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Record Snow Sweeps U.S., Drives Northern Hemisphere Snow Mass 450 Gigatons Above 1982-2012 Average; + Scandinavia Suffered Cold December As Arctic Air Was Confined To The North

Record Snow Sweeps U.S.

Record-breaking snowstorms, riding down from an exceptionally cold Canada, have been snarling transport across the U.S., shuttering the federal government and bringing Washington to a standstill after almost a foot hit the city.

Many Americans have been scrambling to return home after the Christmas and New Year period, with thousands of flights cancelled due to the bad weather — even President Joe Biden was temporarily stranded on Air Force One after landing at Joint Base Andrews, near Washington, with deboarding delayed almost an hour so the tarmac could be plowed.

The unprecedented cold and snow hasn’t just been confined to the east, either; far from it, the majority of the U.S. has been impacted in recent days.

Mount Bachelor, Oregon has just set a record for ‘the most snowfall in a few days’, reports ktvz.com.

The mountain received almost 5 feet (58 inches) in the past 72 hours, including nearly a foot overnight, and “the winds continue to howl,” reads a statement released by the resort. Higher-elevation lifts have been closed, continues the statement; and parking lots also are reaching capacity due to the amount of snow piled up there.

“It’s really nice for actually being at the mountain, but I think my car is just completely stuck in the parking lot,” snowboarder Kian Knight said Wednesday.

Record snowfall is also hitting Idaho, reports idahonews.com, improving drought conditions throughout the state.

While at Snoqualmie Pass, WA, a 20-year snowfall record has been “shattered”, as reported by curiocity.com.

By Monday afternoon, the Washington State Department of Transportation had registered 236 inches of global warming goodness during the snowstorm, which was enough to 1) close the pass due to avalanche concerns, and 2) break the region’s snowfall record (for the time of year) — the 229 inches from Jan 3, 2006.

The Summit at Snoqualmie, located on the pass, is looking truly picturesque:

And for many, including Snoqualmie, there’s much more where that came from:

GFS Total Snowfall (inches) Jan 6 – Jan 22 [tropicaltidbits.com].

This is driving states’ snowpacks well-above the average.

Below is Oregon’s and Idaho’s mountain pack (as of Jan 4):

…Drives NH Snow Mass 450 Gigatons Above 1982-2012 Average

All this American powder is also having a positive impact on the Northern Hemisphere’s Total Snow Mass chart.

The latest data point (from Jan 4) shows at sizable jump in snow mass.

Totals are now approaching 2,500 Gigatons — or a whopping 400 Gigatons above the 1982-2012 average:


Also worth mentioning, Arctic Sea Ice has been on something of tear these past few months.

According to data from the National Snow & Ice Data Center (NSIDC), extent has not been this impressive since 2004–and it’s accelerating, too:

Furthermore, Greenland has seen an uptick of SMB in recent days, following a December hiatus…


…gains that will sustain the ice sheet’s ‘trend reversal‘ which began around 2012:

[Die kalte Sonne]

While at the bottom of the world, The South Pole just registered a record cold 2021:

Scandinavia Suffered Cold December With Arctic Air Confined To The North

Record cold invaded northern Europe last month, taking out a number of long-standing records; while, conversely, more central and southern regions enjoyed anomalous warmth — a phenomenon tied to the behavior of the jet stream, itself linked to activity on the Sun.

All of the Scandinavia nations suffered colder-than-average months of December: that’s Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and the oft forgotten Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

Diving into the data, courtesy of @Meteorologene, Norway registered an average monthly anomaly of -1.8C below the 1991-2020 norm — temperature anomalies fell as low as -5C below in parts of Finmark, while precipitation was down 25 percent.

Overall, it was Norway’s coldest, and driest, December since 2012.


December 2021 in Sweden was also very cold.

Temperature anomalies of between -4C and -0.5C below the 1991-2020 norm were noted:

Dec 2021 and 2021 Temperatures Anomalies in Sweden from SMHI.

Finland experienced a an exceptionally frigid December.

Temperature anomalies ranged from -1.7C (in the NW) to an astonishing -5.6C (in the SE) below the 1991-2020 average.

Data courtesy of @meteorologit:


And finally, Denmark had an average reading of -0.7C below the 1991-2020 baseline.

The below temperature map comes courtesy of our data-tampering friends at the DMI:


Eyeing back across the pond, an anomalous freeze is also continuing to prevail in Alaska and Canada:

Records for energy consumption continue to fall across The Great White North, and gas exports to the U.S. have been slashed due to the unprecedented domestic demand. Also, B.C. farmers are reported to be “white knuckling their way through the extreme cold”.

Shifting a little south, historic chills have also been noted on The San Juan Islands, an archipelago in the US state of Washington, where a record-busting 10F (-12.2F) was recently registered.

According to the San Juan Island National Park Service’s website: “Winter daytime temperatures are usually in the upper 30s to low to mid 40s, with nighttime temperatures slightly above freezing. Although the thermometer will drop below freezing, with subsequent hard frosts, it rarely falls below the mid to upper 20s.”

