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Record Cold Sweeps Russia, with much more on the way

Severe frosts have ravaged the Magadan region of NE Russia of late, according to hmn.ru, sinking temperatures some 10C below the seasonal average.

Temps across the continent have been on the slide since the beginning of January, with the frosts “growing stronger”–culminating in the new all-time record low of -46.2C (-51F) set on Jan. 24 in Talon; which pipped the previous record of -46C set back in 1978 (solar minimum of cycle 20).

Many additional record lows were across the transcontinental nation last week, again according to hmn.ru. However, the coldest spot was held by the usual culprit Yakutia in the NE. Here, bone chilling lows of -56C (-69F) were observed, with the windchill sinking the mercury even lower, to -61C (-78F).

These readings are approaching some of the coldest ever recorded in the Northern Hemisphere.

More on the Way

Latest GFS-runs reveal additional Arctic air masses will infect eastern and central Russia over the coming days, with the impact expected to be much more widespread than last week’s freeze.

Central Russia and Siberia look set to be hit first, on Monday and Tuesday, with temps here sinking 16C-20C below the seasonal norm. The cold air mass then looks set to extend to the east, and intensify further, engulfing a giant portion of the continent by next weekend:

We can expected far more cold records to fall following this event.

Stay tuned for updates.

The lower-latitudes are refreezing in line with historically low solar activity.

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Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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