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Parts of Alberta Record their Snowiest September Ever — More on the Way

Brutally cold September air and bouts of heavy snow gave parts of Alberta the “first widespread measured snowfall event” last week. 

The city of Edmonton experienced its snowiest September on record, with 22 cm reported in total so far this month.

That smashes the previous record of 12.9 cm set back in 1965 (solar minimum before relatively weak cycle 20):

Solar Cycles www.electroverse.net

And there’s more snow on the way.

An approaching cold front has the potential to bring the biggest snowfall amounts so far this month.

By Saturday morning, many residents across central Alberta will be waking up to shovel-able snow and temperatures struggling to rise above freezing.

Flurries are expected to pick up again Sunday.

Read here how the extreme conditions have already impacted farmers: CANADA: HEAVY SNOW BRINGS HARVEST TO A STANDSTILL


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