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Quebec Receives a Foot of Powder as Brutal Snowstorm Rips through the Province — 250,000+ Without Power — More to Come

‘Drip drip drop’ little April showers? More like ‘flake flake dump’ big spring snowstorm! Quebec was buried by a foot of surprise April snow earlier this week, as the GSM continues its intensification.

And with further Arctic blasts on the way, Quebec’s emergency officials are urging residents to take precautions as power outages, carbon monoxide poisoning, fires and traffic pileups already have local services at breaking point.

AccuWeather tweeted that over a quarter of a million customers were without power in the province on April 09, as the winter-like storm paralysed power lines with ice, snow and strong winds.

Unprepared Quebecers without power have been forced to spend multiple nights in the pitch-black and freezing-cold, according to local authorities.

The wintry blast even proved too much for Quebec’s snow plows:

On top of the foot of powder, thick ice is anticipated in both Montreal and the Eastern Townships.

Arctic conditions will be in control over eastern Canada for the remainder of the week.


Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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