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Powerful Explosions of Light Detected in Earth’s Atmosphere

Russian Astro and Geophysics satellite ‘Lomonosov’ has reportedly detected a previously unknown physical phenomenon in the Earth’s atmosphere.

This space-based observatory was launched in 2016 in an effort to study cosmic rays in the high-energy regime near the energetic spectrum cutoff, examine the characteristics of gamma-ray bursts in the universe, study Transient Luminous Effects in Earth’s atmosphere, and study Earth’s magnetosphere and near-Earth radiation environment using different detector systems.

The Russian’s appear to know what’s going on.

On several occasions, Lomonosov has detected very powerful “explosions” of light, according to the project’s director and head of the Research Institute of Nuclear Physics at the Moscow State University, Mikhail Panasyuk.

However, everything underneath the explosions was clear.

“There were no storms and no clouds underneath them,” Panasyuk said.

“We do not yet know their physical nature.”

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