As reported by islandssounder.com, this week’s rare plunge –into almost single-digits(!)– has caused pipes to freeze in houses and buildings around the county that have never encountered the issue before. With damaged pipes, the leaks in systems county-wide are causing a large uptick in water usage. “Water levels in the water storage tanks in Town are dangerously low and the Town is therefore imposing an immediate water rationing order and may later need to initiate planned service outages to maintain service,” read a press release submitted by the Town of Friday Harbor. “The Town Water Plant is running at full capacity and is unable to keep up with the water loss we are experiencing.”

North America’s fierce cold, which was confined to the far north for much of the fall, broke out and descended south a few weeks ago. And looking at the latest weather models for Europe, a similar outbreak could be about to manifest there, too, as we approach mid-January — be careful what you wish for, Europeans, a mild start to winter means nothing…


In Trinidad and Tobago, social media channels have been inundated with posts expressing shock at how cold it’s gotten.

There were widespread reports of record-challenging lows below 20C (68F)–and while that may not seem all that cold to most, in a country accustomed to sustained monthly averages of 26.5C (78.8F), locals had no shame in urging others to bundle up and stay warm.

The Trinidad and Tobago Weather Center confirmed in statement that several areas in central and south Trinidad did indeed register temps below 20C (68F): “The coolest temperature recorded via a calibrated thermometer was in Penal at 17.63C (63.7F), while a thermometer (uncalibrated) recorded a minimum low of 15C (59F) in Lengua, Barrackpore.”

Note, the coldest temperature ever registered in Piarco (Trinidad’s official climate reference site) is the 16.1C (61F), logged on the nights of Jan 21 and Jan 30, 1964 (solar minimum of cycle 19).

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre).

Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be and grow your own.

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26 Thoughts to “Record Snow Sweeps U.S., Drives Northern Hemisphere Snow Mass 450 Gigatons Above 1982-2012 Average; + Scandinavia Suffered Cold December As Arctic Air Was Confined To The North”

  1. Deb

    I love it! I love it! I LOVE it!
    I LOVE it that Bradon got stuck on the tarmac! I LOVE it that the federal govt got shut down! May they get twenty feet!⛄❄⛄❄⛄❄⛄❄⛄

    Of course there is a downside. (There’s always a downside.) Apparently deep snow leads to dangerous tree wells, which a person can fall into and die. A new hazard going into the GSM.🌲🌳❄

    Mom’s, be sure to tell your kids to stay out of tree wells while you’re warning them not to run with a sharp stick. The Mini Ice Age is here!

    1. Deb


      (Plagiarized from Oppenheimer Ranch Project/youtube).

    2. Ed

      Nothing new about skiers suffocating in tree wells, particularly kids. You might not be so snarky if it happened to someone close to you.

      1. Deb

        Sorry, didn’t mean to come across that way. (I may go crawl in a hole myself.)

        I think my exuberance got the better of me when I read that the fed govt had to shut down- best news I’ve had in a long time.

        No, it’s really no joke, but when I was a kid people used to laugh a lot more, and no worries about being PC. It was a crueller time, but it was a lot freer, and freedom of speech was exactly that. People were tougher then, and didn’t get their feelings hurt so easily.

        Everything’s a tradeoff.

  2. Balboa

    So let me get this straight, whenever we have cold weather that is just normal cycles or strong LA Nina but everything else is due to the miracle micro compound c02 which can simultaneously warm and cool the planet. Bring on the Comet

  3. Rien

    The chart shows this well.
    The chart has a marked ‘plateau’ just where we are now. Have you any insight why this plateau exists? It seems odd to me because this is in the averages, not individual series. Which effect could cause this?

  4. Mystic`s Mystic

    will a tree well work?

    1. Deb

      I was overdo for a good laugh. Thanks!

  5. DIrk Pitt

    Mountain Passes closed here in Washington State:
    Snowing heavy all the way to Montana:
    The main road East out of Vancouver won’t be open either, the “Highway through hell” on the Weather Channel Show. They are still FUBAR from last year’s MULTIPLE RECORD CYCLONE CARNAGE.
    The supply chain is at a halt on those snowy roads. All stop. Which makes INFLATIONARY MAYHEM WORSER !
    My power is back on, Highway 101 here at sea level has been closed for three days from SNOW and wind, trees down and freezing rain and more snow and rain and more of the same forecast for today and tomorrow. I still have 6″ of frozen slush which should go away with lots and lots of rain today and tomorrow, oh goody.

    1. DIrk Pitt

      I-90 Snoqualmie Pass still closed est until Sunday along with other Interstate Mountain passes:

      Supply chain fail, I-90 is the US main vein East/West and the road from Vancouver is the main vein Canada East/West.

  6. Deb

    PS- We don’t ski much in Missouri. So tree wells are really a thing?

    1. Ed

      Oh yeah. Definitely claims a few unlucky lives every year out west. Usually kids. Always ski or ride with a buddy! Maybe the coming GSM will give you a chance to do some cross county skiing? lol.

      1. Deb

        No, my skating(skiing) days are in the past, thx to my knees. I might invest in a snowmobile, tho!

