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SSW Event Threatens A Record Cold And Snowy December (Similar to 1989), + ‘The Mother Of All Crashes’ Could Now Be Just Months Away

SSW Event Threatens A Record Cold And Snowy December (Similar to 1989)

The historically low solar activity we’ve been experiencing these past few years FULLY explains why Arctic outbreaks (aka the “Polar Vortexes”) are becoming more common. It is this natural forcing that is likely the key player in the onset of Ice Ages (Little or otherwise)–this and an increase in cloud-cover due to increasing Cosmic Rays.

It is also worth noting that any of the harshest winters on record arrived a few years AFTER a solar minimum. Currently, we have just been released from the grips of what was the weakest solar minimum of the past 100+ years: Solar Cycle 24 (Dec, 2008 – Dec, 2019) had maximum sunspot count substantially lower than the norm, down to a level not seen since cycles 12 to 15 (1878-1923). It’s a safe bet to assume that these next few winters will be some of the most destructive in modern times.

Despite MSM reporting, or lack thereof, last winter (2020-2021) was actually a historically cold one, particularly across Europe and Asia. And we’re still reeling from it now. Regardless of the agenda-driving drivel spouted by CNN and the like, the current global energy crisis is due, for the most part, to the depletion of coal and gas reserves in order to stave off last winter’s anomalous chill. Other factors include a naive dependence on failing renewables, and a lack of investment in unfavorable and “dirty” fossil fuels.

Looking to this winter (of 2021-2022), it is already setting up to be a doozy–as discussed in more detail here. But honing in on why the AGW Party is getting their nonsensical “Polar Amplification” excuses in early: along with a strengthening La Nina, events in the stratosphere are also conspiring to pour cold water on the elite’s “you’re all gonna burn up unless you hand over your money and freedom” rhetoric.

As climatologist Joe Bastardi recently tweeted, there is high confidence that a sudden stratospheric warming event is building “which points to our long-standing cold idea for November and December”:

Bastardi goes on to say that things are setting up “very similar to 1989 for Dec 3 at 10 mb,” which resulted in “one of the coldest Decembers on record” across much of the United States.

The year 1989 landed a few years AFTER the solar minimum of cycle 21 (which ended around 1986), and indeed, its winter entered the books as one of the harshest in modern history. A powerful Arctic Outbreak–I mean “Polar Vortex”–plunged frigid polar air masses to exceptionally low latitudes. Northern Florida saw snow. A white Christmas was seen in Jacksonville. While freezing lows were logged in Southern NJ in December.

Adding to the ferocity of this winter’s polar invasions will be the fact that the Bering Sea, as well as large parts of the Arctic around Siberia, are seeing the highest amounts of sea ice since 2005 — this will keep those Arctic air masses colder for longer as they descend south.

The Mother Of All Crashes’ Could Now Be Just Months Away

We humans are programmed to recognize cycles, however they come. This is no accident. We have evolved in a cyclical reality for over hundreds of millions of years –so the story goes– and posses an almost ‘enlightened’ level of comprehension deep within us. I am convinced that the universe, and so reality, runs entirely on cycles and that it is only a matter of time before the past repeats. I think its true that every happening can be plotted on charts, which adds support to the theory that we exist in a simulation.

The stock market runs on predictable cycles, and these past few years have served as a prime example of this. Despite the horrors that have bestowed the financial markets since 2008, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) has just kept chugging on–and not because the economy is in good health, but simply because the chart, mathematics, and a ‘universal pattern’ dictated that it should.

Don’t get me wrong though, that “mother of all crashes”, as Michael Burry calls it, is looming –the charts demand that, too– and we’re getting perilously close. This crash will be akin to the Great Depression of 1929 — it is written in the stars, if you will, and there isn’t a dam thing anyone can do about it, not least those pocket-lining crooks at the Fed.

Below is a comparison of the DJIA.

On the left is today’s modern bull-run, and on the right is the run-up to 1929’s peak and then the aftermath:

Dow Jones Industrial Average comparison: today (left) vs run-up to 1929 (right).

The similarities are striking.

And if the charts are to be believed then the markets have one last ‘pump’ before the top is in and the crash begins.

Adding weight to this theory is the fact that the full 4.236 of the Fibonacci Extension (a scarily reliable charting tool) also shows that today’s potential peak is approaching that of the 1929 run.

