John Tillman. You wrote:
    “Arctic sea ice has only been higher on yesterday’s date once since and including 2005. That was in 2009.”

    And 2009 was during the last solar minimum at the end of SC23 and beginning of SC24. Not a coincidence.

    I used the cold events of 2008+ at the last solar minimum to accurately predict the current global cooling period. SC24 is much weaker than SC23 so average temperatures and excursions toward the equator of the polar vortices should be colder and more dangerous.

    Cold weather kills 20 times as many people as hot weather.

    1. Dallas Schneider

      The current fish kill in Greece reminded me of the
      One Million Fish Freeze in the Florida Everglades in January 2010!
      So it is a repeating cycle, getting deeper.
      In 2008-2009 there were TWO 30+ days of NO sunspots,
      in 2019-2020 there were THREE 30+ days of NO sunspots.
      The sunspot website reporting this used for the basis of this reporting was subsequently shut down and replaced, to obscure the 3+ periods of no sunspots. Can we ever hope to rid ourselves of this information coverup?
      Keep up the good work Cap, or I would never have known about the Greece fish kill. DS

      BTW, Sunday morning in South West Florida South Sarasota County the sky temp as taken by an infrared temp gun was MINUS 54 F. !!!!!
      The under open sky temp was 24 F, under the Mango tree on 5 inch round temp gauge 40 F.

  14. Betelgeuse

    Don’t Believe

    Don’t believe what you see. Don’t believe what you read. Don’t believe the TV, ‘Cause there’s nothing that’s real. Listen up I’m talking to you. It ain’t a revolution just to fight for the truth. Don’t believe what they say. Don’t believe what they sell. Don’t believe what they push. It’s all lies, can’t you tell? Listen up I’m talking to you. It ain’t a revolution just to fight for the truth. All right. Let’s fight. It’s time to get some answers; Yeah, it’s time for a change. You’re either a solution or get out of the way.

    Stand up and be counted and get into the game. The truth we took for granted has been taken away. What’d I say? Don’t believe what you hear. Don’t believe in their fear. Don’t believe they’re sincere, ‘Cause they really don’t care. Listen up I’m talking to you. It ain’t a revolution just to fight for the truth. Don’t believe that you’re safe. Don’t believe in their hate. Don’t believe in their game. You’re just a number to play. Listen up I’m talking to you. It ain’t a revolution just to fight for the truth. 🎼 Don’t believe what they preach. Don’t believe what they teach.

    Don’t believe that you’re free. ‘Cause they’re killing your dreams. Listen up I’m talking to you. It ain’t a revolution just to fight for the truth. It’s time to get some answers; Yeah, it’s time for a change. You’re either a solution or get out of the way. Stand up and be counted and get into the game. The truth we took for granted has been taken away. What’d I say? Don’t believe what you see. Don’t believe what you read. Don’t believe in their pills, ‘Cause they’re all made to kill. Listen up I’m talking to you. It ain’t a revolution just to fight for the truth.

  15. Wizard

    Being ruthless in calling out those charlatans and side-switchers is the LEAST that any one of us can do, and when one ponders enough about it, the most one should do and the best path forward!

    Violence against them is wrong, letting this slide is wrong

    Taking all of the S.O.B. to court is the best way for all of this to go public and to prevent a repeat of this

  16. stavros

    the sea didnt freeze over in greece… even the greek reporter reports it was a river 4km inland from an unverified source , perhaps even a pond…youre all swapping one set of fears for another,,,global warming went to global cooling? please focus on facts and the truth.

    1. Ray

      It had me going for a moment! But, since the whole of the Mediterranean Sea surface is 15 Centigrade at this time of the year, anything more than a very local phenomenon, with a special set-up, was out of the question.

      A few days of cold air above sea water is never going to freeze it. The conductivity of air is too slight for cold air to remove enough heat energy.

