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Low Temperature Records Continue to Fall Across Europe, Australia’s NSW Suffers Coldest November On Record, + Pinatubo Erupts

Dr. Nir Shaviv: “There is no fingerprint attesting that CO2 emission causes a rise in temperature.” …and… “I had no idea that this would lead me to get involved in the greenhouse effect … All I set out to do was to seriously answer a colleague’s question. When I wanted to publish the article I ran into closed doors. I sent the article to Nature and was told – It’s nice, but you need to find a stronger basis. After a while, I came to feel like people were always looking for another excuse not to publish the article.”

Low Temperature Records Continue to Fall Across Europe

Cold records which have stood for more than 50 years are falling across Europe this week as a brutal blast of Arctic air rides unusually-far south on the back of a weak and wavy meridional jet stream flow — a phenomenon tied to the historically low solar activity we’ve been experiencing in recent years.

In the city of Grenoble –located in southeastern France at an elevation of 384m (1,260ft)– a record-breaking low of -10C (14F) was registered on Tuesday November 30, according to data released by Météo France.

This reading is set to enter the books as Grenoble’s lowest November temperature since 1971–when the all-time Nov low (of -10.9C/12.4F) was set.

Exceptional lows have also swept France’s higher elevations in recent days, where deep snow cover –even at elevations below 1,000m (3,280ft)– have assisted the mercury in tumbling to levels nearing -20C (-4F).

On Tuesday, the village of Combe de l’Oscence suffered a low of -19.6C (-3.3F); Lans en Vercors-Les Bruyères observed -19.4C (-2.9F); and Méaudre experienced -19.2C (-2.6F) — all are exceptionally rare readings for this early in the season, but looking ahead, to around December 10, lows of -25C to -30C (-13F to -22F) are set to sweep these areas, according to mkweather.com.

The snow has also been heavy in and around these parts, where they have been measuring totals in the meters:

Blizzards and sizable snowdrifts haven’t just been confined to the alpine regions of France; disruptive accumulations have also buffeted lower elevations, particularly to the east.

Here, further heavy falls are expected during the remainder of the week, and then, as hinted at above, another ‘ramp-up’ is expected as the month of December progresses which will see additional polar troughs sink anomalously-far south:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) mid-Dec [tropicaltidbits.com].

Italy, like France, has also been suffering an unusually early start to winter.

On Tuesday, November 30, a low of -15C (5F) was logged at Fusine, a region of NW Italy located at 800m (2,600ft) — this is a historically cold reading for the time of year, and one that contributed to the heavy snowfall in the area.

Fusine borders both Austria and Slovenia where exceptional chills have also been registered: The village of Ratece in Slovenia, for example, reported -12.5C (9.5F) on Nov 30 — another record low, while early season snow has also been reported across the nation with totals nearing 50cm (1.64ft) in some alpine regions:

Poland is also reeling from Arctic conditions, with the country’s Institute of Meteorology issuing warnings for dangerous, heavy snowfall, particularly in the south, starting Wednesday, December 1. Also, the featured image of today’s Electroverse article (shown again below) was taken in Poland, and used in a recent polishnews.co.uk article:

Blizzard warnings issued in Poland [polishnews.co.uk].

In the UK, farmers have been left counting the cost of Storm Arwen, with one business estimating $93,000 worth of damage.

The powerful winter storm lashed parts of the UK with extreme winds, rain and heavy snow over the weekend, and claimed the lives of at least three people.

Early reports from farmers indicate that the damage is substantial, with many still waiting on roads to open and power to be restored. However, these clean-up efforts look set to hampered as further exceptional lows and heavy snows are on their way, forecast to start this evening, Wednesday, December 1:

GFS Total Snowfall (cm) Dec 1 – Dec 17 [tropicaltidbits.com].

And finally, after Sweden’s historic low of -37.4C (35.3F) in Nattavaara on Monday –the nation’s lowest November reading since 1980– the mercury is now expected to drop even further, to levels below -40C (-40F) — such a low would be among Sweden’s all-time lowest temperatures in books dating back to the 1800s–it could even be the coldest ever for this early in the season.

Australia’s NSW Suffers Coldest November On Record

Australia’s New South Wales has just recorded its coldest November ever. It was also the state’s wettest November on record, with rainfall records spanning more than a century tumbling (so from the Centennial Minimum).

Predictably, Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) gives the rains all the headlines, and buries the record cold in the footnotes. The public has been trained to associate flooding with global warming, whereas all-time low temperatures are something of a harder sell.

Overall, the state did indeed record almost three times its average November rainfall–breaking a record from 1917, but these rains can be attributed to the same cosmological forcings responsible for the historic cold.

