“Rushed” 2009/10 Swine Flu Vaccine found to cause Narcolepsy

For those believing Big Pharma has your back and that rushed clinical trials can ever rule out future negative health implications, think again.

Today (Tue, Dec. 8) the UK is rolling out its first Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines outside of a clinical trial, day one of the country’s mass vaccination programme. First in line was a 90-year-old woman from Northern Ireland, and while it probably makes sense for this age group (80+) to receive the jab, the remainder of the population should take the time to seriously consider the risks vs the benefits–something people aren’t being advised or even allowed to do.

There can be no denying that this vaccine has been rushed. There can also be no denying that COVID-19 poses next to no risk to an otherwise healthy individual. The question should be “why take a vaccine for a virus that won’t impact me, particularly if all vulnerable groups are being immunized?”

Fear and compliance are likely the answers, along with perhaps a naive yet understandable desire to just get things back to normal–which the vaccine promises to do, I think its even on the label…

Government scientists and the mainstream media have irresponsibly painted this pandemic as the deadliest to ever strike humanity, when in fact quite the opposite is true. Many people alive today also lived through the already forgotten 1968 flu pandemic. That virus (H3N2) killed an estimated 4 million people back when the global population was 3.6 billion –less than half what it is today– meaning 8+ million would have died in today’s money.

In reality, today’s COVID-19 death toll stands at 1.54 million–and that’s with exaggerated figures: the UK, for example, logs any death within 28 days of a positive COVID test as a COVID death. Therefor, I could have received a positive COVID-19 test on Nov 28., choke on my mother’s Christmas pudding on Dec. 25, and yet, according to the official definition, my death would enter the national statistics as being from COVID-19 — this, it seems, is the insane situation we’re in.

But it’s worse than that.

These rushed COVID-19 vaccines aren’t only a waste of time, stress, and taxpayers money, they also pose a potential health risk. .

We’ve been here before, and not all that long ago:

During the 2009/10 Swine Flu scare, GlaxoSmithKline rushed a vaccine through clinical trials.

“Pandemrix” was hailed as safe as safe can be, and the usual smear-campaigns against anti-vaxxers was launched. Leading the charge was non other the US National Institutes of Health infectious diseases chief, Anthony Fauci, who in October 2009 was busy reassuring Americans about the safety of the Swine Flu vaccine: “The track record for serious adverse events is very good. It’s very, very, very rare that you ever see anything that’s associated with the vaccine that’s a serious event,” he said.

Four months earlier, the World Health Organization (WHO) had declared H1N1 influenza (Swine Flu) a pandemic, and by October 2009 the new vaccines were being rolled out across the world. In the UK, prominent organisations, including the Department of Health, British Medical Association, and Royal Colleges of General Practitioners were also busy trying to convince a reluctant NHS workforce to get vaccinated: “We fully support the swine flu vaccination programme … The vaccine has been thoroughly tested,” they declared in a joint statement.

Except, it hadn’t. This was a lie.

Anticipating a severe influenza pandemic, governments around the world had shortened the time between recognition of a pandemic virus and the production of a vaccine and administration of that vaccine in the population.

In Europe, one element of those plans was an agreement to grant licences to pandemic vaccines based on data from pre-pandemic “mock-up” vaccines produced using a different virus (H5N1 influenza). Another element, adopted by countries such as Canada, the US, France, Germany, and the UK was to provide vaccine manufacturers indemnity from liability for wrongdoing, thereby reducing the risk of a lawsuit stemming from vaccine related injury.

Narcolepsy Epidemic

In 2010 there was a startling increase in narcolepsy across the UK and Europe. With new cases developing on a weekly basis, some doctors described it as an epidemic.

During 2009/10 the H1N1 vaccine “Pandemrix” was given to six million people in the UK alone, to high-risk groups, including NHS staff, pregnant women, children, and those with asthma, diabetes and heart disease. The vaccine had been approved by the European Medicines Agency for use across the EU, despite minimal clinical trials, writes It was rushed into service without the usual testing.

In late 2009, NHS nurse Meleney Gallagher and her colleges at Sunderland Royal Hospital were told they’d be having the swine flu vaccination: “I remember vividly we were all lined up in the corridor and we were told we had to have it. It wasn’t a choice,” she said. “I was pressured into it. We were given no information.”

Over a decade later, Gallagher’s career in the NHS is a distant memory and she’s living with incurable, debilitating narcolepsy and suffers from cataplexy, a sudden, uncontrollable loss of muscle tone that can cause her to collapse without warning. Because of her condition, she can no longer work or drive.

The link between the administration of Pandemrix and the onset of narcolepsy in both children and adults was confirmed by the UK Health Protection Agency (now Public Health England), with a 2011 study concluding that children with narcolepsy were 14 times more likely to have been vaccinated with Pandemrix than other British children of the same age.

Narcolepsy is caused by the destruction of neurons in the hypothalamus that produce the “wakefulness” hormone orexin, also known as hypocretin. Without the hormone, people are left constantly on the brink of sleep. In the case of Pandemrix, scientists think that the jab triggered a reaction in which the body’s immune cells confused the H1N1 proteins in the vaccine with orexin cells in the brain, causing them to be attacked and destroyed.

The UK government’s acceptance of the link saw them financial liable, having agreed to give indemnity to the vaccines manufacture GlaxoSmithKline. However, for years afterwards the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) fought the cases brought against them. That is until 2017, when the Court of Appeal ruled they pay £120,000 vaccine injury compensation to a seven-year old boy who was formally diagnosed with narcolepsy after administration of Pandemrix in 2009.

Thousands of children and adults across Europe have developed narcolepsy after being given Pandemrix, although that figure is thought to be much higher. Unsurprisingly though, governments and GlaxoSmithKline aren’t widely publicizing their mistake, meaning many more thousands are likely currently living with the condition unknowing of the cause.

This is personal to myself and my family, too.

I was a lot younger in 2009, and a lot less wise –which is really saying something– and I agreed with my pregnant wife that she be given the recommended Swine Flu vaccination due to her being in the “vulnerable category”. This decision was driven solely by fear, fear instilled by the mainstream media’s depiction of H1N1 which painted it as an incoming public health emergency that would wipe out a large proportion of the population.

And now, a decade-or-so later we have a child living with all the symptoms of narcolepsy, with a formal diagnoses likely only a few weeks away–which is crushing.

I now look back on the reporting from the time and see it for what it actually was: wholly out of proportion, totally inaccurate, and dangerous sensationalism–quite frankly, the handling of Swine Flu was disgusting.

The decision whether to take a medication or not should be personal, and an individual/parent/guardian should be freely allowed to weigh up the risks vs benefits of said medication without biased/financial influences. But this wasn’t the case with Swine Flu, and it certainly isn’t the case today with COVID-19: fear driven by the corporate media is limiting people’s ability to think clearly, and as a result hundreds of millions –potentially billions– aren’t properly evaluating the need for these vaccines. Blind fear, trust, and compliance are in control, just as they were with myself and my wife back in late 2009 — don’t make the same mistakes we did.

Question: Are today’s rushed COVID-19 vaccines safe?

Answer: No one knows.

Question: As an otherwise healthy individual, would contracting COVID-19 pose a significant health risk?

Answer: The facts and statistics give a definite no.

Risks vs benefits.

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