Below is another more detailed breakdown, courtesy of fernandoc17 via

Dow jones 1929 vs Dow Jones 2021 for DJ:DJI by fernandoc17
Dow Jones Industrial Average comparison: today (top) vs 1929 (right).
4 Things The Great Depression Teaches Us About Today's Stock Market

Of course, I have no crystal ball, but my confidence in all of this has led me to put my money where my mouth is.

It appears that the markets (including cryptocurreny) is gearing up for that one last ‘hooray’ before the great capitulation. And I’m riding ADA (Cardano), as well as a few other cryptos, in expectation of this final parabolic pump. But taking the Dow Jones Industrial Average as our example, the index, according to the charts, is set for an additional 10 percent gain in the coming weeks/months before destiny is fulfilled and the index tanks — the true great reset.

ADA –being part of the Wild West that is crypto– has a chance of surpassing $10 by year’s end, and if this does play out then I’m telling you now, I will be running for the hills, I will be ignoring all projections of a $300K Bitcoin and will be using my newly acquired funds to continue my preparations for the coming societal collapse and the return of the COLD TIMES.

Just like the stock market, the solar cycles are also following a predictable, chartable pattern, too — and we see they’re in a downward trend almost identical to that during the onset of the Dalton Minimum (1795-1820): Solar Cycle 22 was almost a carbon copy of Solar Cycle 3, Cycle 23 was very similar Cycle 4, Cycle 24 matches Cycle 5 (and the latest Solar Cycle –25– has opened in the same vein as Solar Cycle 6):

The recent government overreach and the roll-out of draconian powers are a conditioning of the masses for the true horrors that are fast-approaching. History repeats, and the patterns don’t lie — something monstrous is coming, and they know it.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING, in line with the great conjunction, historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among other forcings).

Both NOAA and NASA appear to agree, if you read between the lines, with NOAA saying we’re entering a ‘full-blown’ Grand Solar Minimum in the late-2020s, and NASA seeing this upcoming solar cycle (25) as “the weakest of the past 200 years”, with the agency correlating previous solar shutdowns to prolonged periods of global cooling here.

Furthermore, we can’t ignore the slew of new scientific papers stating the immense impact The Beaufort Gyre could have on the Gulf Stream, and therefore the climate overall.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Solar-Cycle-25-NASA-full.png
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is GSM-and-Sunspots-1024x398.png

Prepare accordingly— learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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33 Thoughts to “SSW Event Threatens A Record Cold And Snowy December (Similar to 1989), + ‘The Mother Of All Crashes’ Could Now Be Just Months Away”

  1. Anonymous

    Consistently well done!
    JP Boston

  2. Art Horton

    Ice age missing link.
    The CO2 Dome buster & Source of SSW, Sudden Stratospheric Warming.

    Laws of physics, and the mechanical upward transportation of heat. Heat that will be dissipating into space. These factors combine to dismantle the global warming theory.

    1. Mike From Au

      Cool, so instead of heat being misplaced/disappearing/magically created and so on, it is simply going up to another level (stratosphere). Same amount of heat assisted somehow to another level.


      1. Art Horton

        I don’t believe in Sudden Stratospheric Warming. I think it is PSW, Predictable Stratospheric Warming. Happens after huge snow fall events. Have been observing the correlation for three years. Unfortunately
        it positions itself in darkness of the Arctic & Antarctic. It will be heat lost to the background
        almost absolute zero temperatures of deep space.

  3. Dennis Williams

    We flew to the USA from Australia in December 1989. We flew down to Orlando. There was a Polar Vortex inbound. We had a misconnect with flights in Memphis. They put us up in a motel. The swimming pool outside the motel room was frozen solid. Being on standby at the airport, we weren’t going to get a flight until later, so jumped in a cab for Graceland’s. It was 30f below wind chill factor.
    We arrived later that day in Orlando. The Oranges had been frozen solid. Went from freezing to shorts and a T shirt in less than a week.

  4. Erick S Fleischmann

    Great Commentary!!! Thank You.

  5. AZ1971

    I think its true that every happening can be plotted on charts, which adds support to the theory that we exist in a simulation.

    The universe as a simulation? We as humans being self-aware of being in a simulation? C’mon, that’s just ridiculous.

    Look at the cycles we see in nature and stocks as a heartbeat instead—it pulses, on its own, without much input from a higher power (the brain). Likewise, the universe could function the same way under the hands-off approach by a higher power (God).