As discussed many times over, during prolonged bouts of low solar activity —such as we’re experiencing now— the sun’s magnetic field weakens which allows extra cosmic rays from deep space to penetrate the solar system.

These cosmic rays hit Earth’s atmosphere, and create a spray of secondary cosmic rays that shower down:

Schematic diagram of a cosmic ray air shower. Learn more from CERN.

Cosmic Rays hitting Earth’s atmosphere seed clouds (Svensmark et al), and cloud cover plays a key role in our planet’s short-term climate change: “Clouds are the Earth’s sunshade,” writes Dr Roy W. Spencer, “and if cloud cover changes for any reason, you have global warming — or global cooling.” Therefore, the upshot of low solar output = global cooling, as increased cloud cover blocks energy arriving from the sun.

Back to NSW’s record cold November –which busted every previous benchmarks running back to the 1800s– this is all the BOM had to say: “We’re currently in a La Niña and these are obviously La Niña like conditions.”

That’s it.

Can you imagine the coffee-spitting furore and incessant correlations to a CO2-induced catastrophe if the state has just enjoyed its hottest November on record…? Well, it would appear, when it comes to historic cold, the agenda-driving institution that is the Australian Bureau of Meteorology is happy to blame a natural oceanic event–the cooling of region 3.4 of the Pacific (La Niña).

Note: There is also no mention of their failed spring forecast which called for above average temperatures across the country.

The AGW ruse is clearer than ever.

You have to be a flaming drongo not to see it.

Pinatubo Erupts

A “weak explosion” was recorded at Mt. Pinatubo on Tuesday, said the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology.

In its latest bulletin, Phivolcs said the explosion was recorded around 12:00PM on Tuesday, and “produced a plume that was detected by the Himawari-8 Satellite and reported to Phivolcs by the Tokyo Volcanic Ash Advisory Center.”

Mt. Pinatubo last erupted in June, 1991.

It was second-largest eruption of the 20th century — a VEI 6:

Five biggest volcano eruptions in recent history - CSMonitor.com
Mt. Pinatubo’s June, 1991 VEI 6 eruption.

That eruption caused a decrease in global temperatures for a period of two years (NASA) — by approx. 0.6C (perhaps more).

The affect is similar to that of increased cloud cover — ash particulates (aerosols) enter the stratosphere and circulate the planet, absorbing incoming sunlight and exerting a cooling effect on the Earth’s surface.

The cause the same, too — low solar activity: Seismic and Volcanic activity has been correlated to changes in the sun. The recent global uptick in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions is likely attributed to the drop-off in solar output due, in part, to an influx of Cosmic Rays penetrating silica-rich magma.

All eyes on a stirring Pinatubo — stay tuned for updates.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING, in line with the great conjunction, historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among other forcings).

Both NOAA and NASA appear to agree, if you read between the lines, with NOAA saying we’re entering a ‘full-blown’ Grand Solar Minimum in the late-2020s, and NASA seeing this upcoming solar cycle (25) as “the weakest of the past 200 years”, with the agency correlating previous solar shutdowns to prolonged periods of global cooling here.

Furthermore, we can’t ignore the slew of new scientific papers stating the immense impact The Beaufort Gyre could have on the Gulf Stream, and therefore the climate overall.

Prepare accordingly— learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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30 Thoughts to “Low Temperature Records Continue to Fall Across Europe, Australia’s NSW Suffers Coldest November On Record, + Pinatubo Erupts”

  1. Andrew Stone

    Certainly hope they are scratching their heads. That would be progress.

  2. Anonymous

    Wait till the ‘flaming drongos’ realize they have been lied to for 30 + YEARS!!!
    Fun times in the town square!!!

  3. Captain

    La Palma getting more active.
    Dust seems to be blowing west, South West, South. Prevailing Wind – blows west. Takes Dust West. Cools Equator with dust cover somewhat.
    Prevailing would be Clockwise/is clockwise, for dust. It would then tend to make Spain, and France and perhaps England a bit cooler – – as well as the East Coast of the USA. Cut down on Sunlight getting through in those areas.

    You have commented on La Palma before. Is there much of any historic relationship dealing with North East America and Western Europe cooling from La Palma?

  4. Bobo

    Great work, thank you!

  5. DIrk Pitt

    I like the cosmic ray activated volcanos theory as much as anyone but yesterday there were other factors in play when volcanos around the planet were blasting more HEAT into the atmosphere.
    There is now a direct Earth facing positive polarity coronal hole:

    There was a direct hit solar flare yesterday because Mercury is opposite Earth:



  6. Tony

    Meanwhile there is zero winter weatherr in the United States.Way above avg temperatures.Conveniently overlooking that fact aren’t you?

