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Northern California Breaks Multiple All-Time Cold Weather Records, including a Temperature Record from 1898

An historic Atmospheric River system shattered both a rainfall record plus a century-old low-temperature record in Downtown Sacramento on Thursday, May 16. The system also brought more than a foot of rare mid-May snow to much of the Sierra range.

The NWS measured 0.63 inches of rain in downtown Sacramento on Thursday, which almost doubled the previous daily record for May 16 of 0.38 inches set in 1996 (solar minimum of cycle 22).

Downtown Sacramento was also one of four Northern California locations to either bust or tie daily coldest maximum temperature records on Thursday:

15C (59F) was the best it got in the capital city on Thursday, low enough to break the all-time coldest maximum temperature of 16.1C (61F) set way back in 1898 (solar minimum of cycle 13).

Blue Canyon achieved just 2.2C (36F), tying the record low-max set in 2011.

Marysville reached only 17.8C (64F), beating the previous record set in 2017.

While Stockon’s 17.2C (63F) matched the all-time record from 1988 (solar min of cycle 21).

And the anomalous cold isn’t expected to end anytime soon — long-range forecasts have it extending until at least the end of the month for just about ALL of the Western United States:


Our sun is entering a relative shutdown.

Global average temperatures are responding.

The cold times are returning.


Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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