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Pockets Of Both North And South America Freeze; Sunspot ‘AR3014’ Doubles In Size; + Iran Rolls-Out Digital Rationing Cards

Pockets Of Both North And South America Freeze

The spring planting window has all-but closed across North America, yet a high percentage of the nation’s crops failed to make it into the ground, thanks to persistent cold/wet weather. Even those that were sown are expected to suffer drastically lower yields due to a global shortage of key agriculture inputs such as fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.

We’ve discussed the poor planting rates across the U.S. in previous articles (corn at 22% vs average of 50%). Everything, we were told, hinged on a mild and dry second half of May; unfortunately though, the weather Gods have conspired, and quite opposite is playing out:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) May 19 – May 25 [].
GFS Total Snowfall (inches) May 18 – May 23 [].

The polar cold I’ve reported in South America has now reached the tropics.

Freezing/near-freezing lows were noted in Northern Argentina, and even in Western Paraguay (2.9C/37F at Prats Gill) — very rare at this time of year. The mercury across the highlands of Southeast Brazil also plunged to the freezing point — again, unusual for this time of year.

Looking ahead, anomalous cold looks set to dominate the rest of the week, further jeopardizing the continents harvests:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) May 17 – May 22 [].

Sunspot ‘AR3014’ Doubles In Size

Since yesterday, big sunspot AR3014 has doubled in size. 

The below 24-hour movie from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory reveals the sunspot’s rapid growth:


AR3014 has a ‘beta-gamma’ magnetic field that harbors energy for strong M-class solar flares, perhaps even an X-class.

Sometimes, in my weaker moments, I long for a powerful X-flare to wipe all technology off the face of the Earth. Such an event would stop-dead those policies of enslavement and dependence that our leaders are so hellbent on implementing, i.e. Central Bank Digital Currencies and Digital Rationing Cards…

Iran Rolls-Out Digital Rationing Cards

People have been taking to the streets in cities across Iran to protest a massive hike in food prices. The government’s answer? To subsidize. But there’s a catch — the lower prices are only available to those who sign up to ‘digital ration cards’.

Initially, the Iranian government is compensating for the rise in prices of basic foodstuffs by dolling out cash to 90% of the population; however, many analysts believe this will cause further inflation (which already stands at 40+%).

The next stage, according to government officials, will be a ceasing of those payments within a couple of months, and in their place will be ration cards: if you want to pay the affordable prices, you’ll need to ‘take the mark’.

Iran is set to be the first country to roll out a food rationing scheme based on new biometric IDs.

What better way to bend the masses to your will than making food prices so unattainable that the roll-out of food passports are actually widely deemed necessary, by a population who are otherwise failing to manage their rapidly inflating fiat.

This is the realization of a longstanding agenda by the Rockefeller/UN/WEF crowd. And if you think it’s going to stop at Iran, think again. As Kissinger put it, “control food, control people.” This is their plan in action, and it’s coming to the West very soon.

Iran’s authorities often shut down the Internet to prevent protesters from communicating.

The international Internet freedom watchdog NetBlocks confirmed that real-time network data shows multiple collapses of international connectivity in recent days, as well as a deterioration on other mobile and fixed-line providers.

We’re in this alone, folks.

Your government does not serve you, it serves the powerful, and it will crush you if you attempt to make trouble.

My advice: start an off-grid, rural community of like-minded people that are all happy growing their own food. Make the community as autonomous as possible, too. Like a modern town, you don’t necessarily need to be chummy with your neighbor. The goal is not to start some flowery, hippy-dippy commune here, this is about survival, it’s a fight for freedom, and an effort to avoid the mark.

With all that in mind, I’m headed out to continue building my cob (clay, sand, straw and water) structure. I’m keen to teach myself basic, tried-and-tested building techniques that I can still use even in the event of a terminal break of supply chains and also during a collapse of civilization. You can do great things with cob. I’m not interested in living in a basic mud box. I’m planning to thrive through this coming transition, not just survive…

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45 Thoughts to “Pockets Of Both North And South America Freeze; Sunspot ‘AR3014’ Doubles In Size; + Iran Rolls-Out Digital Rationing Cards”

  1. bara.ex.nihilo

    I have often wondered if a Carrington event would not be a blessing to the planet right now.
    It would certainly have a very negative effect on this Tower of Babel being built.

