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Record Snow Sweeps Prince George; Northern Plains And Rockies Set For Second Blizzard In 10 Days; + Global Food Prices At Record Highs, Crippling Shortages Expected By Harvest Time

Record Snow Sweeps Prince George

Prince George, B.C. has endured yet another week of winter, breaking longstanding records in the process.

Snow totals topped 15cm (5.9 inches) in parts of the city on Tuesday, with 11cm (4.3 inches) accumulating at the Prince George airport — these accumulations smashed April 19’s previous record of 4.2cm (1.6 inches) set back in 1980.

Prior to this week’s record-breaking snow, Prince George was busy busting low temperature benchmarks.

On April 13, a reading of -11C (12.2F) usurped the previous record of -10.5C (13.1F)–set in 1981; and then on April 16, a low of -9.5C (14.9F) was logged which pipped the previous record of -9.4C (15.1F)–set way back in 1927.

Looking ahead, ECCC meteorologist Derek Lee sees the chance of more anomalous cold and snow into the first week of May. The latest GFS runs (shown below) would appear to back that up–however, stealing my attention are the string of Arctic outbreaks readying to engulf North America’s more central/eastern provinces/states…

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) April 23 – May 5 [].
GFS Total Snowfall (inches) April 22 – May 5 [].

Northern Plains And Rockies Set For Second Blizzard In 10 Days

As visualized in the animation above, a powerful wintry storm system is poised to unleash very heavy snow and strong winds across much of the northern Rockies and northern Plains starting this Friday.

Affected areas should brace for double-digit snow totals and blizzard conditions for the second time in less than two weeks. The combination of snow and wind is expected to result in extremely difficult travel, downed trees and prolonged power outages.

The system’s northwest flank will be where the harshest, winterlike conditions concentrate, and will drop temps into the 20s.

Winter storm watches were recently upgraded to blizzard warnings for some half a million people in northeast Wyoming, northeast Montana, northwest South Dakota and central and western North Dakota; while another several hundred thousand people in the surrounding areas are under winter storm watches and warnings and winter weather advisories.

The power outage risk will be heightened by the heavy, wet nature of the snow, along with the potential for wind gusts over 50 mph. The National Weather Service warned of “impacts to infrastructure” and “tree damage.”

This winter storm comes hot on the heels of a late-season event that blasted the Northeast with a foot and half of heavy, wet snow earlier in the week, which snapped tree limbs and power lines, and knocked some 300,000 customers off the grid.

Binghamton, serving as just one example, received over 14 inches Monday and Tuesday — a two-day April snowfall record.

And just five days before that, the northern Plains and northern Rockies were hammered by a truly historic blizzard that dumped as much as 2.5 feet of snow across western North Dakota, and more than 1.5 feet in Bismarck–the city’s biggest April snowstorm ever recorded.

In addition to travel disruptions and power outages, this next round of April cold and snowfall will create “hazardous conditions” for young livestock, warns the NWS. It’s calving season in the northern Plains, and calves are very vulnerable to snow drifts and frigid temperatures.

Last week, extensive reports of cattle and calf losses to the blizzard were reported. However, and on the flip-side to that, some ranchers commented that the storm had a positive impact on the area’s ongoing drought.

Global Food Prices At Record Highs, Crippling Shortages Expected By Harvest Time

Food prices are skyrocketing globally, and gaps are appearing on the shelves — this is your final call to action.

A confluence of catastrophes have all-but assured mass starvation for the unprepared–or at best, days spent in ration lines and a complete and utter dependence on state handouts.

This is no longer and mere prediction. This is playing out NOW. And it isn’t a case of paying a little over the odds for a pint of milk or a loaf of bread, it’s a matter of historic, unprecedented food price increases which are already forcing societies poorest into tough choices such has between heating or eating.

Infographic: Global Food Prices Surge Amid Russia-Ukraine War | Statista

The above chart, though accurate, only goes back to 2018 and so doesn’t reveal the true scale of the increases. Statista are also keen to blame the Russia-Ukraine war on the increases, but prices were soaring well-before the conflict began.

TPTB have played a blinder, I hate to admit it. With their COVID debacle, unchecked money-printing and crippling policies tasked with combating climate change, they have orchestrated a global catastrophe, one that is entirely self-inflicted and meticulously planned. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is a controlled demolition of civilization: before a ‘Great Reset’ you need a Great Depression.

