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Record-Breaking May Cold/Snow Headed For Denver, Seattle And Many Others, As Crop Planting Woes Persist; + Out-Of-Season Cyclone Drives Antarctic Air Unusually-Far North Into Brazil

Record-Breaking May Snow/Cold Headed For Denver And Seattle

This week, Old Man Winter is returning to swathes of North America, adding further weight to crop failure concerns.

A powerful Arctic front will push into Colorado Thursday night, plunging Denver temps into the low-40s/high-30s by Friday morning, and into the low-30s by Saturday and Sunday — lows that will challenge longstanding May records.

Snow will hit the mountains first, before expanding south and east and dropping its elevation. For areas below 6,000 feet, including the Denver metro area, heavy rain is forecast to shift to settling snow Friday afternoon.

The higher impact snow will accumulate in the foothills, where, astonishingly, a Winter Storm Watch is in effect covering Friday and Saturday for areas above 6,000 feet. Here, substantial late-May snow is expected to down trees and power lines.

Exact snowfall totals are a big challenge with this system. Meteorologists don’t really have a clue–their weather models are all over the place. The largest accumulations –of perhaps 2 feet!– are set to hit the higher elevations of West of Denver (9,000 feet).

GFS Total Snowfall (inches) May 19 – June 4 []

It’s a similar story across the Midwest and the West, too, including in the Puget Sounds region of Washington State.

“We’re back to more wet and windy and even snowy weather,” said National Weather Service Meteorologist Jeff Michalski.

Following Seattle’s coldest May 12 on record, May snow is now threatening additional Washington benchmarks: “We’re looking at snow levels around 4,000 feet, maybe down to 3,500 feet … that would definitely impact some of the Cascade passes,” added Michalski.

Washington’s snow may be restricted to the state’s higher elevations, but the anomalous cold certainly won’t be, which is set to extend May’s chilly trend: NWS data shows that Seattle hasn’t reached its average daytime high for May (67F) all month.

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) May 19 – May 25 []

This has also been Seattle’s second-wettest May on record. Only 2009 (solar minimum of cycle 24) has the first half of May been soggier. And as revealed in the latest GFS run above, there is much more moisture where that came from.

Cover those plants!

Temperatures at or below 32F are on course to sweep many North American locales this weekend, potentially leading to a killing freeze. That means you need to cover up your tender vegetation or bring it inside; but as for farmers with young shoots out in the fields there isn’t much more that can be done other than the crossing of fingers.

More concerning, however, is the fact that many growers are still yet to even get their seeds into the ground. And given the upcoming freeze, any remaining hopes of a miracle late-May turnaround have been definitively put to bed.

Below are the latest planting figures for corn, soybeans and spring wheat across the United States:

Clear to see, many states are still in the red with percentages in the 30s and 20s–or lower. And while planting has picked up the pace over the past week-or-so, levels should have reached 50-70+% by now, yet North Dakota –for example– is reading just 3%, and with Old Man Winter set to return and see out the month of May with record-breaking cold, it’s all-but to game over there.

It’s a similar story in Minnesota, too, at least when it comes to spring wheat:

As if U.S. farmers didn’t have enough to contend with in 2022 (input shortages/global supply chain failures), the onset of the next Grand Solar Minimum cycle would have caused enough of a headache on its own.

Furthermore, combing America’s failures with the poor yields expected out of South America, the Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan (plus India’s recent halting of grain exports, and China buying up the majority of the world’s supply), this is a disastrous development. But it’s one fully orchestrated by the elites, and meticulously planned. This is a controlled demolition of our society, the end goal of which is see the masses so desperate and hungry that they accept digital ration cards and CBDCs without a second thought to what they could mean for our collective freedoms moving forward.

This is their ‘The Great Reset’ in action, and there appears to be no stopping it.

Out-Of-Season Cyclone Drives Antarctic Air Into Brazil

Checking with developments in South America, anomalous polar cold continues to threaten the harvests down there, too.

A rare late cyclone between Uruguay and Southeast Brazil is currently driving Antarctic air exceptionally far north, much further than meteorologists had originally expected.

Scattered snow fell across the Highlands of SE Brazil (even below 1,000 m)–a rare feat for this time of year; while incredibly low temperatures have also swept many locales, including the -9.8C (14.3F) suffered in Villa Reynolds, Argentina (just 0.4C off May’s all-time record low), plus the record-breaking -0.9C (30.4F) at Prats Gill, Paraguay which resulted in incredibly rare May frosts.

