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Russia’s Cold Summer Sees Wheat Protein Drop; Low Temperatures Affect Zimbabwe Cotton; ‘Solar Tsunami’; + CNN Untruths

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One Thought to “Russia’s Cold Summer Sees Wheat Protein Drop; Low Temperatures Affect Zimbabwe Cotton; ‘Solar Tsunami’; + CNN Untruths”

  1. FYI

    World Hal Turner 25 July 2022

    Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder was seen in a luxury hotel in Moscow today.

    He was asked if he was in town to see President Putin; Schröder did NOT answer. He was then asked why he was in Moscow and replied “It’s a beautiful city.”

    COVERT INTEL sources say that Schröder did in fact, meet discreetly with President Putin, in the Kremlin. The meeting allegedly did not go well . . . for Schröder.

    According to a source in a position to know, Schröder began his conversation with Putin with a wise crack about “. . . rumors in Berlin that Russia might very well nuke NATO Capital cities.” Putin allegedly responded “It looks like that may have to happen.” Which wiped the smile right off Schröder’s face.

    The meeting was deadly serious and Schröder was told it is in the interests of his country that the government of Germany understand things have “never been this serious in the history of Russia or Europe.”

    Schröder was told that Europe has gone out of its way to actually harm Russia, and Russia is in a position to return that harm “a hundred times worse.”

    Schröder was also told that just enough Russian gas will flow to Germany and Europe to meet daily needs, but no extra which might allow European countries to store -up reserves for the winter.

    He was also told that if Europe does not stop the sanctions against Russia before the winter, and return the money and property seized from Russia’s Sovereign Wealth Funds and from wealthy Russian citizens, “a lot of Europeans are going to freeze to death this winter.”

    Schröder scoffed and allegedly told Putin, he wouldn’t do that to innocent people. Putin allegedly replied “it isn’t me, it’s their own government doing it to them. Your governments are harming Russia. Russia is going to harm them in return. If they get testy, and try any military moves,. “there are going to be consequences the likes of which no one has ever seen in history.”

    Schröder pointed out that Russia cannot defeat all of NATO. That allegedly begot the following VERBATM response: “Russia cannot defeat all of NATO militarily, but we can take all of NATO down with us . . . . and we will.”

    Schröder is said to have departed the meeting pale and sweating.

    UPDATE 8:31 PM EDT —

    I am receiving Intelligence Reports from the south of Ukraine saying they are observing a “massive transport” of Russian troops towards Kherson.

    The armor and troops are being seen in Melitopol and Novooleksiivka…

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