The below ‘World Food Price Index’ better reveals the unprecedented nature of the increases.

World Food Price Index

As touched on above, the reasons are wide-ranging: from supply chain disruptions to delayed planting and fertilizer shortages, and from spiraling inflation to those crippling COVID restrictions — all roads are leading to disaster, but only for the unprepared.

There is a electrical shift occurring on our planet: Earth’s magnetic field is weakening and the output of the Sun is stepping down. This change of frequency is being felt by every living organism. It can explain the increasingly irrational behavior visible in our fellow man, but it can also serve as the catalyst for positive change.

For many, the shift is proving a powerful awakening slap, one snapping them out this hypnotic slave model we’ve all been duped into accepting in which we work and work and work for pennies and then lose 60-70% of it in taxes (in total). This means that from January to September people are effectively working for the government. And for what? Trash collection?

To all those still twiddling their thumbs, THIS is your final call to action.



Use this weekend to get out and plant some bloody vegetables already, because by harvest time 2022 there is every chance the proverbial penny will have have dropped for the masses meaning hunger-driven panic and nationwide riots could quickly ensue.

They want to break us. They want us on our knees begging for their Great Reset, their dystopian digital IDs and their intrusive CBDCs. They want the masses so cold, so hungry and so miserable that they’ll sign over the last of their remaining liberties.

But they have, for whatever reason, provided us with an out. It is still possible to exit the system –by heading off-grid and growing our own– but that opportunity is ending, fast: soon people either won’t be able to afford the prepping supplies required or the goods simply won’t be available.

Back in 2018, myself and my wife took our young family out an increasingly corrupt order in the UK and began building a state-free existence in Central Portugal (an area that has proven a safe haven for humanity for time immemorial). Now, after four years of hard graft and a lot of trial and error –having had no experience in any of this before– we have a self-sustaining bolthole which includes an abundance of fruit and vegetables, a sizable flock of chickens, and an ever-expanding herd of goats–that’s our food covered, but we also have our own water source (a spring-fed lake) and we power everything with solar.

We wanted to work ourselves into a position where if the outside world were to disappear we would largely be unaffected, and we’re almost there. I urge everyone else to take serious steps in this direction, too. It’s currently spring in northern hemisphere, and it’s also the weekend: sow seeds / stockpile dried food / purchase a backup solar array — do whatever, just be sure to make moves each and every day to take back your family’s food security from an increasingly callous, totalitarian regime.

They’ve given us time to escape, for whatever reason.

Use it.

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19 Thoughts to “Record Snow Sweeps Prince George; Northern Plains And Rockies Set For Second Blizzard In 10 Days; + Global Food Prices At Record Highs, Crippling Shortages Expected By Harvest Time”

  1. FGP

    A simple way to look at society today is that we are all slaves to the present ‘money’ printing system. In other words, if a few have the self-given legal ‘authority’ to create ‘money’ from thin air, and the rest of the world are willing to do all manner of work for that ‘money’, then we are all slaves to the ‘money’ printers. They have the ability to make anyone do work for ‘money’ that they create from nothing. If everyone demanded payment in real money, physical Silver and Gold as per history, perhaps the present story would be different.

  2. Anonymous

    Could you tell me what settings you use on the Tropical Tidbit site to generate the forecast runs? Thank you

    1. Wizard

      Just view the graphics in a new tab and look to the upper right edge

      Its under the thermodynamics on the site mostly

  3. kathrin

    hi, same with me. I fled Germany in 2013 because I saw things turning bad. Now I am in Portugal too. I solved all the above mentioned more or less well, own water, own food, own electricity but now I see it coming that our legal papers especially our driving licenses will be connected to the jab passport. How will you deal with this one? I am thinking about donkeys…

    1. Al

      Don’t worry about all the mandates and requirements concerning the injections. A great exposure is coming and all mandates will be removed…the truth is coming.

  4. Al

    We left the UK in 2016 for Australia…knowing this country is little better but is far more self reliant on growing their own foods to feed the masses. We have stocked on supplies for three years and have solar power, grow some of our veg and squirrelled away precious metals. Would rather be in central Portugal right now but I cannot get back to Australia without the injections. 24th April or 25th onwards is going to be very eventful…probable market meltdown coming.
    Start planting and learning how to grow your own now…get seeds now. Appreciate all Electroverse does for those who deserve this channel…God Bless!