Looking ahead, further chills are on the cards:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) May 18 – May 21 []

Parts of Australia, New Zealand and South Africa are also on for bouts of polar cold this week.

And switching back to the Northern Hemisphere, as well as North America, Eastern Europe is on course for record-breaking late-May lows with the cold forecast to stretch deep into Russia and central Asia.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activity, cloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre)Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey Cap, what is ‘Crop Panting’? Are people working too hard?

    1. Cap Allon

      The risks of changing a title last minute.

  2. Mystic’s Mystic

    Summer Massacre

    The government’s subliminal massage in the mass shooting in Buffalo. Bring guns when you go to the grocery store. When the food shortages hit and the shelves look like the missing baby formula shelves, let the peasant massacre begin. It’s by design. Create a food shortage then send the message to bring guns when you shop. All part of the plan? We could’ve been in an intense effort to move farming to the south but the government elected to build toys like wind generation & solar panels with flaws like the batteries
    never happened and they never built some form of flash generation to fill that gap.
    Guess there is more kickbacks in toys.

    1. Documenting the Ice Age Gallows Humour...

      CORONAGATE: Big Pharma, Switzerland & Organized Crime – May 18th, 2022.

      Norm Macdonald Had a Secret (Documentary) Apr 29, 2022

      Norm [like Kerry Mullis… and just like right here, right now] would have had his way with this way of “joking” about… by telling the truth. It’s the funniest joke in the world.
      Everyone says they hate a liar, well, try being the one who tells the truth.
      In a world of propaganda, the truth is always conspiracy theory.
      Everything is a lie. Medicine, science, elections, media, education, social media. We are living in a fabricated fairy tale… within a major unspeakable ice age cyclical reality that even the Norm(s) of the world, with no filter(s), would have been prevented from telling… “this” major truth/joke. Electroverse may be the only platform in the world that operates at this level of “humour”… no joke.

  3. Dallas Schneider

    “The very same Nazi Azov Battalion in Ukraine that the US Government is arming with almost as much funding as the entire military budget for Russia, has been involved in the motivation and training of the Buffalo shooter who killed 10 people on Saturday.”

    Seems like these people have yet to learn that one cannot be happy when one murders others – Precept #8 “Do Not Murder”
    Besides, Russia is not going to be punished for the false accusation they caused HRC to lose the election to Trump!
    Get over it, and end this war!!!

  4. John Galts Offspring

    It seems that wars are profitable. There is much $$$$ for arms dealers, munitions factories, etc have work. But the peasants do suffer. At this point in time, not to get too religious but it looks like the Powers That Be are playing right into G-d’s hands according to the Book of Revelation. And I think its great! When they are cooped up in their bunkers, hopefully the spirit of madness will come upon them. Oh, well, wishful thinking.

  5. Baba Looey

    This is their ‘The Great Reset’ in action, and there appears to be no stopping it…

    … like cyclical ice ages/mag/revs and TEOTAWAWKI at least for our generation relatively especially as “fortunate(s)” living in “fortunate” [no two ways about it] locations/situations [and also with situational awareness/discernment] got to see and really “experience” relative freedom, exploration and mostly until recently “Rockwellian wholesomeness” compared to [even the ultra-rich] what is now and very likely coming again. We really did get to live in one of the sweet interglacial/low tectonic periods/locations of human history… no regrets for us Amigo especially if we were basically healthy throughout this run. Ever since learning/realizing earth science tectonics/glaciation/paleontology including recovering fresh fossils from cores from below +10,000′ of sedimentary rock and spending lots of “time on/in/under the water” everything that ever lived, only lived for a relative fraction of a second. The Electroverse [both ways] really is amazing no matter how much flux happens during these transitions/resets. Appreciate your taking the helm in providing real-time insight and perspective during the current transition(s), Cap’n.

  6. More Full-Earth–Scale Proof of Low to Nil Climate Sensitivity to CO2:
    Atmospheric CO2 is increasing but Earth is Cooling – since 2016?
    Freezing our bolts off. Where is that #$%^&* Global warming?

    May 19, 2022 Cap Allon
    The COLD TIMES are returning…

  7. arlene shako

    THanks you are amazing.We are LONG time preppers and farmers .
    Tell me where I can mail a donation to you.Thanks.Arlene Shako 624 knox rd schoharie,NY 12157

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