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SA Weather Warning: Extreme Cold and Snow for Cape Provinces

The South African Weather Service has issued an extreme wintry weather alert as a significant portion of the country is expected to be hit by a brutal cold front from Sept 6.

Snow Report (SRSA) and eNCA are both forecasting substantial snowfall totals across the Northern, Western and Eastern Capes over the next few days.

It follows a chilly August, where temperatures remained below average for the majority of the month — there was even snow up Table Mountain.

The forecast also warns of localised heavy rain and flash flooding for parts of Western and Eastern Cape, particularly along the southern and south-eastern coast and adjacent interior regions.

Thunderstorms can be expected over parts of the interior, including the Highveld region.

A secondary development of the system is expected to result in more widespread and persistent extreme wintry weather over the weekend and into next week.

Advanced forecasts show KwaZulu-Natal and Lesotho will be the next in line for heavy dumpings of snow as winter’s grip remains on SA’s weather.


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