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Norway just Broke a Daily Cold-Record from 1941

While temperatures across the Scandinavian Peninsula finished a little above average in April, the month of May is rolling back the clock and bringing with it weather more akin to winter.

On May 6, the average daily temperature at Norway’s Trondheim Airport stood at 5C below the norm. 

Then as night descended the mercury plummeted further still, to all time record levels for May.

The overnight low for Monday night into Tuesday at Trondheim Airport dropped to -2.5C (27.5F) which beat the previous record of -2.2C (28F) set way back in 1941. 

The forecast for the coming week looks much the same, as the polar air currently blasting Europe shows no signs of dissipating.

Solar Activity is falling off a cliff (relatively).

Temperatures are responding.

Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift
Source: hmn.ru

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