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“No Land or Ocean Areas had Record-Cold Temperatures in July [2019],” NOAA — Brilliant Obfuscation or Downright Dirty Lies?

The claims are STILL being bandied about the internet: “July 2019 was the planet’s warmest month in 140 years of record keeping,” and “no land or ocean areas had record-cold temperatures in July.”

From weather.com to time.com, from usatoday.com to the independent.co.uk — every corner of the mainstream press willingly lapped-up the NOAA article and repackaged it as unequivocal fact.

I still haven’t quite worked out if NOAA’s assertions are brilliant obfuscations or downright dirty lies.

But either way, according to data from their own website, the number of U.S. weather stations busting all-time daily record low-minimum temperatures in July, 2019 totaled 938.

No land or ocean areas had record-cold temperatures in July”?

And it gets better still:

Again according to NOAA’s own official data, the all-time daily record high-maximum temperatures for July, 2019 totaled just 522 — meaning the cold records bested the hots by almost 2-1.

And turning to the monthly records, no less than 32 U.S. weather stations either tied or busted their coldest ever recorded temperatures for the month of July this year.

And again: “No land or ocean areas had record-cold temperatures in July”?

Government agencies like NOAA, for one reason or another, feel the need to push a warming agenda. But unfortunately for them, people have eyes in their heads, and many have brains in there too. Folks have sticks to measure the fallen snow, and basic thermometers in their backyards to track temps.

We’re all force-fed a narrative, while our everyday observations paint an entirely different story.

Agency lies and obfuscations need to stop.

The climate is not catastrophically warming.

The evidence actually suggests quite the opposite is occurring: historically low solar activity is now driving global average temperatures lower.

The winter of 2019/20 is shaping up to be a doozy — new all-time cold record followed new all-time cold record will likely be set as the snowpack piles-up and the temperature tumbles.

Keep an eye on the UAH Satellite-Based Temperature of the Global Lower Atmosphere (located in the Electroverse sidebar) as it’s probably the best tool we have. Expect the temp departure from the ’81-’10 average to touch baseline again very soon. Also look for the Greenland Ice Sheet to see healthy SMB gains this season, and likewise with Arctic Ice Thickness and Total Snow Mass for the NH.

The cold times are returning.

Natural global warming is over, the sun’s Grand Solar Maximum has ended, and we are now all living the onset of the next Grand Solar Minimum.

Even stuffy NASA agrees, in part at least, with their forecast for the next solar cycle (25) revealing it will be “the weakest of the past 200 years” (for more on that see the link at the bottom of the page).

Prepare for the chill — grow your own.

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Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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4 Thoughts to ““No Land or Ocean Areas had Record-Cold Temperatures in July [2019],” NOAA — Brilliant Obfuscation or Downright Dirty Lies?”

  1. From Away

    Here is the reality of the fabricated lie put together by Ice Age Farmer Site. Very simple tool to use . Only two states have above the required growing temperature days for crops. Florida & Alaska. 48 States do not. Reality lies in the realm of farming and not propoganda and fraud with serious consiquences for mankind. ” The Law has been perverted by the influence of two entirely different causes: stupid greed and false philanthropy “. Frederic Bastiat 1800-1849

  2. Willem Jan Goossen

    Well “stuffy” NASA (the real space) parts of it, do send people up there. Getting the “space weather” right is a matter of death/health for those astronauts and/or the time very expensive satellites have in orbit. So for them the real facts count and not the “unicorn farts” of the mainstream climate “scientist”.

  3. Terry Shipman

    Strange that I remember the local news media reporting that Little Rock and North Little Rock recorded a couple of record overnight lows during the month of July. I am a jogger and have a five mile route I run several times a week around five thirty in the afternoon. The last two summers have been much cooler and wetter for me and I have missed numerous days of running because of wet weather during this summer and last. Two summers before that I was able to run every day during August. But there has been too much rain this summer and last.

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