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Quebec’s Longest-Streak Below 20C, As Record Snowfall Sweeps Montreal; Fresh Snow Buries Serbian Mountains; + Europe Braces For Extreme Arctic Outbreak In May

Quebec’s Longest-Streak Below 20C

The entire Canadian Province of Quebec hasn’t seen the temperature hit 20C (68F) since October 21, 2021 as historic chills –due to historically low solar activity and a weak and wavy jet stream flow– continue to persist across “La Belle Province”.

October 21 to now (April 20) is 183 days — that’s how long Quebecers have been waiting for their thermometers to read 20C (68F), with the forecast suggesting spring will continue to stall across the province, even into May:


Quebec looks set to easily pass the 190 day milestone which would break the record set in 2018-2019 (189 days). If this occurs, it would be the province’s longest-streak below 20C for 27 years–since Oct 14, 1994 to May 2, 1995 (201 days). It would also be the first time since 1995 (solar minimum of cycle 22) that the month of April failed to deliver 20C, reports The Weather Network.

Record Snowfall Sweeps Montreal

A strong coastal storm moved inland over New England Wednesday producing a record-breaking 10cm (4 inches) of late-season snow in Montreal, comfortably enough to break city’s previous daily record of 7.6cm from back in 1949.

The snow was poorly timed, too, coinciding with the morning commute. During a 3-hour window, the flakes accumulated quickly reducing visibility to less than a half kilometre at times and coating area highways causing traffic to slow to a crawl.

Dozens of accidents were reported across metro Montreal and off island to the south and west.

Strong winds combined with the weight of the snow knocked the power out to nearly 50,000 Hydro-Québec customers across the southern portion of the province — the utility’s second major outage in less than a week for the utility.

B.C. Freezes

Looking east, April 16 saw almost two-dozen British Columbia communities set new record low temperatures, causing untold headaches for the province’s cherry farmers.

For some locales it was the third straight day of new record lows: Clinton was one of four communities that saw its lowest-ever minimum temperature for April 16, after also setting new record lows on April 14 and 15 — the low of -9.5C (14.9F) on April 16 smashed the village’s previous low of -7.2C (19F) set back in 1976 (during the solar minimum of cycle 20).

Two of the fallen records on April 16 date back to the 19th century: Vancouver, with -1.2C (29.8F), busted its previous low of -0.6C (30.9F) from 1896 (The Centennial Minimum), while Princeton’s -8.4C (16.9F) broke a record that had stood since 1895’s -6.7C (19.9F). Many of the remaining broken benchmarks extend back to the early 20th Century: Bella Coola (1901), Quesnel (1909), Nelson (1918), and Prince George (1927); with the others: Ashcroft/Cache Creek’s (1995), Kamloop (1971), Lillooet (1973), Lytton (1971), and Merritt (also 1971).

And a final point on Canada, it has been noted that school students in Manitoba have missed as much as three weeks of instruction in 2021-22 as a result of wintry conditions and persistently low, record-breaking temperatures.

As reported therecord.com, the average annual number of “snow days” between 2004-05 and last year ranged from 1.2 to 5.4 days, according to the education department. This year, the provincial average –a figure that takes into account the total number of schools that have experienced at least one shutdown as a result of cold weather conditions– has reached eight days.

“I can’t believe we’re having another storm. I’m done with storms,” said Jerret Long, superintendent of Lord Selkirk School Division, before a Colorado low started moving into the province last week. Long called the closures in his division located northeast of Winnipeg –which stood at 11.5– “unbelievable”, but that unprecedented figure has since risen to 13.5.

Also, metro Winnipeg superintendents have logged the first city school winter-related closures in 25 years.

Fresh Snow Hits The Mountains Of Serbia

Fresh snow is hitting the mountains of Serbia this week as polar cold continues to grip Eastern Europe.

The snow had received record-challening depths by 8AM local time Wednesday: Mt Kopaonik had received 35cm (13.8 inches); Karajukića Bunari saw 22cm (8.7 inches); while Kukavica observed 20cm (7.9 inches).


By 4PM Wednesday the snow line had dropped below 500m in southern half of Serbia–an incredibly rare feat for the time of year; while also by 4PM, the snow depth on Mt Kopaonik had increased to 45cm (17.7 inches), with the flakes still falling.

Temperatures have also been extreme.