  7. Atom man

    It’s a bit perverse but every downside has an upside I guess – if the AGW crowd gets snowed in by a blizzard, that’s all right with me. Definitely something is happening on the climate front that they did not predict and I like that – a dream voice once told me “you can’t bring happiness into this world” – sounds like the 1st Noble Truth of the Buddhist philosophy: life is suffering, dukha (discontent), any happiness is very brief. Meanwhile the idiots who want to decrease CO2 levels to near zero (an unbelievable level of idiocy – maybe they should stick their head in a lion’s mouth and see what happens too) should be forced to balance the photosynthesis equation and do research on ice cores – the CO2 gas levels were much higher in Earth’s past and plants thrived b/c of it. With 7.5 billion human mouths to feed there would be mass famine and food riots. If I was a “conspiracy factualist” I might even say the AGW group is part of a global depopulation plan – read the Georgia Guidestones.

    1. Deb

      Well, I can’t say that nobody’s that stupid (that they can’t understand photosynthesis), but I doubt these people are.

      For some people, reducing the earth’s population by 3/4 in response to a GSM- through controlled chaos- makes perfect sense. To the kind of people who want, nay need to be in control.

      With plenty of warning, sufficient funds, re-education, plentiful energy, lots of help from govts (remember, that’s what they were supposed to be for) to retool, build underground, grow crops indoors, etc. , we could have been a lot more ready for this than we are going to be. But it would have required cooperation, not control.

      Will the human race ever be free of these control freaks?

      1. Mystic’s Mystic

        War 🔱
        Wars are always about land grabs and resources. The new class warfare that is in progress world wide is going to cultivate both for the super predator elites.
        Human Slavery went out of fashion just after the industrial revolution began. Machine slaves replaced human slaves. With the introduction of AI and robotics the average man is to use the governments own term “non-essential”.
        They are finding ways to exterminate us all.
        Our super predator elite overlords think they have the power and the moral authority to preserve the earths resources for themselves.
        The thousands of people killed in the NY nursing homes massacre plus one Jeffery Epstein is only the beginning. Will they get prosecuted? No, if given the opportunity they will kill us all. Class warfare is in progress. Do you think the government doesn’t know about the epic cold conditions that are coming? The US government just bought ice breakers. How could they not know, but they are saying global warming. How much food stores do you think the elites have stored away? Best bet plenty. The government elites have a 30 year supply and an underground bunker in Greenbrier WV. So they throw you a curveball called man made global warming and you have nothing. Die of starvation, Die of freezing to death it’s all OK as longe as we die. Some states prevented their population from buying seeds during the COVID 1984 lock down.
        You can see for yourself that our leaders are doing everything in their power to creat division and anger one peasant against another. Our world is a coliseum and if our psychopathic leaders have their way we will become 21 century gladiators.
        If there is such a thing as global warming. Don’t you think the finger of blame should be pointed at governments, the fabulously wealthy & industry. Those are the super predator elites.
        They Stand to gain in the population reduction schemes, we can expect to be killed off.
        Maybe this war should be conquer or be conquered. We need an average man organization and a leader.

        1. Deb

          I hate it when you make good sense.

  8. Ice Age Eugenics and Biodigital-convergence Now.Info

    … devastating impact of COVID policies on children… because it IS a full spectrum war on population ww…
    Children and their reproductive capabilities are major targets in this war for good reason… it is a eugenical [targeted] depopulation operation… most of the population when asked do not understand and do not care and/or are wilfully ignorant of what the word “eugenics” means even when the billionaire globalists and vaxx pushers declare that they are eugenicists and that “everybody” ww needs to “blindly” take their “emergency” vaxx bio-weapons. That’s why eugenics works and “unfortunately” billions of children with about the same smarts/awareness as their parents will also die during this massive cull/depopulation. It’s just required business in this pre-famine/pre-mini/maxi cyclical/predictable/detectable/observable ice age induced famine soon to become very painfully obvious. It is the definition simplicity of practical and practicable cyclical logos and operations on the big ranch ball. i.e. just like…
    (intentionally and naturally handicapped supply lines and food shortages and mandates and injunctions and injections and propaganda and entertainment and bread and circuses will once again work their magic to “right-size” the population as we enter this next cyclical ice age. Think of all the zombies and their children who are not privileged enough to understand the “critical I.Q. theory” and logos and ability and awareness or the will to access and understand this information.

    Read, watch, understand… or don’t… eugenics works.

  9. Anonymous

    Sadly, here in Manchester UK, we are still waiting for all the snow to turn up…. Everone else gets snow other than us…..one day, one day

    1. Eddy Mark

      Pretty much most areas along the gulf stream haven’t seen snow or cold weather thus far this winter. With an exception in Virginia and the mid Atlantic region of the US a few days ago. Although it wasn’t much and was short lived.

  10. Jack

    I told you that it was coming.

    I told you months ago.

    1. Deb

      Jackie’s back in town!

      1. LocoLogos

        You mean Sybil’s back in town… you crazy clown!

        1. Deb

          At least you used one of your names instead of mine!

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