    1. Dallas Schneider

      WoW! This system is nothing but a “Tower of Babel”
      Prepare now, forecasters say Grid Down, Spring 2023!
      Recent studies indicate eastern US more susceptible
      than west due to ground conductivity!


  2. RAFO

    I’m not sure about Portugal where you live, but here in the States we have annual property taxes. So, let’s say you get together and start some kind of survival community, as soon as the local government starts requiring property taxes to be paid in digital currency… we’re screwed! We’ll loose our homes and lands because of our refusal to pay in the “currency” they require. Because of TAXES, there’s no such thing as property ownership anymore as it can always be taken away from you if you’re behind on paying extortion money. Best bet… learn to live primitive in a tent on public land… it’s coming to this extreme I’m sad to say.

    1. Jacqui Ehninger

      I’d like to see them try that with the Amish…

      1. Michael Peinsipp

        The Amish have lately been voting, strange I know -‘English’ bleech – BUT they want to stay Free and they are voting CONSERVATIVE. Several Large Amish communities ALL voted FOR Trump! Here in Ky the same.
        Power is in our hands.

        1. Baba Looey

          Trumptard diehards… likely will. There are no white hats comin’ to rescue the town. The towns’ folk better gun up and figure out “who” the bad guys are, “which” ones are the trannies and globalists, “what” their game plan is and “how” to deal with ’em on their own… and from the look of the map it looks to me like Ky might be right dead centre in Bad Guys Territory “Senior Sassy”.

          1. Deb

            Sassy Sybil says: They’re all bad guys. Just cut one out of the herd and see if you can turn ‘im

    2. Michael Peinsipp

      Get every land owner to claim a Disability. That way they don’t have to pay Land taxes. Works great in KY – 74.5 acres and Zero Property taxes EVER!
      Yes I am disabled but still have a garden and raise my meat. Look at the State laws where you live and see if you can do that. If you live in a high tax state – NJ, NY, CA, etc. – LEAVE and go to a low tax state like Texas, Tenn., KY, etc.
      BUT do NOT bring you asinine Progressive ignorance with you.
      Break free and Live Free!

    3. Ballistic Logos

      When the post apocalypse logos goes ballistic taxes will be the least of our worries… no tax man will comin’ out from town to check your zoning compliance on your new cob structures and improvements to the property. Road kill, cannibalism, free dog/chicken food will likely be their future trajectory/destiny.

    4. Ed [Mr]

      “Best bet… learn to live primitive in a tent on public land”… best bet ever… didja ever read the childrens’ story about the Three Little Pigs?… I’d maybe opt for a bit tougher structure pre-stocked to the rafters and a way to heat/defend it… maybe the best bet is to RAFO – Read And Find Out

      1. Deb

        Bears love tents-burrito time!

        1. Ed[Mr]

          Polar bears like igloos too… hard ‘n crunchy on the outside with a soft warm gooey centre.. much like a cherry blossom/sardine bonbon.

  3. DIrk Pitt

    Cob and small log rounds make great exterior walls and also cob used indoors with rocket stoves vented into cob furniture as thermal mass heaters will heat the house and also water using copper tubing. Dug into a hillside you can grow veggies on the roof and rocket stoves emit no smoke for the zombies to spot which is great. You can also tap the rocket stove wood gas and use for cooking on your cob stove and oven and tap the wood gas to run an internal combustion engine generator and have juice. Free pow, rocket stoves burn branches cut with hand pruners or machete. Cars, trucks and tractors can run on wood gas too a million cars in Germany ran on firewood during WW2. Factory VWs and Volvos US FEMA has free plans for a kit to keep you rolling right along after the shit hits the fan. Handy.

    1. Ranch Ghost

      There’s a ton of stuff that can be done with wood ash too. I give most of mine to the chickens and they thrive on it, dust themselves/roll around in it (anti-parasite), plus they use it to make strong egg shells (has calcium), plus lotsa other healthy minerals… and if it’s good for the chickens internally it’s likely good in moderation for the Dirk(s;) too… can be sprinkled on nothing burgers for added minerals as req’d. Made up some thick wood ash cement/paste and mixed in just a bit of flour, sugar ‘n salt and slapped/pressed it into the holes and cracks between broken/aged fire bricks in my wood stove. It’s really like poor mans’ all purpose cement (add some lime/sand if you really want to go pro), baking soda substitute, garden/tree fertilizer, cleans/scrubs, alkalizes, camo grey-face (shape, shine, silhouette and shadow), soap making lye… you name it. Look it up print/save the articles to file or as req’d.