Low-lying stations at Vranje and Dimitrovgrad, for example, struggled to daytime highs of around 3C (37.4F).

Europe Braces For Extreme Arctic Outbreak In May

Looking at the latest GFS run (shown below), much of Europe, particularly Western and Central regions, can expect a return to wintry conditions in the coming days and weeks, even as the calendar flips to May.

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) April 23 – May 7 [tropicaltidbits.com].

From Belarus and Russia in the East to the UK and Portugal in the far West, current weather models are suggesting a historically frigid open to May could be on the cards as the continent’s spring still refuses to show.

Focusing on the UK, a MET Office forecaster predicts temperatures could plummet to as low as -3C (26.6F) within days, with even colder lows expected as we enter May–a month that also threatens widespread snow across vast portions of not only Britain, but also a large bulk of mainland Europe, too, particularly Scandinavia, the Alps and Northern Spain:

GFS Total Snowfall(cm) April 21 – May 7 [tropicaltidbits.com].

These forecast are subject to change, however — so stay tuned for updates.

Crunch Time

There is crunch around the corner. Their Great Reset is in play. And everybody should be bracing/preparing for hyper-inflation, food shortages and civil unrest in the very near future–perhaps even by the harvest of 2022 (so Sept/Oct).

But as gloomy as all this sounds, these issues can be mitigated by 1) exiting the system, and 2) growing our own food. A great many of us feel that it’s time for a reset, but let us rustics be the one leading it. Let us not be led back down the path of authoritarianism, taxes and slavery; let us instead create our own new world off-grid and free from any governing hand.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre). Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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Any way you can, help me spread the message so others can survive and thrive in the coming times.

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7 Thoughts to “Quebec’s Longest-Streak Below 20C, As Record Snowfall Sweeps Montreal; Fresh Snow Buries Serbian Mountains; + Europe Braces For Extreme Arctic Outbreak In May”

  1. Juha

    Grow staple foods. These 4 will provide lots of food and they are easy to store several months:
    – potatoes
    – carrots
    – onions
    – winter squash

    Here Bruce Darrell explains his simple gardening method which he has finetuned over the years producing 17 kg of crop for every work hour put in the garden. Over 500 kg in 100 m2.



  2. Y.D. Robinson

    As someone living in Montreal, I could say that yes, there was a substantial amount of wet snow that fell on Tuesday and it made for quite a mess on the sidewalks, roads, etc., but the snow was pretty much gone by yesterday Wednesday (the next day). But yeah, it’s quite true we in Montreal haven’t experienced 20C temperatures or higher since October!

  3. Dennis Holland

    Hi Cap,

    Reading your news every day.
    Here in Netherland / Holland (I live close to the coast) the temperature is 15.2C but it is damn cold. Very nasty wind.
    I’m looking forward to the upcoming cooler weather. The KNMI agrees with the Tropial tidbits forecast. My winter coat is ready for it.

    About CRUNCH TIME…. we’re there already. Things are getting quit messy here and the mayhem hasn’t even started to arrive yet. All eyes are set on Ukraine. No news actually. This should have happened 8 years ago. That is about how long Russia has been sending warnings to the world.

    So maybe, when what we still call ‘Spring’ is over in a week or two, people might start wondering what is going on….

  4. Ajulasne

    Here in Central Portugal we are having some wonderful rain! So needed. We were going to plough today, but I guess it will happen tomorrow now. Getting the potatoes planted, eating the ones from my winter harvest! Going to plant the sweet potatoes, aubergines, green beans and more onions in the next few days. The rain appeared magically just in time for planting! Hurray. Good luck to everyone growing food, it’s so much fun and so satisfying to eat from the garden!

  5. Thor

    Spring looks a bit hesitant due to the jetstream.

    It’s cold in Mariupol and I’M FREEZING MY AZOV!

  6. Yukon Jack

    The world is catastrophically wrong about this warming belief.

    Nearly every TV science show pumps the false narrative of man made climate change. I saw one tonight called 2040, some guy is worried about the upcoming heat wave of 2040 – which is about when the new little ice age will be getting into high gear.

    Great Thunberg, Al Gore, and Leonardo DiCaprio have no scientific training. Politicians are lying scumbags, and actors know nothing – they are just reading the script handed to them.

    And those that do are never interviewed. We live in a bizarre world of false narratives taken as gospel.

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