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Official Canadian Crop Estimates in: Wheat, Soybean and Corn in “Sharp Decline” due to “Adverse Seasonal Conditions”

The official 2019/20 Canadian Crop Estimates Report was released last week by Statistics Canada. Surveys of more than 13,100 farmers were conducted between July 4 and Aug 5 with the results revealing a “sharp decline” in Wheat, Soybean and Corn due to “adverse seasonal conditions”.

Wheat production OVERALL is expected to fall some 2.9% to 31.25 million tonnes (Mt) but breaking the numbers down, we see a 23.1% decline in durum wheat to 4.42Mt, and a staggering 31.4% fall in winter wheat to 1.72Mt. It’s only spring wheat preventing that overall production number from falling off a cliff, as fortunately this looks set to be up some 4.9% to 25.11Mt.

At 18.45Mt, Canada’s canola production is expected to be the lowest in four years and 3.9% below the five-year average.

While soybean production is forecast to decline 14.6% to around 6.2Mt.

And, finally, a 1.5Mha increase in the corn-planting area won’t be enough to offset the 4.1% decrease in estimated yield. Final corn production is forecast at 13.6Mt, a year-on-year reduction of 2% and the lowest in five years. The culprit was the cold and wet weather across major producing areas at seeding time which led to delayed planting and poor germination, according to the survey.

All this even before the coming season’s “never-ending winter” takes hold which, for my money at least, will go down as the beginning of the next Grand Solar Minimum cycle:

The cold times are returning, in line with historically low solar output.

Cosmic Rays are increasing — clouds are nucleating — volcanic activity is rising — global average temperatures are falling — snowpack is building.


Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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