        Isn’t it a bit too alkaline to eat? Surely it would strip the tissue from inside the mouth? Also the grit could damage teeth.
        3 parts clay, 1 part sand, 1 part woodash, mixed with linseed oil (to store put a thin layer of linseed oil on top to prevent oxidation), makes an awesome putty that sets like cement.
        Ash in a cob mix provides strength.

        1. Ranch Ghost

          Good to see you come out from under the bed again Herr Monster… long time… Surely you were just tryin’ to spook the herd with sensitive oral (t)issues like Herr Dirk there but expect you/they’ve already searched it Comrade. Cheers.

      2. Deb

        Can I come live with you guys? I’d rather die laughing than all the other alternatives on offer these days!
        PS- How is wood ash on dentures?


      Rocket stoves are amazing, can’t understand why they have not hit mainstram


        mainstream , not mainstram

        1. Deb

          I have one, but I’m not exactly mainstream.

      2. Rocket Scientist

        Rocket stoves in the house can really warm things up fast… hopefully everyone has installed a real wood stove (not a micro toy one like Sassy) by now and bucking up a bunch of wood to dry before for next winter which could end up being a “dark” one.

        1. Deb

          I’ll have you know my cubic mini wood stove heats 220 sq ft. In my 94 sq ft cabin, that would be overkill, lol. But the motorhome where it will be installed is much larger- 3200 sq ft, a reg’lar palace!
          Hm, I foresee a problem. May be going south for the winter-if I can deal with 5 cats that have adopted me. (No catburger jokes, please.)

          1. Deb

            Oops. It’s 320 sq’, not 3200. I am arithmetically challenged.

  4. Elle W

    From the MSM here in Canada: they actually admitted the obvious, it is very cold in British Columbia. “not typical…temperatures will be 6degrees below seasonal across all of southern BC” bringing snow to some areas. Keep in mind that southern BC is about the size of France, so a huge area. (
    Farmers here have been complaining about the cold weather all spring and are worried not only about crop yields but that the crops are so expensive to grow this year anyway that things like raspberries may be unsaleable to customers who are already paying much more for basic groceries and will/can not buy pricy “luxury” foods. My local greengrocer has cherries for sale at $12/lb and they are not selling.

  5. Ron Carl

    Thanks guys, this is very educational and interesting! I am currently living in an apartment in a city in Northern California and looking to leave the City some day and live in the country. Hopefully Off-Grid, so all your info is possibly life saving the way things are going. So many people are blind to the truth! I saw a saying “Real News is Fake and Fake news is Real” For the most part that is so Right!

    Anyway, catch you all later…

  6. Ron Carl

    Oops, I should have said Guys and Gals! Or just thanks for the informative posts!

    My bad! Sorry if I caused offence in any way. Nowadays it so easy to say the wrong thing or the nuance could be wrong. One reason I don’t post much…:)

    1. Homo Erectus

      No worries Ron, we can all tell that you’re one of us.

      1. Anonymous

        Thanks! Really appreciate that…:)

      2. Ron Carl

        That is a high compliment, indeed as I am such a Newbie! Thanks, really appreciate it…:)

        1. Deb

          On behalf of the local trolls and myself, welcome.

          1. Ron Carl

            Thanks, Deb…:) I would like to add that I found this very interesting Blog with a lot of interesting comments also concerning Canned Food and the fact that expiration dates only signify peak freshness, not that the contents are bad after those dates so a huge amount of good food is tossed out because people misinterpret, Like Me, before I read the Blog the Best By Date and the Expiration Date! I go to a lot of prepping sites looking for great info, like this one and sometimes find more useful and interesting data in the comments then in the Blog itself!

          2. Deb

            Check out “Townsend’s” on youtube for lots of good info on pre-technology life in the 18th century, in case of grid down.