  5. Ajulasne

    Central Portugal is a pretty good place to be in all this madness. Planting my potatoes and sweet potatoes next week. Got some green beans in the ground and many other things. We even got some great rain! Very happy we chose Central Portugal. We don’t have solar power yet tho……..but I know we can live without electricity if we have to. I’m hoping we can buy a couple of solar panels in the next few months, so at least we have a little electricity.

    1. kathrin

      we have panels 200w and some big batteries and we have enough to power our little house, like lights and laptop. For machines we use a small generator a hyundai 900w which is not expensive and it is enough for the water pump in the well also. You don´t need much…

  6. DIrk Pitt

    The week before last I was worried about freezing pipes at night, it got down to 23F here two nights, and there was snow through the NW US. Record cold, not yet planting season quite yet. I started many seeds inside, but it was too cold IN HERE and I only got germination with peas and beans, failure on the other varieties. I’ll try again next week and the next, just like the last three years- colder than normal:

    And yet, Biden was here in the NW yesterday for Earth Day to bitch about global warming. Hmmm, how did the snowpack look flying over the mountains Joe? An hour drive East from Seattle the snowpack is 119% of normal snow wawa equiv, so what’s the prob Joe? What are we going to fix by going net zero ASAP?
    What? Last year was 170% in May, Joe. Record cold. ’09 it snowed till May and there was no corn crop here, NEVER seen that. ’08.’07,’06,’05.’04, horrible winters. I was there. ’10,’11 were horrible too, cold rainy until July.
    We need TCI to increase, not fuel prices, Joe.

  7. Matt Dalby

    If you live in Northern Europe I would only recommend planting seeds in pots/trays that can be brought inside, or put in a greenhouse/cold frame as the forecast models are hinting at a spell of cold with frost and possible snow at the beginning of May. This would be very similar to what happened at the same last year which caught me by suprise and I lost some newly germinated plants. All part of the learning curve!

    1. kathrin

      even here in Portugal we lost plants last year because of late frost and the night had been to cold for peppers and tomatoes to grow until end of June! The plants steyed small and crippled, temperatures about 3-5 degrees is not enough for them.

      1. Mike From Au

        Worth mentioning is that a bean is infinitely more nutritious when fermented with Bacillus Subtilis, ….the ultimate probiotic in the animal kingdom.

        Soak the beans
        Cook the beans until soft
        find some leaves or something that has been outside and is organic. add the material to the boling water. The boiling water kills mostly everything that is in a vegetative state but spares the B Subtilis spores which survive boiling in water for some time. The boiled water containing the spores is drizzled over the freshly hot cooked beans and drained and then the beans are incubated at around 37 to 40 degrees celsius for two days or longer depending on personal taste and so on. A very rough guide to doing this without having to buy natto var spores. There are many guides in the link below.

        aakhone, aakhuni
        bari bekang or bekang-um bekanthu bharichuana
        chung gook jang….etc

        1. Mike From Au

          Amazing what was lost/evaporated with the advent of refrigeration 🙂
          Another link in PDF form

  8. Yukon Jack

    I fully agree with the passion of this website and especially this:

    “this is a controlled demolition of civilization: before a ‘Great Reset’ you need a Great Depression. ”

    In my opinion, Klaus Slob’s great reset is really just him trying to get good use out of the upcoming crash of the debt based system. He doesn’t own it, he doesn’t cause it, he is simply trying to use it for his own diabolical agenda.

    Long ago I read Milton Friedman who claimed the Great Depression was caused by the money printing of the newly created Federal Reserve in 1913. That was the first “pump and dump” scam perpetrated on us common folk by the NYC banksters.

    The way it works is quite simple, but most people are unconscious of how they get played. First they create credit and inject it into a nation that has been on the gold standard and have thrift and hard work as a basic value. The public is completely unaware they are about to be played.

    The newly created money creates a boom – and boom times attracts those who want a quick profit. They speculate and get rich – this is information that engulfs society as thrift and hard work is penalized – while the lazy and crafty get rich while the savers gets wiped out.

    All the learned values of the gold standard era are abandoned for short skirts and drunkenness as society gets high on free money. Those that a leveraged in debt become the biggest winners – until the boom turns to gloom and goes bust. The books I read about the G.D. said the bankers pooled their money to try to stop the collapse initially. The smart money got out at the top, the big money pumped it up again and sold out knowing it was going to crash. That was the premise of the infamous ‘Fleecing the Lambs’ post 1929 bubble book.