    1. AZ1971

      As you alarmists are wont to argue, “the United States isn’t the world, is it?”

    2. TW

      “Meanwhile there is zero winter weatherr in the United States”

      Possibly because it isn’t winter yet, just like it wasn’t the last time you posted.

    3. Would you like horse dewormer with that?

      Cap mentioned the mild weather in parts of the US in the November 30 update – the meridional jet stream factor.

  7. tubino

    I guess someone needs to point out that weather isn’t climate. The 50 year trend is very very clear, and … these clickbait sites have so little to contest actual data. The global temperatures correlate closely with the increase in CO2, whether that drives people to your site or not.

    1. Andrew Stone

      A geologist (?) recently claimed that a rise in global CO2 levels is a result, not cause, of global warming. He explained the rise as a result of oceans releasing CO2 as the water warms. Makes sense if you think about it. In a similar way, cold water can contain more O2 than than the same volume of warm water. This is why some species of fish only live in cold water.
      He also stated that water vapor is far more conducive to “green house effect” than CO2 which is virtually transparent to solar energy compared to water vapor. Heating a body of water (all other variables unchanged) produces more water vapor. Sorry I don’t have a link for that but you can look up the appropriate related physics/chemistry.
      This would go along with the idea that solar output is far more conducive to climate change than most “popular” models account for.
      Not arguing for or against anything here just presenting info that seems worthy of consideration.

    2. prioris

      turbino, the ice core data over thousands of years says your full of shit.
      Sometime around 2030, the global warming hoax will be stomped in the ground by the sun if the sunspot trends continues.

    3. Mark Fleming Fisher


      Too funny. Yes, there is a correlation between CO2 and global temperatures… But only in that the rise in CO2 levels can be used to almost EXACTLY predict the “adjustments” made to the RAW data by the US NOAA from reporting sites. Tony Heller has well documented this: which to all critically thinking and reasoning people proves that the “reported official temperature” releases by NOAA & NASA are fraudulent. Apparently you don’t fall into the group of critical thinkers.

  8. Denise Patterson

    Excellent reading ..all makes so much sense . Pleased I’m not any younger ..looks like we’ve had the best years of sunshine for a while ..great work thankyou

  9. Martin Siebert

    I think we don’t need low temperature records to contradict AGW, they’re just a natural consequence. And if we are really in the ‘Global Warming’, as this is ‘their’ base, where are the warmest ‘real’ maximum temperatures of the year?
    How the modern ‘electric cars’ are now running in those snowdrifts?
    And the wind towers, are they firm and strong saving Europe from the cold?
    The press here at South Hemisphere says nothing about the European freeze.
    It must be only a ‘Cold Wave’…
    Get ready for more cloudier days…and save money.

  10. David Steele

    “The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING, in line with the great conjunction, historically low solar activity, cloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among other forcings).”

    What the hell is this? What, does the author chant out this silliness dressed like a wizard? With the stars and the moons? Regardless of how this could happen, this is a lot of trouble for–what?

    Anyway, whatever. If the opinion piece is supposed to be funny, it’s not working. If it’s meant to be serious, then well, it’s funny.

    1. Cap Allon

      I’m not a wizard.

    2. Andrew Stone

      Simplified explanation:

      +(solar output) -> +(temperature) -> +(CO2)-> +(vegetation) -> +(food) -> +(humans) -> +(CO2/humans) -> -(solar output) -> -(temperature) -> -(CO2) -> -(vegetation) -> -(food) -> -(humans) -> -(CO2/humans)

  11. Jon

    I’m in Sydney. It’s friggin cold. I’m freezing my tits off.

    And yes, I know weather isn’t climate… 🙄

  12. juan Bravo

    is gona be very cold

  13. The Mronz

    Indeed historic global temperatures do somewhat correlate with natural atmospheric CO2 concentrations.

    However, as is glaringly obvious from all the available long term data, global natural CO2 levels FOLLOW the temperature curve not vice versa.
    The befuddled AGW fraternity try to explain this away with some temperature kickstart feedback loop theory nonsense until a genuine scientist points out that in the past CO2 levels have been three, four even eight times their current apparently near ‘catastrophic’ levels without subsequent catastrophe.
    Furthermore, at the end of interglacials as global temperatures begin to drop there is a lag period when CO2 continues to rise!
    This long understood mechanism is fully explained by sea water’s ability to absorb less CO2 as ocean temperatures rise.

    Meanwhile the wilfully ignorant Greta groupies spit venom at anyone who dares detract from their woefully misinformed moral lie climate mantra.