    If the universe was a simulation, calculate the necessary computing power to create it as such. Graham’s number worth of terabytes wouldn’t even come close.

    1. Alan

      The great Bible Scholar Chuck Missler, with a lifetime of expertise in science, engineering and high level administration, expresses firmly the belief that we are in a digital simulation, and backs it up with biblical references to prove the point.

      1. Well there’s your answer right there. If it’s in the bible it can’t be relied on.

    2. The Mronz

      Simulation ridiculous?
      It has been argued with considerable merit that it’s arithmetically virtually impossible we are not part of a simulation. A never ending loop that has played out countless times before.
      How would we know either way?

  6. prioris

    You should understand that the crash of the 1929 stock market was brought on by the US federal reserve. They allowed huge borrowing margins to buy stock during the 1920s then pulled the rug out in 1929. This allowed the insiders to avoid the crash and buy up or loot property from the masses for pennies on the dollar during the economic crash.

    There are natural cycles that impact economic well being of this planet but the 1929 was manufactured by the insiders. One must distinguish between the two when understanding history.

    As far as the US, it is impervious from true economic crashes as things now stand. Why ? The dollar is currently the reserve currency of the world. This allows it to print money for free more easily than any other country. Until that ends, it can only be manufactured by insiders.

    1. Cap Allon

      Human psychology/behavior is nature — we are part of the cycle.

  7. wally

    “SSW Event Threatens A Record Cold And Snowy December (Similar to 1989)”
    I took that as to say the “Event” will “threaten” (keep from happening) a record cold and snowy December. Meaning it is going to be warmer.

    1. Cap Allon

      I’ll work on making my titles a little clearer.

  8. Matt Dalby

    I don’t remember winter 1989-90 being particularly harsh or snowy in the U.K. However I (just about) remember winters in the late 1970’s, i.e. during or just after the minimum of cycle 21, being very cold with quite a lot of snow.

    1. Radical Rodent

      Early parts of the 1980s saw unusual occurrences of low temperatures in the UK, with lorry drivers having to light fires under their fuel tanks to melt the diesel, and one meat-packing factory in the midlands having warmer temperatures INSIDE the freezers (around -28°C) than outside.

    2. Dennis Williams

      Predicted Ice Age 1970’s Leonard Nimoy

  9. Anonymous

    Cardano? If you are running alts you are going to be disappointed.

    If its not BTC, its going to die.

    1. Cap Allon

      I disagree. But I’m not looking for ADA to change the world either, I’m just hoping to capitalize on the final stages of a historic bubble.

  10. Jacqueline Ehninger

    Just to let you know, in case your eye was caught by the VOLTEX Ad (energy saving device), I did a bit of digging and this gizmo is most likely a scam:
    So buyer beware!

  11. Fran

    I just found this video also talking about an imminent collapse of the present economic system and its replacement by a new global one, and I would like to share the link here for possible discussion. I’m timing the video for the part that I think is more interesting, [NESARA, GESARA, etc.]

    They don’t tell though *who* is going to implement this and how it will be done, but I think that what they’re saying sounds correct in the sense that WEF has been talking recently about UBI and the reorganization of society *without individual possessions*, (something like “in 2030 you will own nothing and will be happy”, and even some rich people seem to be adhering to the idea of not owning personal property, etc.).
    All these things clearly point toward a global society where the meaning of money and the property of means of production will be profoundly redefined, especially because of AI.
    I think that the central idea of what is happening is to transform human society into a “perfect machine” where the majority of humans can benefit from its seamless workings without actually being at its control.
    I believe some people call this new system “neo-feudalism” because the 99.9% will become effectively perennial peasants, subjects of an elite so powerful that it will be virtually impossible to overthrown *and*, probably, no one will actually do it, if they have their basic needs satisfied.
    Capitalism, in its old traditional form, is almost certainly coming to and end very soon.

  12. Alan

    Any explanation of why the Arctic ice is well up in the range but the Antarctic, despite its record cold winter, is below anything on the chart?
    While the focus on cold (and the comparison chart of SCs is fascinating) is good, it is useful to get an insight into the things that the warmists will seize on to deflect from what is coming.

  13. Ron Van Wegen

    “I think its true that every happening can be plotted on charts, which adds support to the theory that we exist in a simulation.”