    Well, we are now at a Grand Supercycle top according to Robert Prechter and his team of Elliott Wave practionors. The current top is much higher than 1929, 1987, 2000, 2006, and 2020. Everytime the Fed has pumped our way out of the mini-crash. But this time it may be the end, because the market is tanking and the Fed says it has to raise rates for the next ten meetings.

    Of course raising interest rates when society is 450 trillion in debt would cause a Greater Depression, maybe a Biblical level bust of the entire current system – which is the desired goal of some powerful sociopaths. Now did Klaus Schwab cause this or is he anticipating it? Regardless, it is common knowledge that someday the pump was going to crash in the ultimate dump.

    Someday is now when the Fed is cornered and forced to raise rates to stop inflation. The Fed is chartered to do 2 things, price stability and full employment. I can not find where the Fed – a private corporation – is required to buy Treasury Bonds – issued by the United States of America – another corporation. T-Bond default risk is NOT priced into their price and it goes without saying the Federal Government has no ability and no intention of ever paying back what it borrowed in real terms.

    That means if a deflationary depression engulf society, the US of A corporation could be forced into default. Another thing I think is going to happen – and it is starting now – the mad rush to get dollars to pay off debt when interest rates rise. If interest rates go to the moon like the late 1970’s then we could be facing a huge deflation in asset values – and everyone is going to be forced into a fire sale to raise cash to service debt.

    I think this is coming from simply observing that everyone is in debt and the seesaw is about to reverse to savings. And I also think Jay Powell looks extremely tired and a new buck wants his place – that is James Bullard who wants to be the new Paul Volcker and raise interest rates to stomp inflation. People say the gov’t won’t fight inflation but that is not true, the Democrats #1 issue right now to to curb inflation because it is killing their voting base.

    All of us create our reality every second of everyday. So how all of this pans out depends on what we say we want and what interests we have. Klaus Schwab is not the decider of our fate, we are.

    1. Ice Age Eugenics and Bioelectrical Graphenation/5G War/Famine Theatre Now.Info

      YUKON JACK’S OUTPOSTS – Where Sacred Truths and False Narratives are Shredded… we’re a lot further down the rabbit hole of this agenda now, eh?… miss your site and articles from… great to see ya back again Amigo. Cheers.

      Coronahoax was my Lifelong Vindication
      On May 27, 2020 By jackyukon
      “I want you to know that I was some sort of black sheep who wasn’t going along with the program. For instance, in high school I
      filmed the burning of my Catholic theology book, when I was playing it back to my friends in school during recess, then my theology
      teacher walked in and I thought I was in big trouble. But he didn’t get mad, in fact he wasn’t even bothered in the least.
      Amazingly he didn’t react and didn’t care, I guess he was just doing his job and didn’t actually believe in what he taught (which is
      pathetic to say the least). Funny how that became one of the most impressive teachings of my life, and I adopted it and applied it
      ever since. NEVER REACT to someone else’s problem. That became my guiding light to get through life. Never become emotional
      about other people’s problems is real wisdom of a sage.”

    2. Deb

      Jesus remarking on the similarity of the end times to the time of Noah just before the flood:

      “They ate, they drank, they married wives… until the day that Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all.”
      Luke 17:27

      And I suppose they were also going to their ATM machines, thinking, Ho Hum, just another day in the history of the world.

      Does that mean you shouldn’t marry, because the world might end today? No, but maybe it means we ought to put out a little bit of extra effort to be kind and appreciative to our loved ones, because we might not get a chance to make up for any meaness later. And maybe it means we ought to be more focussed on storing up treasure in heaven instead of worldly goods. That means making good memories and helping others, the only things we can take with us.

  9. FYI

    On 22 April, Lira confirmed being safe. Lira told Alex Christoforou that he was detained by the Security Service of Ukraine. Lira did not deliver details about his detention but stated that he is still in Kharkiv and was told by the Ukrainian authorities not to leave the city.[citation needed]

    On 24 April, Lira appeared on George Galloway’s show where he confirmed that he was indeed arrested by Ukrainian forces, but was unable to provide more information due to it being an ongoing case [26].

    GEORGE GALLOWAY | And the Mother Of All Talk Shows. Tonight 7pm -10pm London time. Unmissable.
    Guests: Gonzalo Lira, Caleb Maupin, Mark Seddon
    Sunday 24th April 2022

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