    The modern Climate Crusades and the classical Cristian Crusades, both based on nonsensical, browbeating ideology and each ends up leaving a huge scar in history.

    1. Andrew Stone

      Thank you.
      More “light” needs to be shed on the cause/effect aspects.
      Generally, money talks.
      Sometimes it shouts.
      Follow the money.

  14. Y.D. Robinson

    1) I wish that in Israel there were more outspoken AGW skeptics than just Nir Shaviv. Compared to many other Western, developed countries, Israel doesn’t seem to have as much of an AGW-skeptical movement, and from what I know, it doesn’t seem to have the equivalent of the Heartland Institute, Friends of Science, or the Global Warming Policy Foundation.

    2) Even if Pinatubo had a surprise mini-eruption yesterday, it’s extremely unlikely to produce another VEI-6 eruption for at least 500 years. Chances are that plenty of other volcanoes will produce eruptions of that strength (or even more) sooner than that. Also, remember that when Pinatubo erupted in 1991 at that strength, it was barely a VEI 6 – Novarupta/Katmai in 1912 and Krakatau in 1883 were a more solid VEI 6. And while Pinatubo did lower global temperatures for 1992 and 1993, Krakatau lowered global temperatures even more for 1884 and so forth, and certainly Tambora in 1815 (plus the mystery VEI 6 eruption in 1809) lowered global temperatures more than even for Krakatau.

    1. Andrew Stone

      There may be far more AGW skeptics in your area than is readily apparent but they are most likely unwilling to be targets of the sharp tongued lemmings. Easier to humor them and watch them all go over the cliff until they pull their now infamous cancel tricks.

      Most of the lemmings possesses highly developed social skills and creative instincts which serve them well until they are confronted with issues that require rigorous, analytical, logical, independent, critical thinking.
      When confronted with such issues they fall back on their usual ways of dealing with reality.
      They apply their social and communication skills to muster support and creatively justify their clever rationalizations.

      This is exactly what we see on the world stage.
      The media is their tool for interconnectivity, direction, support, information (misinformation as needed and convenient) and most importantly, persuasion.

      Their penchant for creative social connection finds fulfillment in mass media, their god. They feel justification, existential comfort, and power in their natural element of mass right-brained media. What they feel is the power of mob mentality. Emotions are their shifting, sandy foundation. Hard cold facts, if not persuasively useful are ignored.

      Unfortunately, lemming empathy is limited to seeing all others as members of the same hive.
      They are threatened by non-lemmings, fearing what they themselves are incapable of understanding.
      The Borg tolerates no dissension.

      False correlation is a foreign concept to lemmings. Simply trying to wrap their little minds around such a concept instantly produces agonizingly painful cognitive dissonance.
      What thing or event is actually the ground from which another thing or event sprang is irrelevant. Facts and sequences are simply the constructs of human minds, and therefore infinitely malleable to their way of thinking.

      There is no true intellectual reasoning with a mob. It is a force unto itself and sooner or later, the cause of its own destruction.

      Don’t waste the smallest fraction of your energy trying to engage in rational conversation with lemmings. You might as well talk to your dog or cat, which will most likely result in a better outcome.

      Do not engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.

      1. The Mronz

        Problem is many of the ‘lemmings’ enjoy being climate warriors. They think it gives them kudos amongst their progressive social set while being more than happy to ignore true science. This sums up why the AGW campaign has gained so much political traction.
        That’s all fine while a few fringe green schemes are reported by the BBC but don’t otherwise impact on their lives. Could this all be about to change, however?

      2. Deb

        These are the “useful idiots”, a tool of the PTB, to coerce others to fall into line, just like the “marching morons” who have stuck their arms out for the kill shot, and now wish to coerce more intelligent people into doing the same, in order to validate their implausible worldview.

  15. Petrichor

    I’ve been re-reading the late Michael Crighton’s last novel, “State of Fear”. It holds up well after all these years; though of course it was panned by all the AGW proponents, and SWJ literary reviewers, howling that Crighton was a “climate skeptic”.
    Crighton didn’t care– he merely explained (in one of his fascinating interviews with Charlie Rose, still to be found on Youtube) that the fictional plot of his book was merely a device to present all its graphs and footnotes, which were fact; he thought the public would pay attention to them if he put them into a novel.
    Clever, logical scientifically canny guy– I wish he were still alive. He’d have a lot of fun putting Greta and Trump and people like Cap in his latest novel . . 🙂

    1. Cap Allon

      Do you have a link to that interview, elsewhere?

      1. Mark Fleming Fisher


        Love your work and dedication. Time will vindicate you and the others warriors for honest debate and sound analysis.

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