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Record Breaking Snowfall Prompts Australia’s Resorts To Extend Their Season

Australia’s ski resorts have been enjoying record-breaking snowfall this winter, prompting an extension to their season.

The country’s biggest snow resort, Perisher, is now set to stay open until Sunday October 7, with the natural snow depth hitting 203.9cm.

This was the deepest snow depth since 2004 with the figure predicted to climb further still as cold conditions mean little to no melting will occur, and more precipitation in the forecast.

The resorts have seen a huge 99cm of snowfall since the beginning of August.

Perisher’s Chief Operating Officer, Peter Brulisauer, said  ‘With the most snow in 14 years we are excited to extend the season into the school holiday period in October for our guests to continue to enjoy the fantastic skiing & snowboarding conditions.’

The resorts also opened early due to a six-day blizzard in June which blanketed the mountains in 82cm of snow.

Mr Brulisauer said that the weather conditions were some of the best the snow season has seen in 18 years.

Protect Our Winters and Snowmakers should take a long hard look at the reality.

With CO2 emissions still rising, perhaps something else is behind Earth’s climate.

Maybe the sun has something to do with the record-breaking snowfall prompting Australia’s ski resorts to extend their season…


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