    Contrary to what our good host says re New Zealand heading for unusual cold weather, in actual fact the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand is having an unprecedented ‘heatwave’ Autumn, so much so in fact that our treasured corals of pristine Dusky Sound have been bleached, and marine scientists are very worried.
    Where I live we should have had multiple frosts by now but there has not been even a hint of one, with grass and weeds growing right into the dormant season, spring blossoms are out before winter starts. However we had a very slow and cool start to the summer season, with a number of summer crops not kicking in until much later than normal. I am hoping that the cool northern Spring noted by our host will result in an extended growing season into the Autumn for them.
    What has been happening here is that we have been getting a stream of sub-tropical air from Queensland, a stream which would usually head down the east coast of Australia. A friend of mine there says the summer there has been very unusually wet and cold. So this sounds to me more like a re-arrangement of heat rather than a loss of heat, globally-speaking; no doubt something to do with the prevailing La Nina conditions as we head into the 3rd year of those conditions. And in a deeper context, influenced by our waning magnetic fields and frisky magnetic poles.
    Hopefully the Antarctic blast coming to the South Island will cool things down.

    1. RWF 'n Rolfy's Brain Altered Boy Plato

      Coral bleaching is cyclic [screw the “very worried” AGW marine scientists] just like our “recent/past” treasured interglacial warm period… guess we’ll just have to “Adapt by 2030” and/or move to the little latitudes like the Cap’n… Dubyne figures more so now that this could be the next “big/long one”… it’s a cycle, it’s a cycle as RWF would say… he used the words “abrupt/abruptly/suddenly” almost 50 times in his first book [have signed copies that will soon be very hard/expensive to come by… also have a converted full copy front to back with cover .pdf file/transferable of “Not by Fire” for anyone who’d like one [except for Dirk;)] or that the Cap’n might want to “covertly” hotlink to here on Electroverse… or if anyone wants to request that I send to them… you’d have to figure out how to contact/email me through this link. [Sassy was never able to figure it but then she doesn’t usually open links]
      Wish the Bobert could have been here to see more of this all roll in with front row seats right here at Electroverse – well done Cap’n. Cheers.

      1. Ron Carl

        Excellent! Thanks for the great links!


        Bollocks and crap. Facts speak louder to me, with extrapolation based on such facts, than conjecture.

        1. Expert Panel

          Rather than allow the mind to reel and conjecture, provide information to support a valid response.

  8. Chris Norman

    Be careful what you wish for. A Carrington Event could have all sophisticated electrical goods igniting, in your home in the business, whatever. This could result in a conflagration, a city on fire with a few million dispossessed moving out into the rural areas seaking what you have.

    1. Mad Max

      The Rural Warlords will put up road blocks/Checkstops as req’d… imagine what coast to coast gridlock might look like if they didn’t “lockdown” the cities which (((they)))) have already become quite good at with these recent ww live practice drills… the rural folks around Shanghai are likely half liking how the Chinese gub’mnt is handling the ongoing live drill/situation… a possible/probable extended [Wuhan like] predictive programming/preview/conditioning for big city folks ww. No Carrington Event required… they got big switches that go off/on and they won’t even need to have Bill Gates or big MSM to ‘splain it…
      Gates/tranny actors, “Next one will get attention…with duper’s delight suppressed laughter and sh*t eating grins”

  9. Dallas Schneider

    By mounting one of the above Burner top Heaters on top of a large coffee can crisco candle I found it not only adds heat to the room/RV it makes a great spot to keep my coffee cup warmed. I used a couple of wooden dowels pushed through the bottom of it to support it on the coffee can. Works great, dowels do not burn. When making the crisco candle can I used cheap ($0.85) 1 inch by 5 inch candles to pour the lard around. Put about a 1-2 inch layer of lard in, set the candles in, then pour the rest of the lard around them. A candle with hot lard on it is slicker than a greased pig, so don’t slip up! I found three candles minimum is just satisfactory so 5 candles to the one container is suggested. Lasts for weeks! DS “Crisco candle room heating | Power Outage Room Heating | 9 hour test”

    1. Crisco Kid

      A candle with hot lard [multi-purpose Crisco] on it is slicker than an internally greased pig… right out of “Deliverance”… but don’t expect to get more heat from it than aesthetic “enjoyment”. I’d really think about installing a real wood stove if you’re looking forward to some extended playtime [not just survival/thrills] on the pasture.

      1. Deb

        You’re in good form today!

  10. Alida v G

    New to this website, very interesting topics,good to learn more. Living in “Chinada” right now.

  11. Ron Carl

    Thanks Deb for the great info! I went to

    and it is Amazing! Great videos and information about pre-technology life in the 18th century, in case of grid down.

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