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North America to see Widespread Record Low Temperatures as a Midsummer Cold Front Plunges unusually far South

Instead of holding its usual midsummer track in the northern U.S., the jet stream is plunging unusually far south this week, likely bringing record-breaking low temperatures with it.

Normally at this time of year, writes the Weather Channel’s Jonathan Erdman, only the northern tier of states enjoys heat relief, while the South continues to sear. But the weather pattern this week is anything but typical and is giving the heat-weary South something to cheer about.

Dew points in the 50s (dry air) are expected to plunge as far south as the Texas Gulf Coast and possibly other parts of the Deep South — dew-point values this low in summer are incredibly rare in Houston.

Record Lows

Kansas City, Missouri already tied it’s all-time record low temperature for July 23, with many more records expected to be tied or broken as the week progresses, particularly in southern and eastern parts.

Cities expected to set new daily record lows, according to the National Weather Service (NWS), include Oklahoma City, Dallas, Little Rock, Arkansas; Memphis, Tennessee; Mobile, Alabama; and Charleston, South Carolina.

Houston is expected to see lows in the 60s for three straight mornings, something that hasn’t occurred during the summer for 25 years (NWS).

In addition, looking at the latest GFS runs, the anomalous cold is also forecast to infect central and eastern regions too, with temperature departures of up to 14C expected to last well into the weekend:


As always, the brief bursts of heat steal the headlines, but it’s the persistent cold that’s proving detrimental (to growing regions, for example) — the U.S. just averaged its coldest Oct-May in recorded history, and as a result is having it’s slowest planting season ever.

Historically low solar activity is disturbing the jet stream, as well as allowing an influx of cloud-nucleating and volcano-popping cosmic rays to bombard earth’s atmosphere (see below links or more) — the upshot of which is a dramatic cooling of the planet beginning in 2020 (Zharkova).

Prepare for the cold times.

Grow your own.

Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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