      Sir James Thompson wrote an interesting paper in the nineteenth century about the development of winter ice in the St Lawrence river at Montreal. The most surprising thing for me was that before it can freeze the water must become full of tiny spicules of ice, and this takes a long time.
      A second surprise was that ice formation happened on the river bottom first. That was caused by particular turbulence patterns which swept the spicules together there.

      “…global warming went to global cooling?”

      Possibly; but the thermal inertia of the oceans, which is thousands of times greater than that of the atmosphere, has to be taken into account.
      A great stabilizer, during cooling as much as during warming.


      The January numbers for Solar Cycle 24 metrics show the cycle is still on track for being weak.

      Would that river be the Kalamas?

  17. DIrk Pitt

    Do the Canadian truckers have the evil Globalists right where they want them or do the evil Globalists have the truckers and the Global supply chain right where THEY want them? Blovid was released at GSM for maximum collateral damage to the status quo and now the Canadian supply chain is FUBAR. SNAFU.
    The net result of the protest will be higher inflation, more misery for the average person already at the breaking point financially.
    Interesting to see the buildup of the Canadian trucker’s frustrations during ten days of positive polarity influence from the Sun and Mercury in retrograde, which is right now, AND the timing of the mandates on said truckers KNOWING Mercury retrograde would be at this time for maximum collateral damage.
    Polarity switch, top view:
    Side view:

  18. Ice Age Eugenics and Biodigital-convergence Now.Info

    Truthbombs/sites interlinking/crosslinking pollinating back and forth ww. Eventually the “why now” will go viral along with this site Cap’n. No pressure;)

    Great photos – Millions of Canadians are fed up with the misguided “vaccine” passports.

    Here is Traitor Trudeau’s boss:

    Schwab’s Young Global Leaders: Incubator of the Great Reset?
    In 1992 Schwab established a parallel institution, the Global Leaders for Tomorrow school, which was re-established as Young Global Leaders in 2004. Attendees at the school must apply for admission and are then subjected to a rigorous selection process. Members of the school’s very first class in 1992 already included many who went on to become important liberal political figures, such as Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy, and Tony Blair. There are currently about 1,300 graduates of this school, and the list of alumni includes several names of those who went on to become leaders of the health institutions of their respective nations. Four of them are former and current health ministers for Germany, including Jens Spahn, who has been Federal Minister of Health since 2018. Philipp Rösler, who was Minister of Health from 2009 until 2011, was appointed the WEF’s Managing Director by Schwab in 2014.
    Other notable names on the school’s roster are Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand whose stringent lockdown measures have been praised by global health authorities; Emmanuel Macron, the President of France; Sebastian Kurz, who was until recently the Chancellor of Austria; Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary; Jean-Claude Juncker, former Prime Minister of Luxembourg and President of the European Commission; and Annalena Baerbock, the leader of the German Greens who was the party’s first candidate for Chancellor in this year’s federal election, and who is still in the running to be Merkel’s successor. We also find California Governor Gavin Newsom on the list, who was selected for the class of 2005, as well as former presidential candidate and current US Secretary of Transportation Peter Buttigieg, who is a very recent alumnus, having been selected for the class of 2019. All of these politicians who were in office during the past two years have favored harsh responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, and which also happened to considerably increase their respective governments’ power.
    But the school’s list of alumni is not limited to political leaders. We also find many of the captains of private industry there, including Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Virgin’s Richard Branson, and the Clinton Foundation’s Chelsea Clinton. Again, all of them expressed support for the global response to the pandemic, and many reaped considerable profits as a result of the measures.
    Wolff believes that the people behind the WEF and the Global Leaders school are the ones who really determine who will become political leaders, although he stresses that he doesn’t believe that Schwab himself is the one making these decisions but is merely a facilitator. He further points out that the school’s alumni include not only Americans and Europeans, but also people from Asia, Africa, and South America, indicating that its reach is truly worldwide.

  20. Deb

    If only The People would get a clue to how badly we are being ill-used and abused.

    Keep passing it around, folks. If every one who gets it would only wake up two people…

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