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Portugal’s Met Office Retracts Hottest Day Prediction — Reality Was 18C Cooler

Portugal’s Met Office has retracted its 50C (122F) predictions  — the hottest ever on mainland Europe — drastically revising the forecast down by as much as 18C in places.

In a statement, the IPMA said forecasts published on Tuesday had been “overestimated” for many areas of the country, in particular the city of Sines, where temperatures were predicted to reach a record-breaking 50C (122F) on Thursday and 46C (115F) on Friday.

The reality, however, was a rather overcast day in Sines on Thursday, with a high of 32C (89.6F) — 18C (64.4F) lower than predicted.

The weather service said the miscalculation was the result of “a very marked variation of temperatures” in the country.

“This situation arises from the exceptional temperature episode above the normal values ​​predicted for the beginning of August, after a long period of below-normal temperatures for the time of year,” the statement said.

In other words, the Grand Solar Minimum screwed us.

The record temperature in Portugal was 47.9°C recorded in Amareleja, in August 2003 — during the peak of the Modern Maximum.

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