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Rebuilding Kerala Will Exceed $3.7bn

The cost to rebuild Kerala following the biblical flooding that hit the southern Indian state will exceed $3.7bn, authorities said.

500 people were killed and a million left homeless after the worst floods in a century hit the coastal state.

Around 50,000 people are still living in over 300 camps across the state.

More than four million jobs have been impacted by the floods so far, while 3.3 million jobs are currently “in jeopardy”, according to financial research firm Care Ratings.

Both the agriculture and tourism sectors have been devastated.

So far, the central government has provided 6bn rupees ($84.6m) in assistance to Kerala, far less than the 20bn rupees ($282m) the state requested.

Adding to the drama, the cash-strapped government rejected offers of foreign aid from Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

India’s 2018 monsoon season has been the worst in terms of rainfall volume in history, with a record number of dams opening their gates.

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