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Portland Logs Its First Measurable April Snow; Historic Blizzards To Pummel The Northern U.S.; + Sunspots Fade

Portland Logs Its First Measurable April Snow

Most of the Portland metro region awoke Monday to a blanket of more than an inch of snow — the latest date the city has suffered wintry showers in at least 82 years.

It’s the first measurable April snow at the Portland International Airport [PDX] since records began in 1940, reports oregonlive.com: “In 82 years of record-keeping, PDX had never recorded more than a trace of snow in April. That ended today,” said the National Weather Service (NWS).

Portland received 1.6 inches of snow Monday morning, with the city’s higher elevations copping much more: Rocky Butte saw 3.5 inches; nearby Washougal, Washington logged 11 inches; while Hood River noted 9 inches.

Many residents were keen to document the unprecedented late-season snow covering their cars, backyards and gardens:

The peak of the rare spring snow fell from about 3 to 7 AM Monday. The conditions brought about the closure Portland area schools as well the region’s main highway, and the storm also knocked out the power to at least 100,000 homes.

With the storm having now passed, the mercury is free to plunge close to the freezing mark, especially on the west side of the metro region where icy roads are forecast to impact the Tuesday morning commute.

The next weather system is expected Tuesday night into Wednesday, and although weaker it will still bring another chance of measurable snow to the valley floor, according to NWS meteorologist Colby Newman.

Historic Blizzard To Pummel The Northern U.S.

While the worst of it may be over for western states, swathes of the northern U.S. are under blizzard warnings this week with AccuWeather forecasters warning that the “storm of the century” could unfold across the region.

We’ve been tracking this storm’s potential for a while now and it looks set to deliver.

The system is on course to dump feet of record-breaking April snow to cities such as Bismarck and Grand Forks, ND — accumulations that are set to rival the record-setting, late-season snowstorm of 1966 (solar minimum of cycle 19) which dropped up to 2 feet of snow on these areas.

According to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Adam Douty, it will likely rank as “one of the worst storms in recent history.”

The combination of high winds and snow are expected to shut down roads and interstates across many areas, and snowdrifts may reach up to 20 feet. The monster storm is forecast to shift eastward from the Rockies into the center of the country Monday night into Tuesday. Meanwhile, another sharp southward dip in the jet stream will allow frigid Arctic air to funnel into the Southwest, the Rockies and northern Plains, setting the stage for a more robust volumes of snow as the week progresses.

On the northwest side of the storm, heavy accumulating snow will begin Monday night and continue through Thursday, especially for portions of the northern Plains into the Canadian Prairies. High terrain areas of the Rockies can expect to measure totals in the feet. And winds should be strong enough to produce blizzard conditions later on Tuesday through early Thursday.

The storm will bring snowfall to an expansive swath of North America, as visualized by the latest GFS run (shown below). Communities from Bismarck, ND, to Winnipeg, MB, and well into Ontario, could see up to 3 feet of snow. In Grand Forks, ND, the snowiest April ever was in 1970 when 17 inches of snow settled — this snowstorm alone could produce more than that.

GFS Total Snowfall (inches) April 12 – April 28 [tropicaltidbits.com].
GFS Total Snowfall (inches) April 12 – April 28 [tropicaltidbits.com].

This spells trouble for the region’s cattle ranchers.

Calving season is underway and significant snowfall threatens young cattle if they become buried for any extended amount of time. The infamous April blizzard of 1997 (solar minimum of cycle 22) killed an estimated 100,000 cattle in North Dakota alone.

Record cold is set to accompany the snow, and is forecast to persist through the second half of April, too:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) April 12 – April 28 [tropicaltidbits.com].

In Bismarck, for example, AccuWeather is calling for lows of 21F overnight Wednesday, with the windchill making it feel like -3F.

We are in mid-April, right?

Sunspots Fade

For all the Sun’s huffing and puffing in recent months, it appears that it may have run out of steam–at least temporarily.

Solar activity has fallen off a cliff this week. As of today, April 12, just one lowly sunspot is visible on the Earth-facing solar disc — the young, emerging ‘AR2988’, a small active region that poses little threat of solar flares:

Solar Cycle 25 is -so far- tracking its forerunner–the historically weak Solar Cycle 24.

If this trend continues then these will be the weakest pair of solar cycles for 200+ years (since The Dalton Minimum — 1795-1835). The upshot? Global temperatures are expected to continue their well-established correlation with solar activity, and decrease.

For more, click the links below:

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre). Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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9 Thoughts to “Portland Logs Its First Measurable April Snow; Historic Blizzards To Pummel The Northern U.S.; + Sunspots Fade”

  1. Juha

    We have lots of snow on the ground here in Finland. Farmers are desperate because autumn sown winter wheat and rye seems to be lost. The heavy icy snow and standing water in the fields have destroyed most of the crop. In two previous years winter wheat has provided better harvest yields than spring sown seed.. because of dry summers. This has encouraged more farmers to switch to the autumn sown grains. But now it seems to backfire.. and new seed costs way more. I am afraid the cultivation can start much later than normally. And if the growth season is short then we are in trouble.