    Wow, if there was any statement that makes you sound ridiculous that would be it.

    Along with your over-exaggerated statements I’ve mentioned previously (“in history” rather than “since records began” etc.) I am so close to deleting this site.

    I’ll give you one more chance to stay real. Do data and science, not crackpot.

    No, we’re not in a computer simulation. It’s philosophical and logical nonsense like “there is no such thing as absolute truth”.

    1. Cap Allon

      “Deleting this site”? — you sound as absurd as you’re making me out to be.

    2. Jim

      Are Farts lumpy?
      Then it is an absolute truth that I have kecked my pants!

      1. Ultrafart the Brave

        … unless it was a Cyber Fart.

        If a man farts silently but deadly in a forest, but no-one was there to smell it, did he actually fart, or did he just exchange vapors with the environment?

  14. Atom man

    Matter is mostly empty space and we do not know what the subatomic particles are doing when we are not looking – worse yet for “objectivity”, these “particles” are aware that we are looking at them by behaving accordingly. Actually there are no atoms – just tiny vibrating “strings” that are all interconnected. I think of this as a “Buddhist universe” – we are participants not outsiders. We are part of the Experiment.

    1. Mike From Au

      Very experimental indeed..

      it is all the more interesting that the orbital velocity of the earth is somewhat…

        1. Mike From Au

          Sun, Earth & Moon. Synodic Month. 1st Movement of the COSMIC SYMPHONY OF COINCIDENCE
          SGD Sacred Geometry Decoded

    2. Ultrafart the Brave

      “Actually there are no atoms – just tiny vibrating “strings” that are all interconnected.”

      Yes, there are indeed atoms – but they are nevertheless abstractions, being structurally stable assemblies of smoke rings in the aether.

      Even though he didn’t grasp the reality beyond the impetus of his mathematical understanding, Einstein was paradoxically correct – matter is explicitly manifested by motion in the aether, and consists of nothing more, and so matter is energy – the two are literally equivalent.

  15. James Charles

    Don’t ‘worry’ about global heating?

    ‘We’ have 16 years?

    ‘Global peak oil production may have already happened in October of 2018 ( Table 1). It is likely the decline rate will be 6%, increasing exponentially by +0.015% a year (see post “Giant oil field decline rates and peak oil”). So, after 16 years remaining oil production will be just 10% of what it was at the peak.’

    ‘We’ have ten years?
    “ . . . our best estimate is that the net energy
    33:33 per barrel available for the global
    33:36 economy was about eight percent
    33:38 and that in over the next few years it
    33:42 will go down to zero percent
    33:44 uh best estimate at the moment is that
    33:46 actually the
    33:47 per average barrel of sweet crude
    33:51 uh we had the zero percent around 2022
    33:56 but there are ways and means of
    33:58 extending that so to be on the safe side
    34:00 here on our diagram
    34:02 we say that zero percent is definitely
    34:05 around 2030 . . .
    34:43 need net energy from oil and [if] it goes
    34:46 down to zero
    34:48 uh well we have collapsed not just
    34:50 collapse of the oil industry
    34:52 we have collapsed globally of the global
    34:54 industrial civilization this is what we
    34:56 are looking at at the moment . . . “

    Or, have 5 years? {unlikely?}.
    “The greatest threat to humanity on Earth is the escalating Arctic atmospheric methane buildup, caused by the destabilization of subsea methane hydrates. This subsea Arctic methane hydrate destabilization will go out of control in 2024 and lead to a catastrophic heatwave by 2026.”

    “A barrel of conventional crude oil contains the equivalent of roughly 4.5 years of continuous human labour; or around 11 years at 35 hours per week, 48 weeks of the year.  But the capitalist doesn’t pay for the value of the fuel, merely the cost of extracting it.  For a mere £49 (at pre-pandemic prices) the capitalist purchases £330,000 worth of work (at the current UK median wage).  It is the exploitation of fossil fuels rather than the exploitation of labour which generates the vast majority of the surplus value in an industrial economy. . . .
    {As Nicole Foss once put it – if conventional oil was like drinking draught beer from a glass, fracking was the equivalent of sucking the spilled dregs from the carpet.}”

  16. Mike From Au

    As a parting mathematical comment. Be it what it may.

    The axial tilt of the earth is 23.4 degrees.

    Subtract 23.4 degrees from 90 degrees and the number is 66.6 degrees

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