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Savage Hailstorm Destroys Comstock Crops

The “Big White Combine” has paid a visit to fields across Comstock, Minnesota, flattening acres of crops.

Wheat fields look as though they’ve been cut, when they’ve actually just been flattened by the hail.

“Some areas are completely decimated, they’re gone, that’s a complete loss,” said Agronomists Mike Bjertness.

Comstock farmer Ron Bjorland said, “I could just hear all of the sudden the hail was coming and then it sounded like gunshots, and all of the sudden you got,┬áping, ping, and I knew that was glass breaking and in just a matter of second the bedroom was full of hail.

“I’ve talked to two guys that farm around here yesterday and they both said they lost about eighty-five percent of the beans and the corn,” added Bjorland.

Beans and corn should be covered by insurance, but it’s a different story for sugar beets.

When beets are damaged they exhaust their sugar trying to regrow new leaves, so the only hope for farmers to make money is to harvest the beets early — but they require permission from the sugar companies to do that.

Beet farmers in the are are expected to lose thousands of dollars.

GSM = Crop Loss

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