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Russia’s 2019/20 Wheat Production Forecast to Fall

Russia’s 2019/20 wheat production will come in at around 67 million mt at its current trajectory, which would be a fall of about 4% from last year’s output, the country’s agriculture minister said in a meeting Monday.

“We will probably have about 108-110 million mt (of grain) … We plan to collect around 67 million mt of wheat,” Minister of Agriculture, Dmitry Patrushev, told President Vladimir Putin on Monday.

When asked about 2018/19 season’s exports, Patrushev estimated total grain exports of 42 million mt with wheat contributing 36 million mt.

The pace of wheat exports has been controversial, with the government looking at informal ways of slowing sales that have raced ahead despite output falling by about 20% year-on-year.

Exports increase while output falls.

Global food shortages have begun.


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