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Monthly Low Temp Records Fall In Argentina; Cold Turkey; Late Start Crops; + Additional Cold Waves Headed For The United States

Monthly Low Temp Records Fall In Argentina

Record cold is lingering in South America, threatening the key corn crops of Brazil and Argentina.

On Thursday, May 26 it was a historically frigid day across parts of Central-Southern Argentina.

The weather station at Puerto Madryn logged an astonishing -8.6C (16.5F) — a new record low for the month of May in books dating back to 1961, busting the old record of -6.8C (19.8F) set in 1993; also Viedma, with its reading -5.0C (23F), also felled a record.

South America’s polar chill will expand northwards over the next few days, soon reaching the tropics.

Cold Turkey

While Western Turkey is -finally- warming up, the country’s eastern highlands are still holding exceptionally cold.

On Wednesday, May 25, the mercury sank to -8.5C (16.7F) across Turkey’s higher elevations, and to a record -4.4C (24.1F) in the village of Cullu. Record cold was noted a day later, too — Thursday saw a low of -4.3C (24.3F) at Damal.

Turkey is coming off the back of a historically cold and snowy winter.

For prolonged spells, record lows and unprecedented snows shut down key Turkish cities, including Istanbul; and also resulted in the country’s largest power outage ever as heating demand soared.

The country then went on to suffer its second-coldest March on record:

Late Start Crops

Situated in the Creston Valley, Sutcliffe Farms is the largest producer of asparagus in B.C., with 100 acres.

Started in 1948 with just 5 acres, the farm has a long history of producing prize winning asparagus.

Typically, picking season begins around the first of May and continues for six weeks. However, the persistently frigid temperatures this spring have caused a later start date than usual.

Fortunately, the crop is looking good; however, regional buyers are growing impatient: “We’ve been getting 30 to 40 calls a day asking if we have asparagus,” said Doug Sutcliffe. “People have even driven over from Castlegar or Cranbrook to check if we’re open.”

This year’s cold spring has been playing havoc with crops across Canada, and also with those south of the border, too.

Spring planting in the United States is still well-behind schedule, and with June now just around the corner the optimal planting window has closed — any crops going in the ground now will see their yield suffer greatly as they won’t have the time to mature before the first fall frost.

To achieve maximum yield in the Corn Belt states, planting needs to take place from mid-April to mid-May. The window opens about two weeks earlier in the southern section of the Corn Belt and about two weeks later in the north; then closes roughly two weeks earlier in the north than in the south.

Historically, this time frame provides a balance between adequate soil temperatures in the spring and the first killing frost in the fall. However, while it is important to plant corn within the appropriate window for the specific geography, planting date is not the only driver of yield potential. Other factors include the management of weeds, diseases, and pests, rainfall in July and August, and temperatures during pollination.

Along with lower planting figures, this spring’s corn crop will almost certainly be impacted by the ongoing global shortage of ‘inputs’. Without fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides the yield coming out of field is drastically reduced.

This is where an unchecked ‘Big Ag’ monopoly gets you: crops that are utterly dependent on a chemical application to grow.

Additional Cold Waves Headed For The United States

Any American growers hoping to catch a break as we enter June are to be sorely disappointed.

According to the latest GFS run (shown below), additional rounds of polar cold are forecast to descend into the CONUS this weekend, and then well into June, cold that will further stunt the progress of the nation’s grains, vegetables and fruits alike in a year where global supply shocks are already rattling the markets and resulting in an uptick in world hunger.

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) May 31 to June 9 [].

June snow is also on the cards, particularly for the higher elevations of SW Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Wyoming and Colorado:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) May 31 to June 9 [].

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activity, cloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre). Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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23 Thoughts to “Monthly Low Temp Records Fall In Argentina; Cold Turkey; Late Start Crops; + Additional Cold Waves Headed For The United States”

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  3. David W

    You’re right about the yield-diminishing effect of a shortage of fertilizer and pesticide inputs. But I’m not sure what you mean by Big Ag. If you’re referring to conventional agriculture, I’ll note that I’ve learned it’s the only way to feed the world with the number of farmers available now. I tried homesteading with0 organic methods (and older technology) in the 70s and saw firsthand that the effort/yield ratio made it impractical for feeding much more than my family. I live in eastern Canada now and have built a wood-heated hoophouse to extend the growing season and provide a major portion of the food my wife and I need, but I know I’m fortunate to have the ability and resources to do so.

    1. jack archer

      Sun Spots have dropped from 200/day in the 90’s as we warmed to under 10 since Jan 2019 , 3 1/2 years . How cold it gets will depend on how long the low Sun Spot count lasts . Under 10 for 20 years may spell big time cold . spot count every day at that link , top left .

  4. Alan Burdon

    We all love the breathy reports of cold plunges and are on-board with the long-term cooling through the solar minimum…but…
    If the northern hemisphere is suffering so badly from cold, why is the snow mass, so great this last winter, now below the long-term average for this part of the year? What will the UAH chart show for May? I suspect that it will show little to excite us. For every cold blob on the GFS there is a hot one somewhere else.
    I grow truffles in Australia and want frosts to ripen them. We have had one or two so far but the near outlook is decidely uncertain. Not everyone is freezing, so let’s not get ahead of the game.

    1. Homo Erectus

      Not every feltcher is freezing, and not everyone sniffs for their own truffles. We all love the “boys” who think reports of “cold plunges” sound breathy.

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  7. DIrk Pitt

    Blizzardy Sunday morning May 29 in Oregon, the upper lifts are closed because it’s too stormy:

    Also now snowing on the Crystal Mt cams further North in Washington St:

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  9. Wizard

    This and May 30 article are not showing on the home page. Please check your systems, cap

    1. Cap Allon

      Weird. They’re showing for me. Could it be a cache/cookie issue?

      1. Cap Allon

        After a bit of digging, there was indeed a ‘big’ issue with site. Perhaps an attack.
        A reset seems to have sorted things though. But please let me know if problems persist.

  10. Anonymous

    What has happened to your site Cap?

    1. Cap Allon

      I believe it was attacked — all working now though, hopefully…

  11. Anthony


    Just to let you know here in sunny Manchester, (on the 30th May) that we are still wearing coats , jumpers and wooly hats to walk the dog….. It looks like it will warm up from about the 2nd June…just in time for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee on Thursday and Friday… warm I’m talking 15C or 59F………..

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    If you’re ever looking to go stealth at some point to avoid a possible/likely future free-speech censorship take-down and maybe “appear” to have gone dark [like IAN did last summer before going offline completely] with what is likely the best “WEATHER/Climate Geo/Astrophysics UNDERGROUND” [pun intended] with a covert functioning “comms and links recon underground” for select commenters or only commenters “in the know” to still be able to read/communicate info. They could come to this article and/or whatever your last post turns out to be on what looks like a dead-end”comments free’ article but still as functional like exactly right here, right now… hope it doesn’t come to needing this level of stealth in the near term. Will let you know when it’s working normally again ww. Cheers Amigo, good luck.

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