    I have built two high tunnels to extend the growing season of vegetables. Just came from preparing the cherry tomato bed. Plant seedlings are in my garage under the lamps and cars are outdoors..

    This summer the hightunnels will be needed to grow food for my family and relatives. In the next coming years I will instal double layer poly. Here in 60+ north latitude it helps when summers will be shorter and colder.

    I have to express my gratitude to Cap for early warnings. Also Christian Westbrook, Diamond, David Dubyne and Ben Davison have been the “illuminated prophets” who have shined the light on us. Thank you.

    1. Ice Age Eugenics and Bioelectrical Graphenation/5G War/Famine Theatre Now.Info

      … and let’s not forget Uncle Klaus in the “illuminati prophets”. Cheers.
      Exclusive Klaus Schwab Tell All interview!

  2. Mystic’s Mystic

    It sounds like global warming propaganda is going to torture large numbers of defenseless cattle. The Trump administration passed a nation wide cruelty to animals act so someone need to answer for this. It looks like Biden should be front and center for promoting unfounded global warming propaganda and making zero warnings and preparation for a cooling planet.

  3. Ragnar Ravn

    Thank Juha for the info on the African situation in Finland. I am in Denmark and we have had frost every night this spring. Daytime are not to bad and it has been unusually sunny and dry. Maybe too dry, for agriculture.

    Thanks to Cap for the update on the potential beef impact of the late snow. I really appreciate the updates on the food situation as shortages will impact the geopolitical situation going forward.

    Seeing China is facing problem getting the fields ready from the omicron, bad seeds and fertiliser shortages. Europe have even worse problems with the stupid idea of sanctioning Russian (Bella) fertiliser and lack of natural gas. Africa same, same and projected food for 100 million less than last year.

    The predictions by Zharkova of a devastating food crises by 2030 seems to have been a conservative estimate, since she could not factor in the immense stupidity or even worse the possible planned devastation of western civilisation and democracy for a “Great Reset” and technocracy.

    I favour the last option as even if our politicians, by design are stupid, the technocrats come from the best educated layers and surely is fully aware of the climate projections and the impact of the sanctions. In other words, most of the coming hardships are by design and not by accident.

    1. Doktor Seltsame Liebe

      “I favour the last option as even if our politicians, by design are stupid, the technocrats come from the best educated layers and surely is fully aware of the climate projections and the impact of the sanctions. In other words, most of the coming hardships are by design and not by accident.”

      Yes Ragnar, when the highly “Neurodiverse”/”Scary Smart” /”Hyper Sane” psychopaths and their astro/geophysical/eugenical/NGO think tanks all play dumb at the same time… well hopefully most everyone here already “gets” the “rancher physics”. It’s always the smartest predatory animals on the “big ranch ball” that live on/in the big yachts/big houses.

      It is easy to fool someone. But it is almost impossible to convince them that they have been fooled. Ragnar_Ravn
      Swedes have always been Germans disguised as human beings. Ragnar Ravn [Well I hope you weren’t trying to hurt the Germans’ feelings there, Herr Dummer Kopf. Prost]
      https://youtu.be/4hbXPxtNAc4 <<< (coincidentally there’s even a another "just found" Secret Abramovich SuperYacht named after you… no joke… what are the odds, eh?

      1. Ragnar Ravn

        Doktor Seltsame Liebe
        I was not trying to hurt anyones feelings, really. Its a couple of years since I gave up Twitter after being banned for reporting on weather and correcting Polar Portals report writer Ruth Mottram when she used figures from satellites that had expired 6 months earlier.

        Regarding the German, Swedish thing it’s was more black humor or sarcasm and at that point in time the sensitivity insanity had not reached the nights of today.

        But I came to think of a advise that went out to European MSM last election for EU parliament that cautioned them not to bring anything that ridiculed or made fun of EU or the politician as it was much more damaging than anger, hate and fear of them.

        In many ways, spiteful and I telling humour was what brought down the Soviet Union because it took away the fear of power when you laugh at them and do not kowtow to their might.

        I guess that why most sarcasm and irony today easily gets classified as hate speech. Laughter is the best weapon against TPTB

        1. Doktor Seltsame Liebe

          No worries Ragnar, us “Krauts” really love that sort of stuff, I was just pulling your Svedish meatballs. Like the “Jerrys” like to say, “You ain’t seen nuttin’, until you see the white man chimp out”… and critical I.Q. theory is really one of my favs. Ragnar, you must be one of the Hyper Sane. Thanks for the note. Cheers from Alberta.

  4. Matt Dalby

    This time last week a lot of the global weather models were predicting that Minnesota would be the worst affected state from the current storm. It now looks like the effects there will be pretty minimal. I’ve noticed that in general this is very often the case i.e. if weather models predict an extreme weather event 7-10 days in advance it will often happen, but the exact details e.g. where will see the lowest temps or highest snowfall will change by a few hundred miles as forecasts become more accurate closer to the time.

  5. John Vandervalk

    I was out just north of Portland by the Columbia River. We had over a foot of snow, then yesterday when I flew out of Portland International Airport it hailed and snowed again. The roads were snow covered and icy. Never seen anything like this out there, I grew up in that area. We started our first geothermal timber frame greenhouse, the first of many we’ll build in the U.S.

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