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NSW, Australia Totally Fluxed — One Month’s Worth of Rain in Just Half a Day

Wild weather including torrential rainfall — in excess of 150mm — is expected to hit parts of NSW, Australia during the Wednesday morning commute.

The Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting 70-100 mm to fall on Sydney’s Observatory Hill during Wednesday, with Campbelltown looking at 100-150 mm and Penrith 70-100 mm.

“Wherever does see the heaviest falls could see well in excess of their typical November rainfall, just in that period from late tomorrow morning through to tomorrow afternoon,”  said BOM spokesman Simon Louis.

Wollongong could also cop as much as 150 mm. Nowra may receive 70-90 mm. And Blue Mountains towns such as Katoomba are likely to collect 70-100 mm.

The BOM has already issued an initial flood watch for rivers between the Illawarra and the Central Coast.

Yet still, the rains refuse to fall where their most needed as large swathes of Australia approach their third year of crippling drought, click here for more on that.



During solar minimum, like the one we’re entering now, the sun’s magnetic field weakens and the outward pressure of the solar wind decreases.

This allows more Cosmic Rays from deep space to penetrate the inner solar system and our planet’s atmosphere.

Solar minimum has returned, bringing with it extra Galactic Cosmic Rays.

The work of H. Svensmark, M.B. Enghoff, N. Shaviv and J. Svensmark attributes Cosmic Rays to cloud nucleation here on earth.

As well as more precipitation, increase cloud cover also exacts a cooling effect on the planet:

“Clouds are the Earth’s sunshade, and if cloud cover changes for any reason, you have global warming — or global cooling,” Dr. Roy Spencer.

And this isn’t a standard solar minimum we’re entering, it’s a Grand Solar Minimum.

Latest predictions have solar output falling off a cliff in just the next few years, as all four fields of the sun go out of phase:

Professor Valentina Zharkova Breaks Her Silence and CONFIRMS “Super” Grand Solar Minimum



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