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Quebec Storm Chaos — 175,000 Without Power — EF-2 Tornado Officially Confirmed

Severe storms marched eastward across Montreal and Repentigny to Trois-Rivières knocking out power to 175,000 homes Wednesday afternoon.

The storms were pushed along by wind gusts clocking 93 km/h — tree branches were torn off trees and, in one case, the roof off a residential building blew-off in St. Léonard.

A second line of storms tore across the Eastern Townships toward the Beauce region on Wednesday evening.

As it stands, the morning after after the storm, 15,000 customers remain without power in Montreal and South Shore.

Environment Canada has officially confirmed that an EF-2 tornado formed in Quebec — a phenomenon so rare for the province that few heeded the issued alert.

“A category EF-2 tornado with winds of approximately 179 to 218 kilometres per hour developed and tracked through a wooded area in the Saint-Julien region,” said Environment Canada in a statement Thursday morning.

“One mobile home was completely destroyed, and many trees were uprooted along a corridor.”

Luckily, no one was injured.


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