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Queensland Fluxed: up to 500,000 Cattle Dead after Biblical Flooding — GSM, Pole Shift and GCRs

AUSTRALIA: Queensland farmers have spent the weekend scouring their properties to find any livestock that survived the week’s truly biblical deluge. Some rural parts received three years’ worth of average rainfall in just 7 days.

It hadn’t rained, any decent rain, for more than five years in north-west Queensland. When the downpour finally came, graziers were initially elated.

But now it is feared up to 500,000 cattle, mostly from severely drought-stressed herds, have been killed in the widespread flood waters.

Graziers have been using helicopters to locate any surviving cattle.

The financial impact on individual farmers in Queensland’s interior and the broader cost to the economy is expected to be crippling.

Rural communities from Longreach to Charters Towers, and north to Kowanyama on Cape York Peninsula, remain surrounded by floodwaters.

Parts of Eddington station have been badly eroded from the vast amount of flood water that washed through, and there are now dead cattle in the creek, which they had been using for water to brush their teeth and wash clothes.

A rotting stench is reported to have set in.

Rachael Anderson, a farmer near Julia Creek who lost half her herd, paints a bleak picture:

“There are feral pigs that will come and eat [the dead cattle], there are feral cats that will come and eat that, and there will probably be a plague of them after this.”

The chief executive officer of AgForce, the peak body for the Queensland cattle industry, Michael Guerin, said farmers could take decades to recover.

“There is no doubt that this is a disaster of unprecedented proportion,” Guerin said.

“The speed and intensity of the unfolding tragedy makes it hard to believe that it’s just a week since farmers’ elation at receiving the first decent rains in five years turned to horror at the devastating and unprecedented flood that quickly followed.

“The latest reports confirm our earliest fears (that) this is a massive humanitarian crisis … and is steadily expanding southwards.”

Cloud Seeding + More

Galactic Cosmic Rays are a mixture of high-energy photons and sub-atomic particles accelerated toward Earth by supernova explosions and other violent events in the cosmos.

Cosmic rays hitting Earth’s atmosphere create aerosols which, in turn, seed clouds — making cosmic rays an important player in our weather and climate.

Recent balloon flights by Spaceweather.com and Earth to Sky Calculus show that cosmic rays are intensifying:

During solar minimum, like the one we’re entering now, the sun’s magnetic field weakens and the outward pressure of the solar wind decreases.

This allows more cosmic rays from deep space to penetrate our planet’s atmosphere:

With this being a Grand Solar Minimum we’re entering, Galactic Cosmic Rays should be off the charts — and that’s exactly what we’re seeing:

And there’s another major implication to increased cloud cover:

“Clouds are the Earth’s sunshade, and if cloud cover changes for any reason, you have global warming — or global cooling,”  — Dr. Roy Spencer.

The upshot of our descent into this next Grand Solar Minimum –and resulting increase in GCRs– will be a cooling of the planet.

Latest predictions have us falling as much 2C below baseline.

We’re on our way down.


Earth’s current magnetic excursion/reversal is further amplifying the Galactic Cosmic Ray situation.

We have two lines of defence against GCRs: our magnetic field and our atmosphere.

Our magnetosphere is waning at an increasing rate as north and south magnetic poles continue their wander, with some predictions putting a meeting point over Indonesia within the next few years.

Previous magnetic excursions and reversals have led to an uptick in volcanic and seismic activity, solar outbursts and the onset of ice ages.

When ice ages begin, they can begin incredibly fast.

At the end of the Eemian, for example, the climate descended from a period of warmth such as today’s into full-blown glacial severity in less than twenty years.

These two independent factors occurring simultaneously — Grand Solar Minimum and Magnetic Excursion — is throwing us something of a curve ball.

Modern civilisation is entering dangerous and uncertain times.

Prepare, folks.

GSM and Pole Shift = influx of Cosmic Rays + CMEs = uptick in Seismic and Volcanic Activity, increased Cloud Nucleation + Grid Failures = Holy Shit

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