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Punishing Arctic Cold set to Impact the Majority of Europe

The next few weeks are looking incredibly cold for Europe as Arctic air masses plunge into the continent. The wintry weather has begun in earnest in southern, central and eastern regions as they currently reside under a blanket of heavy snow.

Parts of central Italy have accumulated 2 meters of powder in just the last few days:

And Greece is currently blanketed from top to bottom:

The future paints an even gloomier picture for Europe, as latest GFS runs show punishing Arctic-like temps sweeping the continent.

Eastern parts will see the mercury plummet to -35C on Jan 17 and 18 (more than 20C below average!) as a bout of brutal cold tears through the majority of European nations.

Heavy, debilitating snowfall is expected to accompany the low temps as impacts from the current Sudden Stratospheric Warming event over the Arctic look set to take hold — more on that here.

The cold times have arrived.


Grand Solar Minimum

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  1. Dale

    I asked Al. He’s an authority on these things you know. Just ask him!
    He said none of this is true and Italy is currently in the midst of the hottest grape growing season ever and getting hotter 😉

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